SVIMS Mumbai

Mr.Deepan Bhatt is an esteemed Professor at SVIMS, Mumbai. He is an ambitious individual and mentor. Through his innovative teaching methods, he brings a practical approach in the classroom for the best outcomes. He works on achieving growth targets and trains the students to be industry-ready.

What are the key takeaways from your experience that you would like to share with our viewers?

“Adaptability is the most important factor when it comes to industries”

Corporates are interested in results and not the degree. Students have to quickly understand the Vision and Mission of the company and what is expected of him. In the initial years of one’s career learning is more important than earning. They should spend time understanding the industry they are working in and their role in the company and focus on their contribution to the company.

“The ‘Earn while you learn to program’ at SVIMS gives the students a chance to combine the benefits of theory and practice”

How do you try to bring in a practical approach towards subjects and make it industry-oriented? 

“Interactive and participative classroom sessions”

Relevant case studies keeping in mind the socio-economic status of the students and the prevailing business environment is very important to make them industry-ready. I use many of the real-life situations to drive home this point. Using real-life examples gives them a more realistic view and space to connect to the examples by putting themselves in the situation. 

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How do you help the students to cope up with the competition being so high in the outside world?

“Develop emotional stability and keep up-skilling” 

Competition is in every field. You need to be mentally tough to survive. Soft skills training and working on behavioral aspects of an individual is as important as gaining theoretical or practical knowledge. I try my best to mentor my students and help them in achieving this objective. 

“SVIMS was adjudged as the 3rd Best Emerging Business School as per one of the TOI survey.”

What are the upcoming trends in this industry? Do you see any particular change(s) Post-Corona period?

“A paradigm shift in the consumer needs”

Today the key to survival and growth is being ‘Customer Centric’. We will see a totally different customer with altered buying behavior post-COVID. This would force all the companies across sectors to have a relook at their customers, their expectations, and the ways to fulfill the same. The process has already begun and will continue for at least a year.

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What valuable advice would you like to the students for them to have a prosperous career ahead?

“Welcoming any kind of change that takes place”

If the pace of change outside is faster than the change within you, you will be obsolete. Learn – Unlearn – Relearn is the new mantra. Adaptability is going to be very important to career growth. Technological advancements, global competition, new business formats, changing rural landscape, and most importantly the new-look customer would change the way business is done. And as someone connected to the industry, one should be ready to embrace the change to survive and flourish.