The world as we know it may seem like it is changing and is filled with uncertainty right now, while the Covid 19 pandemic has confined most of the countries to their homes with no real touch of the outside world, be assured that this is going to end and we are in it together. Operating on this philosophy, Lloyd Business School, along with it’s extremely dedicated and motivated faculty association is determined to provide excellence. The institution has given way to many innovative techniques for up keeping the interests of it’s student managers.

Online platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft Teams has been readily adopted as the go to mechanism for delivering quality lectures virtually, webinar’s are being organized to ensure industry input & connectivity. Faculty members are also delivering recorded lectures on YouTube thereby creating a repository for anytime reference by the students. 

Lloyd Business School, Greater Noida

Lloyd's extensive Mentor Mentee program provides for a complete handholding of aspirants from the day of enrollment to their last day in the college and beyond. This program given the circumstances has been extended as an outreach program, aimed at ensuring safety and maintaining guidance for students at such testing times.The institute also incorporated unique and effective ways to ensure that the timelines of these managerial programs are met, by means of carrying out it’s internal evaluations and assessments, considering the same, online quizzes, assignments and evaluations are underway using platforms including Google forms and Kahoot.

As a commitment towards humanity, the entire management, faculty association and staff are working from home to ensure that nothing but the best is extended for students information, education and well fare. While we are sure humanity will surpass this hour of crisis, once this ends, we are committed to be back even better, stronger and ready to face challenges.Meanwhile, the institute and all it’s members, stand strong on their commitment towards the society, our country and the cause, urging everyone to StayHome and StaySafe.