Interview by Bhawna Rawat

Dr m varatha

Dr. M.Varatha Vijayan is currently working as the Principal of Nova College of Engineering and Technology, Vegavaram, JRG, West Godavari District. He is an Ex-Navy NCC Officer. He has been completed the degrees B.E, M.E and Ph. D. He scored a considerable experience of 19 years in Engineering Academics and has been handled various Engineering subjects . He has produced more than 95% Result in university exams and got appreciation from the college Managements as a PROFESSOR ,PRINCIPAL and DEAN Research. He has worked in different capacities including Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Professor, HOD, Vice Principal , Principal and Dean,. He has successfully handled Anna University Inspection commissions, job fair, ISO Auditing, Association functions, National Conferences, Symposium, etc. He has published several Technical papers in journals and acting as Editorial Board Member in multiple international journals.

Education is the most powerful weapon to change one’s future

I have about 20 years of experience in the education industry, majorly in engineering colleges. I have completed my commissioned course in Indian Navy (Class I gazetted officer) as well. Teaching is a noble profession and down the lane, I figured out that teachers can shape one’s life. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the entire world in the right path.

The challenge is to ensure 100% academic results

The most significant challenge is to ensure 100% academic results, thereby, making it easier for the institution – industry relation.

The curriculum offers a combination of practical and theoretical aspects

Our curriculum has been designed based on the industry requirements.  There will be syllabus changes every three years. Our curriculum ensures students to have both practical as well as theoretical exposure.

The goal set for Nova College of Engineering & Technology

I would like to make Nova College of Engineering &Technology a centre for research excellence.

Regular from the students, parents and the faculty helps in providing quality education

Parents & students are considered to be the two eyes of the institution, so we need to take good care of them & satisfy them with the quality Education. We have developed a system in which we focus on feedback from both parents & students.

We provide constant reviews to students, thereby, helping them understand where they lag.

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Features of a positive learning environment

We focus on improving & developing student clubs/societies to improve student-faculty interaction, thereby, building a positive school culture.

Building a friendship relationship with the students

I try to be as friendly & as approachable as possible so that the students can come to me at any point & discuss their issues.

Personality development training is essential for getting students recruited

We provide personality development training, entrepreneurship training & soft skills classes on a regular basis trying to make our students industry-ready. We also conduct seminars &workshops.

The role and responsibilities of a leader

A leader learns every day, never stops learning & keeps himself updated.

A leader should be a role model & be affectionate to people. I personally prefer smart work as I’m the captain of the ship.

Suggestions for the students for leading an honorable life

Focus on developing your career. Be loyal to your parents, teachers and then to the organization you will be working for at any causes.