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SP Jain School of Global Management -[SPJSGM], Mumbai

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Mumbai, Maharashtra Estd 2004 Private

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S P Jain is an Australian business school with campuses in Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney. The School offers a plethora of undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and doctoral programs with a motive of crafting leaders for the 21st-century workplace. The B-School has recently acknowledged with – 

  • Forbes has ranked the school under ‘Top 15 Best International 1-year MBAs (2019-21)’, 
  • Ivy Exec Top 100 Global EMBAs and Top 10 Asia-Pacific EMBAs (2018-2019)
  • Times Higher Education-Wall Street Journal: Top 5 Best International 1-year MBAs (2018)
    Read on to know the latest happenings and developments at SP Jain School of Global Management!

SP Jain Global’s ELO Technology wins ‘Best Tech for Education’ Award

Date: December 21, 2020

SP Jain School of Global Management’s proprietary online learning technology, Engaged Learning Online (ELO), has won the Best Tech for Education Award at the India Digital Enabler Awards (I.D.E.A) 2020, hosted recently by Entrepreneur India. ELO, launched in late 2018, is a one-of-a-kind virtual learning platform that brings the dynamism and engagement of a classroom online and in real time.

We are thrilled to be recognised for Technology in Education, something we believe in strongly here at SP Jain. Fortunately, we had the foresight to see the rapid growth in online education way before COVID-19 and had developed our own proprietary online learning technology which is custom- designed to replicate an actual classroom,” shares Nitish Jain, President of the School. “And, unlike Zoom, Google Hangout or other popular videoconferencing software, that were mostly designed for office use, the emphasis within ELO is upon student engagement. In a real classroom, for instance, students get the benefit of eye contact with the professor. ELO is the only technology that enables this even if there are 60 students in the same class.

The ELO studio, from where professors conduct their lessons, are set up with robotic tracking cameras that allow them to engage in one-on-one conversations with students, as if they were sitting side-by-side. Faculty are able to stand and move freely, maintain eye contact with students and respond to their visual cues, moderate discussions and more, all in real-time. The technology enables them to evaluate each student’s level of engagement, respond to them individually and keep them motivated – just like they would do in a conventional classroom. Classes are timetabled, questions are asked and answered immediately, and the engagement is on par with what one would experience in a traditional classroom. An advantage of this technology is that while the faculty delivers the lecture from an SP Jain ELO studio, the student could be in any corner of the world.

Nitish adds that although the ELO was launched with the objective of making SP Jain’s Executive MBA more accessible to busy working professionals, since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, almost all of the School’s programs were migrated to ELO. “Since February 2020, over 1,100 students from 25 countries have experienced this technology and the feedback has been outstanding (student feedback rates ELO at 9/10 on technology). We are now working round the clock to embellish ELO with new technology-driven features like learning analytics to decode student learning patterns and trends, and provide important insights to faculty.

SP Jain Global’s Bachelor of Data Science programs ranks #1 in India

Date: December 01, 2020

The Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) program by SP Jain School of Global Management has emerged at the top spot in the annual Data Science Education Rankings by the Analytics India Magazine (AIM), India’s foremost data analytics publication. The ranking is calculated from scores across several parameters such as course pedagogy, faculty profile and credentials, gender diversity, faculty to student ratio, graduation outcome, external relations, placement assistance, ROI, brand value and student review. With top scores in pedagogy and course structure, faculty profile and credentials, and faculty-to-student ratio, this latest ranking places SP Jain ahead of more established data science courses in India.

We, at SP Jain School of Global Management, are thrilled to lead the way for students to develop the most important technical and analytical skills that will strengthen their value as data scientists
and analysts
,” shares Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta, Director of the Bachelor of Data Science program at SP Jain School of Global Management. “With companies pouring millions into their digital transformation initiatives, data science has emerged as the most important skill for the modern workforce. So much so that even junior data scientists command average starting salaries of over USD 100,000 in top companies.

The BDS at SP Jain School of Global Management is a 3-year multi-city bachelor’s program aimed at preparing the next generation of innovative data scientists and analysts. Students learn the most cutting-edge skills needed to manage, distil, and interpret data for industries – from finance and healthcare to marketing and advertising. The course curriculum includes programming languages like Python and R and big data frameworks like Hadoop. With an emphasis on extracting meaning from data, this course is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide array of industries as well as for Master’s programs in Data Science.

Dr. Dasgupta adds that one of the most unique and rewarding aspects of the course is an internship component that gives students exposure and hands-on experience working with real and complex data at a fast-growing company. “I am thrilled to share that our students have in the past, secured internships and research opportunities at Johnson & Johnson (Australia), AI Australia, IIT Bombay, Adaptive Investments (USA), University of Massachusetts (USA), VP Bank (Vietnam) and Faethm AI (Australia), AWS, Oracle, IBM, SAS Institute, IEEE, Tableau, ACS, and Instagram, among others. These internships have offered our students fantastic opportunities to build their own portfolio, work with professionals in the field and demonstrate that they are already one step ahead of their peers,” shares Dr. Dasgupta.

SP Jain MGLuxM​ course paves the way for careers with international luxury brands

Date: October 22, 2020

SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain), known worldwide for its top-ranked Global MBA program, has recorded successful internships for 40% of its Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management (MGLuxM) Class of 2019/20. What is noteworthy is that students haven’t even graduated.

The MGLuxM programme is a Partnership Programme between SP Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai, and MIP Politecnico Di Milano, Milan, Italy (ranked #1 in Europe for Luxury Management). Students get an amazing experience by first learning about the Indian luxury sector, and then receiving exposure to European luxury in the capital of luxury and fashion, Milan. The school also organises study tours/field visits to other European cities such as Paris, Champagne, Geneva, Neuchatel, La Chaux de Fonds and Florence, in addition to classroom sessions.

The top recruiters for the MGLuxm programme includes companies from various sectors such as Beauty (25%), Consulting (25%), Jewellery (20%), Real Estate & Home Décor (10%), Fashion & Retail (10%), Accessories (5%) and Wines & Spirits (5%).  The Sales & Marketing profile was most recruited for, and students also secured internships in other roles and profiles like content writing, PR, Research Analyst and Business Development. SP Jain Global has a strong association with industry leaders such as Reliance Brands Limited, Estée Lauder Companies, Sotheby’s International Realty, Mercedes- Benz, Gucci, Brindco Pvt Ltd, Outhouse, Audi India, Amrapali, Diageo, Nykaa, as well as emerging brands like Mahesh Punjabi Associates, Luxury Abode, Luxury Ampersand Frolics, Mitesh Lodha, amongst many others, that propel successful campus recruitment drives for the school’s student talent pool.

Ms. Smita Jain, Director - MGLuxM, SP Jain School of Global Management, said, “The MGLuxM programme is an amalgamation of two different worlds of luxury – India & Italy. Through our programme, we constantly challenge our students to dive back to the origins of the luxury environment and understand how it all began; appreciate the technological evolution and the future of luxury, and learn how to spot emerging trends and stay ahead of the curve. Our keyword for luxury is desire – the desire to attain greater heights through limitless possibilities – and this is exactly what our students experience during the Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management Programme (MGLuxM) at SP Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai & MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy. The triumph of our endeavours is amply borne out by the success of our Class of 2019 in garnering prestigious internship opportunities with leading luxury companies.”

MGLuxm is an intense, full-time twelve-month Master’s degree programme. During the three semesters, students spend 6 months in India (Mumbai), 4 months in Italy (Milan) and the last 2 months in either Milan or Mumbai, for a live Industry project as part of their final dissertation.  The programme includes all the essential learning required for succeeding in a managerial role, and facilitates a thorough understanding of various luxury domains such as automobiles, beauty, fashion, jewellery, watches, consulting, CRM and other high-end services. On successful completion of the programme, graduating students are awarded the 1st level Specializing Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management certification from Politecnico di Milano.

SP Jain School of Global Management witnesses 50% growth in Executive MBA enrolments

SP Jain School of Global Management

Date: September 10, 2020

Even as worldwide MBA enrolments fell owing to the COVID-19 crisis, SP Jain School of Global Management reported a solid 50% growth in student numbers for its Executive MBA program. The program is delivered using a proprietary Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology and the institute attributes the significant spike in student numbers to the success of this technology.

For its June 2020 Online cohort, the Executive MBA witnessed a growth in numbers from multiple Indian cities, as well as from different international destinations such as Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and USA, thus giving students access to a global, multi-cultural network. Students have on an average 13+ years of work experience and represent a wide range of industries such as automobile, banking and finance, engineering, hospitality, IT and government sectors. In response to the evolving needs of a modern organisation, SP Jain School of Global Management’s EMBA curriculum has recently been updated to incorporate a number of technology courses into the business curriculum. The advanced course structure is a blend of core course subjects, electives, simulations and projects, and students can specialize in areas such as marketing, finance, operations, entrepreneurship and general management.

The SP Jain EMBA is an 18-month part-time program which is delivered using ELO, a sophisticated online learning system that replicates a live classroom down to its last detail, thanks to a number of high-end features, shares Nitish Jain, President, SP Jain School of Global Management.

The ELO studio is set up with a robotic tracking camera for the faculty, that allows them to move freely, maintain eye contact with students, respond to their visual cues, moderate discussions and more, all in real time. Faculty and students are able to engage in one-on-one conversations as if they were sitting side-by-side. ELO enables the faculty to evaluate each student’s level of engagement, respond to them individually and keep them motivated – just like they would do in a conventional classroom. A big advantage is that ELO engages even those students who wouldn’t have normally participated in an on-campus classroom discussion.

The increase in online enrolments – at a time of uncertainty in MBA enrolments – is noteworthy,” shares Nitish. “Unlike Zoom, Google Meet or other popular video conferencing software that were mostly designed for office use, the emphasis within ELO is upon ‘student engagement’. Over 350 EMBA students have experienced this technology since June 2020, and the experience has been fantastic. We are constantly collecting feedback and tweaking our technology to ensure that it is at the forefront of online education.”

In addition to the online version, SP Jain delivers an onsite Executive MBA in Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai. These too have performed very well thereby positioning the School as one of the leading EMBA providers for those looking for a high quality course that leads to leadership positions in the corporate sector.

SP Jain School of Global Management hosts an insightful ‘Power Panel’


Date: July 04, 2020

SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain), known worldwide for its top-ranked Global MBA program, hosted a ‘Power Panel’ curated by Bhavna Jasra, through a webinar  to explore the possibilities of overcoming challenges posed to various industries by the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel consisted of industry stalwarts including Harbhajan Singh, sports personality, Dabboo Ratnani, celebrity fashion photographer, Bhavna Jasra, artist & entrepreneur and Mickey Contractor, celebrity make-up artist. The webinar was attended by over 275 participants, including industry professionals and students.

The webinar was supported by Wai Wai noodles, Haldiram’s Foods International Ltd  & Lloyd’s Luxuries (TrueFitt & Hill).The webinar shed light on the difficulties posed due to COVID-19, through the anecdotes and experiences shared by the panel members. The tone of the discussion was largely optimistic, with the experts terming the standstill as temporary, and expressing the belief that despite the challenges, the industries will fight back and return to a normal functioning capacity, whilst adapting to the ‘new normal’.

Mr.Harbhajan Singh, motivated the participants of the webinar by giving them positive advice on how to cope with the quarantine. “Take this period as an opportunity to spend more quality time with your family and focus on yourself. Utilise the time at hand to learn something new, and you might end up surprising yourself.” Speaking about the IPL and the future of live cricket, he said “We are not sure if it will be possible to play in a stadium with an audience given the circumstances; we might just end up playing like the Ranji Trophy without any spectators, but the game will go on for sure.”

Ms. Bhavna Jasra, speaks a lot about self-motivation, she says, “Compete with yourself, you need to improve yourself every day to be the best. My clients are more driven to my art as it focuses on emotions & relationships, hence I call it an art with a heart!”

Ms. Smita Jain, Director, Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management at S P Jain School of Global Management, said, “The panel was an attempt to understand and discuss the realities and nuances of the effect of COVID-19, and find effective ways to overcome the impending crisis together. Our panel members shared insightful observations with regards to their respective industries, and the feedback we received was extremely positive. The luxury sector is definitely looking at new strategies and to becoming more adaptive, eventually all brands will be making certain adjustments depending on product and geography to  have a clear road map for the future. 

Strong start for SP Jain’s Proprietary ELO Technology in 2019

SP Jain Events

Date: December 4, 2019

SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain) recently announced the ongoing successful student enrolments for programs offered using its new Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology. With over 200 students across its four campuses have used the ELO technology.

“We are seeing an increasing number of students move online for the convenience and flexibility it offers. However, standard online learning, in my view, is not living up to its potential, in that it is failing quite miserably to engage, motivate and excite students. That is why you’ll notice that most students who enroll in online programs drop out even before they reach the halfway mark,” shares Nitish Jain, President of the School. 

“With ELO, we have been able to adopt a more proactive approach to addressing the wide gaps left by online education in student engagement and motivation. Using some of today’s most cutting-edge learning technologies, we have been able to bring to life an actual classroom-like experience into the homes and workspaces of our students. They don’t have to come to campus; they can log in from any corner of the world and get all the benefits of an on-campus education, including one-to-one and group engagement with faculty and peers. Student response to this technology has been very positive and we are thrilled by it,” adds Nitish. 

The first program to be launched using this unique technology was the School’s part-time Executive MBA. “The Engaged Learning Online platform of SP Jain is interactive and promising compared to other regular online courses. The experience is as good as sitting in a physical classroom, and my interactions with faculty and classmates have been excellent,” shares Pavan Teyari, student of the EMBA program taught through ELO. Pavan is the Director of Business Development at a leading digital innovation consulting firm. 

Read about: SP Jain School of Global Management

About ELO: Started in 2019, it is a one-of-a-kind virtual learning platform that brings the dynamism and engagement of a virtual classroom online and in real-time. Currently, only a handful of top business schools in the world offer such immersive online experiences to their students, and SP Jain is the only business school within the Asia Pacific to do so. 

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