Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Ankush Bansal, Vice Chairman of Geeta Group of Institutions

Mr. Ankush’s experience in the education industry

The education sector is one of the most responsive and resourceful sectors to work within. This sector presents a lot of opportunities not only to educate but to learn also. Being an educationist, working for society helps in bringing a lot of positive change which impacts not only a family, a society or a nation, but the entire world. In my opinion, education is the only way to improve the lives of youth who is going to be the future which makes it best sector to work with.

Mr. Ankush’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

Leadership to me, it is all about “Efficient Teamwork”. Geeta Group of Institutions has a team of dynamic and versatile faculty and staff members. Many of them are associated with us since long and they are an integral part of our long journey. We strongly believe in our human assets and are committed to growing together. GGI is a family of enthusiastic people and each one of them are represents unique strength. As a leader, I strongly believe in “Rotational Leadership”. We believe in growing with the growth of the country and our punch line is “India Today World Tomorrow”.

Significant challenges faced by Mr. Ankush at Geeta Group of Institutions

GGI was established in 1992. Right from its inception, we have been practicing quality and thus have maintained a quality assurance system in all our institutes. As a result of which, Geeta Engineering College got accredited by NAAC and we are proud that it is the only NAAC accredited college in the region.

Curriculum in Geeta Group of Institutions

Being affiliated to Kurukshetra University, we have to follow university curriculum. But many best practices are introduced to bridge the gap between industry and academia such as like skill-based certification courses, industry-oriented projects, industrial visits, expert talks, live projects, research-led approach, workshops and many more.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Geeta Group of Institutions

The growth of students through soft skills and technical skills together can cover most of the milestones. More than 100 companies are associated with GGI. Therefore, to learn to enter their premises as employees is GGI’s goal. Looking forward to increasing the number in coming future.

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Geeta Group of Institutions

Mr. Ankush’s relationship with the students being the Vice Chairman of GGI

Students can knock the doors at GGI as it is home away from home and treat teachers as your own mother and father. We follow open door policy where students don’t feel scared to speak out any problem face to face. Online resources are available to inform authorities and meet anytime, any day with no limitation of time.

Ideal school environment according to Mr. Ankush and how does he encourage that kind of culture at Geeta Group of Institutions

The ideal school environment is to create a positive culture, peaceful living, harmony and cooperative environment on campus. Always be positive in all situations. Students must keep themselves free for learning new assignments on all fronts, sport, cultural activities, and classroom teaching.

Geeta Group of Institutions

Goals in mind for Geeta Group of Institutions for the next few years

To make Geeta Group of Institutions as a temple of learning and to dream for growth towards India today and the world tomorrow.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

  • Create skills to work in the team and allow your team to contribute.
  • Dream to be an Entrepreneur.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Chase your dreams with sincere efforts.
  • Identify your strengths and explore threats and opportunities.
  • Dream big and start small.
  • Keep yourself updated.
  • Time never waits for anyone value it.