Students of IIT Jammu had cracked a way to build a face-shield amid the nationwide Coronavirus outbreak that can be produced on a large scale. 

In a state to battle COVID-19 emergency, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu has built up a face-shield that will soon be given over to the jammu & Kashmir police for a preliminary trial to note its validity. In addition, it is being expected that this new prototype can be created on a mass scale.

Talking on this matter, IIT Jammu’s Director Mr. Manoj Singh Gaur said, “After the institution was shut following the lockdown, a few students and professors were keen on creating the PPEs. As a result, we built up a face shield. This structure can likewise be delivered on a mass scale. 3D printers were utilized for the creation of models.”

He also said that several other teams are working on the development of UV sanitization Chamber, ventilators and other two to three more products which are expected to be completed by next four to six weeks.

Product Details and Ideas Behind It:

Students and Professors of IIT Jammu have taken an effective step toward creating their own PPEs and Sanitizer chambers. They have used the modern 3D printing technique to make their prototype.

  • UV Sanitizer Chambers along with the plasma fumes are to be made, so that the PPEs can be reused after the contamination process.
  • IIT Jammu teams are also working on oxygen concentrator design by which they want to boost a kind effort toward the Make In India campaign.
  • IIT Jammu students and faculties are also in a motion to develop Positive-Pressure Respiratory System (PPRS) which can be used as a trial purpose to test the patients, post COVID-19.
  • All these products are made in an effort that they are economical and can be afforded by the common people.

Applauding these efforts taken by the students and faculty of IIT Jammu,Suram Singh, Superintendent of Police of Jammu and Kashmir, said that these face shields will be taken by the Jammu and Kashmir police on a trial basis and will be tested first. After the confirmation of the positive effect, these face-shields will be brought to use.

In addition to this, he also said that all the protective gears that are being developed by the Institute will be tested by our officers first, as we are present at different places round the clock, and we will likely be giving them feedback upon these, whether the protective gears needs any improvement or is ready to be used by the common people.

He also appreciated the determination of the students, as they worked very hard despite the unavailability of the material amid this nationwide lockdown and completed the task of making the Personal Protective Equipment to help the nation.

Meanwhile the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has reported 565 COVID-19 positive cases with 8 deaths so far, as drafted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.