The advent of modern technology has been witnessed clearly through our generation’s cut-throat competition, in almost every field. Be it engineering or banking, more and more aspirants are focusing on creating a secure and reliable future while pursuing their higher studies. Students are planning to improve their skills by training themselves rigorously through various skill training programs. But, do you think that will be enough?

Several renowned professors and educationalists agree to the fact that theoretical education in schools and colleges are sufficient for providing knowledge to the students. However, the imparting of information is limited to some extent and somehow does not help the learners in real-life situations.

According to recent statistics, India has become one of the largest hubs of education systems in the world. The popular educational programs include medical, engineering, law, or management and banking. As a result, most of the students are experiencing educational courses that are mostly focusing on theoretical studies. Even though the scenario is changing in today’s time, yet there is a good percentage of educational institutes who are still lacking behind when it comes to practical or skill training.

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Enabling students to get a practical experience of the industry by exposing them to various aspects of the corporate sector will give them not only a primary idea of business operations but also hands-on experience of how the systems work. Students require industrial exposure as this helps them to bridge the gap between theoretical training and practical experience and as a result, the students can apply their technical knowledge to solve real-life problems.

Industrial exposure also allows the students to get an opportunity to experience an “out of the classroom” environment that is real and practical. Working with industrial professionals while pursuing higher studies will give the students a rational understanding. The theoretical knowledge can guide them through the exams, but it is the industrial exposure that will give them a clear and hands-down understanding of the subject.

With the help of industrial exposure, students can also acquire a diverse mindset and understand the different kinds of work in various industries. Every department in every industry comes with a set of rules and regulations that should be compiled by the members of the organization. Industrial exposure in the form of internships, Industry project, live assignments, and programs will help these students to know how the industry works.

Educational institutes and teachers should always encourage their students to expand their learning expanse through practical exposures among the industrial sectors. As students get to experience innovative technological tools and inventions through industrial exposure, this will help them gain more knowledge and put that to use to enhance their expertise.

Industrial exposure during higher studies will also allow the students to work with industry leaders, learn their work processes, and also focus more on problem-solving realistically.

With TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance, students will experience real-life situations with practical exposure and interactions with industry experts. During the industry interface sessions, reputed professionals, industry leaders, and business tycoons from all over the leading financial organisations visit TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance to interact with students. During that tenure, the students have the chance to go through 24 such sessions in a year. This help the students to acquire the practical aspects of banking career and what their first job could entail. It is highly essential for candidates who are aspiring for a career in the banking or finance sector to get an opportunity for practical industrial exposure.

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TKWsIBF has always strived to add value to the students’ career by nurturing their ambition to succeed in the banking sector. With constant innovation and improvement and dedicated team of teachers, TKWsIBF makes sure that the students acquire the best of knowledge and expertise. The panel of experienced and committed CMDs and heads of leading banks and financial institutions, create a sound and stable ambiance among the students to ensure that they are focused on their careers.

By providing a holistic combination of a theoretical and practical approach, TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance not only give their students a clear industrial exposure but also train them to be ready for future hurdles in the industry.

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