As a Doctor turned Media Professional, I was looking to build a strong foundation for my business skills. Pursuing MMS from GNVSIOM was important since it promised a quality business education that was based on a pedagogy that welcomed all backgrounds.

It would be an understatement to say that GNVSIOM has shaped merely my career path. GNVSIOM has provided me with a different frame of reference for evaluating and analyzing opportunities in everything I do and seizing them. It has also given me a deeper appreciation of values-based leadership and how it can be applied. Technically, it made me much more confident at solving business problems with the repertoire of general management skills that have been taught in the classroom.

GNVSIOM has prepared me for knowing and owning my career path and realizing that there is no one journey. We each craft our own.

Snehal Sakpal

Head Video Content and Video Production

Tonic Worldwide