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Sagar Institute of Science, Technology and Engineering - [SISTec-E] - Sagar Group of Institutions, Bhopal

Sagar Institute of Science, Technology and Engineering - [SISTec-E] - Sagar Group of Institutions, Bhopal

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh AICTE | Estd 2009 RGPV, Bhopal Private

“Students should have the required capabilities and interest for pursuing Engineering,” claims Prof. Vishwajeet Verma

Interview by Bhawna Rawat

Prof. vishwajeet verma


Prof. Vishwajeet Verma is currently working as the Associate Professor at SISTEC-E. He has Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics from RGPV, Bhopal and Master’s degree in Technology from MANIT, Bhopal. He is an active member of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA and also a registered reviewer of IEEE and Springer. He is also a lifetime member of Institute of Engineer’s (India). He has 11+ years of experience in the education sector for teaching and training.

Prof. Verma’s motto of education is to develop and sustain a strong academic culture with the development of students and encouraging a research-oriented approach in the field of Engineering. He has been awarded Two times with the “Best Faculty Award” in Srijan 2016 & 2017, a technical fest organized by MPCST. His papers have also been published in international journals.

Education is not of much use if it cannot be applied to the real-life

Education is the key skill for success. I love this profession because this is the profession through which I learn a lot of things from the students for the students. Teaching is my passion because it gives me satisfaction. I started my teaching career when I was in class 10th. Thereafter, till date, my journey has continued. I taught many students. When I did my engineering, I taught my juniors. By this, I found out many times that the subject knowledge is not of much use without the practical implementation.

So, I started to change my learning habit and included theoretical as well as practical aspects into my studies. I started to go to the electrical shops and used to find the various types of faults which were faced by customers. Now, I correlate the theory with the practical and find the solution and share it with my students. It gives me more exposure for the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge.

Now, I always share these experiences with my students and try to develop their skills. Engineering is the skill which gives the new technology to our lives. I saw many ups and downs in this profession. This is due to the changes in the demands of engineering. Nowadays, this industry suffers from more challenges. Due to privatization, the quality of the education gets poorer day by day. To maintain the best industry we require to think about the quality of education and to improve the education methodology. More practical training is required. The oral presentation is the best way to improve the quality.

My philosophy of leadership is to adopt a transparent communication

A leader is the one who cares about her/his own team. Her/His motto of work is being together. She/He supports their team and not dominate them.  While working as an Associate Professor in SISTec-E, my philosophy of leadership is to always remain a learner because I think it gives a chance to build an understanding of the team.

The other important thing is commitment; this is also helpful for me to complete the task which is assigned to the team.  I also believe in the strength, consistency and sustainability of the system. As a leader, I work together with my team.  I always communicate with my team openly, because I believe in transparent communication. I didn’t hide anything with my team because conspiracies damage the team effort. I follow a simple thumb rule of my life more communication is better than less, and sooner is better than later.

An improved attendance in class improves the performance too

When I joined this college, the major problem I faced was the students’ absence in the class. It is the biggest problem nowadays in all the colleges. I started a survey of this by calling the students and their parents. I found out that due to a miscommunication between students and parents this problem has arisen. Then I started communicating with both and discussed the basic problems and sorted them out. I am happy now as my class attendance has improved. Due to the improvement of the attendance, I realized that the class performance has also improved.

The curriculum focuses on providing more and more practical skills to the students

SISTec-E is the part of Sagar Group of Institution and it was established in 2009 in Bhopal (MP). It is the best institute in central India. The curriculum of the Group is based on the skill enhancement of the engineering student. Our curriculum is based on RGPV’s syllabus and module which improve the practical skills in the student. These modules are based on the recent trends of industry’s requirement.

Here, we provide more and more practical skill to the student by which they are ready for the job. We organize expert lecture from industry as well as academics. This supports the theoretical knowledge of the student. Regular visiting of the industry enhances the practical knowledge of the student. Here, we have MoUs with a different company for training & Placement purpose. Regular talks with the industrialists give a picture of the scenarios of recent trends in technology. This is also useful for the students for thinking about the technology.

The various changes observed in the Education Industry over the past few years

There are several changes which have occurred in the education industry in the past few years. I remember the education system based on the marks. By opting marks, we can judge who is meritorious or who is poor. This is the right way to calculate the potency of the student. But now the grading system provides an equal position to both, who got 70 or 79 to 8 pointer. There is no difference between them. I observe that due to this, the performance of the genuine student gets decreased.

The qualities of education have also degraded in the last few years. The reason behind that is that the education industry has now become a money making industry.  The parents and the students now want the extra facilities provided by the institution. So, anyone can ask about the procedure of teaching in your college, the quality of the teachers or the academic calendar of your college, etc. 

We need to improve the quality of education to improve the skill set in the students. More and more practical approach to education develops high quality of skills. I have told my students every time to learn their subjects and find the practical implementation of that. The technical skills are required in the students because they make the brain work.

The ideal school environment is the one based on the ideals of Nalanda University

In my opinion, the environment of the school should be healthy. The student-teacher relationship should be more supportive where the students can clear any doubt from teachers at any time. The approach of learning is based on the practical sessions. The real-time workshops are always conducted to enhance the skills of the students. The examination pattern should be practical-based in which real-life problems can be resolved. This type of culture used to happen in “Nalanda University” once upon a time. This is the right culture for producing skilled student.

Only knowledge retained from books cannot produce skilled student.

The top qualities that an Engineering aspirant must possess

Engineering is the best option for the students who opted for Physics, Chemistry, and Math in their 12th  standard

Engineering is the world where we apply the Physics in the real-life. For doing engineering, the student must possess the basic concept of Physics. Also, they have the tendency of learning, adopting, and delivering capacity. They must have a disciplined and laborious nature. They love their work and have the passion for Engineering.

Goals planned for the Institute for the next few years

I want to give more and more practical knowledge to my students in the next years. Here, we have planned the module of technical skills development in the students. All modules are designed for the recent trends of industrial application. For making modules, we directly or indirectly connect to the industries and find out which next technology the industries have adopted. There are so many plans discussed with my HoD, which we have to implement in my Institute. More MoUs are to be signed with other industries which have been also planned. We work on contacting hardcore companies for Placement drive.

A note for the Engineering students

Engineering is a passion and not just a subject. The Students must know their capability or interest for the technology. For doing engineering, first, they must possess the requirements or demands of the sector where he or she wants to be placed. This is a four-year-journey which makes your life. So, first, you select your potency and check your capability for choosing the branch of engineering rather than just blindly following others because you are the one who can decide the best for you.

Last Updated - 31 Aug 2018

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