Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Rajagopala Nair Dean, Bhavan's School

Dr. Rajagopala Nair is currently working as the Dean at Bhavan’s B-School. He has specialized in Finance & Marketing. He is a Gold Medalist and First Rank holder for M.Com and is a Ph.D. from the University of Kerala.  He also holds an MBA and LLB degree.

Dr. Nair previously worked at St. Albert’s College and was the Former Director of Albertian Institute of Management. He has published 34 research articles and presented 36 research papers in national and international seminars. He has successfully organized 13 national seminars.

Dr. Nair is the recipient of “Sai Samanvaya Award” for his outstanding contribution in the field of education. He was awarded the Certificate of Honour by the St. Albert’s College of Alumni Association on producing 10 Ph. Ds in Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi University. He has also received a certificate from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants for being CIMA Advocate.

Dr. Nair’s experience in the education sector

‘Class Room is the Best Factory in the world’ and I would like to work in the best sector.

Dr. Nair’s philosophy of leadership

‘Good leader never demands respect, he/she commands respect.’ My Philosophy is ‘Live with Example’. Convince the others in the team that they are all Gems.

Challenges faced as the Dean of Bhavan’s B-School

Admission of students for MBA program was a huge challenge.

Curriculum of Bhavan’s B-School

No control over the curriculum, because it is decided by the Board of Studies of the Affiliated University. But we offer add-on courses to the students like SAP, Digital Marketing, etc.

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Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Bhavan’s B-School

“There is no Unemployment in India. The question is of Employability”. If students are poor in their employability skills, naturally the blame is on the Teacher Community. This year, the placement is good. Our aim is to make it excellent by 2019 and to carry forward the same. The whole machinery at Bhavan’s is thriving to achieve the same.

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Dr. Nair’s relation with the students being the Dean of the Institute

I will be a friend, guide, and philosopher to my students. To achieve this, firstly, I must be an excellent teacher. To become a good teacher, I must be a good student first because only a good student can become a good teacher. ‘Connectivity’ is through satellites.

Dr. Nair’s relation with the students being the Dean of the Institute

Ideal school environment for Dr. Nair

An ideal school should ensure that the students have the freedom to think and do that, for which they are passionate. Effective, efficient and healthy interaction is required in the campus.

Top qualities that an aspiring manager must possess

  • Passion towards Management Subjects
  • A holistic knowledge of the current business scenario
  • Good in Information Technology
  • Deep-rooted Indian Values

Goals in mind for the next few years

The only one goal is ‘To achieve Excellency’.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

‘Just by choosing the best B-School, you would not become a great manager’. You are the master of your mind and you are the maker of your own destiny. This country requires good human beings.