Attaining an MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management is all the rage right now. After all, it is a growing industry that will reach a valuation of $280 billion by 2020. However, India is currently short of healthcare management professionals, with the generation of almost 10 lakh jobs by the end of 2020 becoming a mandate.

The scarcity of such professionals is causing a considerable loss, which makes it the need of the hour for modern healthcare stalwarts to explore this domain and provide their unique inputs. After all, they will be able to meet the shortcomings in the sector – a reality that has been observed by several elite healthcare institutes that are opening the doors to new-age healthcare management professionals.

One such institute is ICRI, a pioneer in Clinical Research and Healthcare sector, helping aspiring doctors prepare for the careers of tomorrow. The institute offers several new-age degrees, including an MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management.

Medical aspirants hoping to become a successful doctor in the healthcare industry must be aware of these five benefits available with an MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management from ICRI.


A superior learning environment

ICRI prides itself on facilitating a conducive learning environment that is augmented with a cohesive mix of practical and theoretical learning. Students are provided with a golden opportunity to learn through a balanced combination of fieldwork and academics. This is accomplished through industry-relevant knowledge, lessons by healthcare industry veterans, and first-hand training by working in eminent hospitals and medical institutes. Students enrolled in ICRI's healthcare program also attain industry certifications such a Green Belt in Six Sigma from GE Healthcare and internships in leading hospitals, where they are taught by leading doctors currently practicing in the healthcare sector.

Collaboration models with eminent hospitals and companies

ICRI facilitates mutually beneficial collaboration models with hospitals like Medanta, NH Hospital, and Max Hospital. This allows students to obtain first-hand education while simultaneously earning in the process as well. Along with this, there is also the internship schemes with global companies as well. Some of these companies include Ranbaxy, DR Reddy’s labs, Glaxo SmithKline, & Novartis. Due to this superior pan-India hospital network, ICRI graduates get the preference and flexibility to work in leading hospitals across the country.

Lucrative placement opportunities

Elaborating on the point mentioned above, these companies absorb almost 90% of ICRI's trainees for a permanent position. Along with this, there is also the fact that ICRI assures a high chance of placement in eminent hospitals and professional healthcare clinics. This helps students nail down a career in the sectors of medical tourism, healthcare insurance, medical diagnostics, and healthcare technology. These campus recruitments are further bolstered by the fact that the starting salaries range anywhere from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs.

A distinguished leader in the healthcare industry

The fact that ICRI is a pioneer of clinical research and healthcare is no small statement. ICRI launched India's first book on clinical research and pharmacovigilance, and India's first Ph.D. in Clinical Research - both. ICRI also conducted the first international & national conference in clinical research in India. Along with this, the institute has conducted major corporate training workshops at companies like Dr. Reddy’s, Apollo Hospital, Panacea Biotech, and IPCA LAB – among others – to discern the latest trends and practices in the industry. ICRI has also partnered with leading organisations such as Singh Health, AHA, DIA, and UKIERI for various research & training initiatives.

Enriches career prospects through a sprawling network

If you are one of the many aspiring doctors who wish to break into the healthcare sector, then the MBA in Healthcare Management is the perfect course for you. We say this because most of the professionals working in the clinical research & pharmacovigilance industry are graduates from ICRI. This will help you attain a leg-up over the competition and make you the preferred candidate for the job you want in this sector.

Healthcare management is a prominent vertical that one should break into sooner rather than later to enjoy a wealth of benefits, ranging from a sublime learning environment to excellent placements in reputed medical institutions. By going for an MBA in Healthcare Management from institutes like ICRI, you will be able to enjoy the same benefits with little to no worries.