Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. K.V.N Sandhya, Principal of London Management Academy, Hyderabad

Dr. K.V.N Sandhya is currently working as the Principal of London Management Academy (LMA), Hyderabad for the past 2 years. She did her Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi and holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics, Osmania University of Hyderabad. During her Ph.D., she also led seminars, working as assistant Professor for M.B.A College. Before coming to LMA, she worked as an Assistant Professor, Avanthi P.G College, Osmania University and taught Managerial Economics, Research Methodology, International Business and Entrepreneurial development during 2009-2013. During 2006-2009, she worked as a part-time faculty in Andhra Mahila Sabha College, Hyderabad and Gautham Junior College, Hyderabad.

Dr. Sandhya’s has a Post-Doctoral Research titled “Technological enrichment of Women in Service Sector-An Empirical Study ”. The purpose of this research is to provide an assessment of how technology is having its impact on women Enrichment and which may result in greater technological empowerment. She also has a thesis to her credit titled “An Analysis of Growth and Structure of Mutual Funds: A Case Study of State Bank of India, Supervisor: Prof A. K. Vasudeva Chary”.

Dr. Sandhya regularly supervises Projects for Postgraduate students and research projects to final year students. She has great knowledge of Research Methodologies, Data & information collection, and Writing & presenting reports.  

Dr. Sandhya’s experience in the education industry

It is a platform for the knowledge and the wonderful learning experience to enhance our skills and it is the best because we have learned faculty with PhDs, cooperative management, and best students.

Challenges faced by Dr. Sandhya as the Principal of London Management Academy

The biggest challenge is to bring about the hidden talents and abilities of the students.

Curriculum of London Management Academy

Our curriculum makes a much bigger difference from other colleges. We not only impart subjects, we revise, give potential soft skills, industrial visits, teach special Languages like French, and extra courses like six sigma, digital marketing and MAT Coaching, CIMA for finance students, giving special courses for all the students.

Goals in mind for London Management Academy

The primary goal is to make LMA as No. 1 B-School.

Dr. Sandhya on how the quality of education is ensured

We are number one in giving quality education. Our methodology of teaching is different. We go with PPT presentation by the Faculty and Classroom presentations by the students.

How Dr. Sandhya maintains a positive school culture

We celebrate all the events by bringing the rapport between the Juniors and Seniors and Faculty. Irrespective of all cultures, all the students participate in the events like Eid, New year’s party, Women’s day celebration, Bathukamma festival, Kite flying, Rangoli, National Seminars, etc.

Dr. Sandhya on how she establishes a relation with the students

By conducting classroom activities like Management Games, Group discussions and JAM sessions.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at London Management Academy

Companies visit us not on invitation by the college but by looking at the quality of students and their talents. Companies which visit us always want the LMA students to be part of their industry.

Read more about the placement opportunities available at London Management Academy here.

Dr. Sandhya’s philosophy of leadership

LMA creates the platform to bring up hidden talents and because of that, we are capable enough to produce the leaders. By giving opportunities to conduct various events at the college, the student leadership qualities come out.

Suggestions to the current youth

Join LMA to bring out your talents and enter the world of knowledge.