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Maharishi University of Information Technology - [MUIT], Lucknow

Maharishi University of Information Technology - [MUIT], Lucknow

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh AICTE, UGC, MHRD Estd 2001 Private University

MUIT offers a positive and a comfortable environment, meeting industry-level curriculum, ensures Prof. Sharma

Interview by Kritika Gupta


Prof. O.P Sharma is currently designated as the Director General of the Maharishi University of Information Technology. He is a double post graduate in both Hindi and English and also holds a degree in Law. As an eminent educationist, he has served at various positions from being a Judge to Director General. Till date, the Professor has authored more than 18 books and attended various international conferences. 

Experience in education industry

The experience in this industry has always been a challenging and a fascinating one. I have always been a reasonably good student, from my primary level to Higher education Management. So, during my entire learning journey, I have only got more inclined towards this sector than any other. As an academician, I feel that I have the power and liberty to teach and mould the students in a way that they can make their future better and serve the society at large. 

Philosophy and Style of Leadership

I believe in a shared leadership philosophy wherein everyone works in a team. In this way, the team members get to know about each other’s potential and capabilities to perform a given task. In the shared leadership, there are four letters in the word- 

‘TEAM’ - T= Togetherness, E= Everyone, A= Alertness (Physical and Mental), and M=Morale 

When I talk about morale, it is a sense of belongingness to the institution to which you have decided to be a part of. In place of family it is the family, in case of organisation, its organisation and in case of country it is the country.

Uniqueness of MUIT Programs

The course offered at our Institute have a high relevance in the market. They are carved out of industry’s ongoing and upcoming scenarios. The Business Development Team regularly keeps us updated on the new trends in the industry. 

Recently, we have introduced a new course namely Audit Course. No student will be awarded degree unless one qualifies in this course. This course is based on life skills, personality development, communication skills and meditation and is named as science of consciousness including TM- Transcendental Meditation

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MUIT is an open, advanced and filled with cosmic vibes 

The environment and the vibes of our university are filled with positivity and comfort, which is absent in the present-day universities or colleges. We have a mantra of AEQ- 

‘AEQ,’ A is accessibility, which means we do not hesitate to work on any student who is weak in their studies. We have programs, which help each student in becoming better in terms of their academic performance and personality-wise. E, stands for employability, meaning 100% preparedness for employment. Last year the placement record went up to 200%, which was unbelievable. The third part is ‘Q,’ i.e., Quality, in here we do not compromise on quality neither for the students nor for the faculty. Regular and systematic evaluations of the program and the faculty are done to ensure the excellence of the organisation at large.

Prof. Sharma faces challenges without any fear

I must tell you that I love challenges. I would like to share 2 lines of a poem written by me. 

“मुझे चुनौतियों से मुलाकात हो जाने की चाहत है, चाहत है चट्टानों से टकराने की, टकरा कर अपने पतवार को परखने की, मुझे मरकर जीने से, जी कर मर जाने की चाहत है, चाहत है काटों से लिपटकर फूल पा जाने की, मुझे चुनौतियों से मुलाकात हो जाने की चाहत है।” 

Translation: I have not faced any challenge whatsoever because as we progress on the path of excellence, you may come across various challenges/ hurdles. I do not call them hurdles. They are the challenges, and somehow, I have been very determined to achieve them through my Sanskar, through my parents and my education from my teachers and gurus, that I do not see any hurdle.

Building an open-communication scenario

I follow an open-door policy for both my students and colleagues. I never refuse to help anyone because I believe in availability and accessibility. The entire faculty and the students are well-aware of my nature and do not hesitate during communication with me. 

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Suggestions to the young generations

As I have learned in my entire life, my first suggestion to the upcoming youth is to utilise their time in the best way possible. With the competition rising at such a high rate, it has become necessary for each individual to be confident and competent enough to deal with the real world. 

One must not forget their moral values, respect elders, and always stay positive no matter what life has in stored for them. Practice the act of giving, in return you will be gifted with twice as much as you needed. 

Last Updated - 31 Jul 2019

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