Interview by Yash Panchal


Dr. Ramesh Bondada is currently working as the Director & Advisor of Nova College of Engineering and Technology, Vegavaram, Andhra Pradesh. Despite coming from a rural background, with his hard work and dedication he obtained B.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Physics) and Ph.D. degrees. He has a considerable experience of more than 2 and a half decades.  His several works have been published as books, manuals and modules.

Experience in the education industry

I prefer the Education Industry, as education is the backbone of any country & the teaching profession as a good teacher can change & mould students in a good direction. I have 25 years of experience both in India & abroad together. I have worked in Ethiopia as a Physics Professor & then moved to Hyderabad where I worked for Mallareddy Group. In 2012, I joined Nova Group as Dean- Academics worked as the Principal & currently, I’m the Director & Advisor for Nova Group of Institutions – Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

The significant challenges faced so far in career

Coming from a rural background my communication skills were not up to the mark but with my determination & hard work, I’m where I’m today.

The curriculum ensures the best practices of the industry

The curriculum has been given by JNTUK. With the support of experienced Professionals, we have tried our best in modifying the curriculum as per the needs of the society.

Difference between Indian Education System and the education system in other countries

The Indian Education system is a mass education system, this is the main reason for mass unemployment

Hence, the curriculum should be modified. In abroad, the curriculum is designed in a way that it allows only the cream of the students, thereby, providing job opportunities to almost all the students who have graduated.

Reasons for driving towards research

I belong to a remote village & my teachers have always motivated me to pursue higher studies. With that motivation, I have graduated as a topper. Research helps in finding solutions to problems faced by society, this has motivated me to undertake research.

Establishing a relationship with the students

I maintain a good relationship with the students. Every day I spend time in inspiring them by telling them about eminent personalities of India.  I try to teach them values.

The growth of students through placement & research opportunities available at Nova College of Engineering & Technology

I encourage students to undertake research by providing facilities, information and appropriate guidance.

We focus on placements as well.

Philosophy of leadership and its importance in one’s life

Leadership is considered to be a very good quality for engineers. Engineers are responsible for the social & economic wellbeing of people. So, it is necessary for them to have leadership skill. My leadership style resembles my way of teaching.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

I would like to tell all the students to value their time, focus on minimizing corruption once you graduate. You should take your career goals seriously.  Set your goals very high then plan & work hard to achieve it.