Interview by Bhawna Rawat



Mr. B.Jithendra Kumar Is presently working as the Head of Mechanical department in Nova College of Engineering & Technology, Godavari. He holds a university degree from Sunrise University. He has a valuable teaching experience of more than a decade.

Mr. Kumar has worked in Govt. Polytechnic as a teaching faculty in 2008 & 2009. He joined Nova College of Engineering and Technology In 2010. His 3 research works have been published in international journals and he has guided 25 international journals. He has participated with the students in many live projects. His hobbies include reading books and watching movies.

The journey from a Lecturer to the head of Mechanical Department

I have about 11 years of experience in the education industry. I started my career as a lecturer, then became an assistant professor. Currently, I am the Head of the mechanical department, for Nova College of Engineering & Technology. Education industry gives you an opportunity to share knowledge. If we teach one they will eventually teach 10 is the slogan that inspired me to choose this field.

Motivating and inspiring students to do research is the biggest challenge

Motivating my students to undertake research & getting them involved in live projects is the biggest challenge I have faced as they need to get inspired to opt research.

The curriculum ensures to incorporate technology-oriented industry knowledge

Our Curriculum is industry-oriented & we also try to ensure that the students are getting up to date technology-oriented industry knowledge.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is aiming to achieve these two goals

  1. My goal is to make the mechanical department of Nova College of Engineering & Technology the best.
  2. I would like to develop our incubation center to focus more on Research & Development.

Regular feedback from students and parents helps to improve the quality of education

We take constant feedback from students and parents & arrange frequent Parents meet wherein they could directly interact with the faculty & understand their child’s performance.

Building a positive environment for students

We celebrate the birthday of every student belonging to the mechanical department thereby improving the connection between students. We ensure the student-faculty interactions. We also organize cultural events.

Solving the problems of students is one of my responsibilities

I interact with students every Saturday, trying to understand the issues/ problems they are facing & try to address the same.

Pursuing research is a boon for students’ knowledge and placements

Research is a very good opportunity as the students opting for research tend to get placed with better industries & research makes them more innovative.

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My leadership style speaks through my results rather than my words

As a leader, you should be able to help your people by solving their problems. My leadership style speaks when all my students get placed & are focused on their career.

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

Time is very precious, value it.