Interview by Bhawna Rawat

Dr. Surendra jain, Professor & Director, SIRTP

Dr. Surendra Jain is currently working as the Professor and Director in Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Madhya Pradesh. He holds degrees like Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy and Ph. D degree from S. G. S. Institute of Technology and Sciences, Indore.

Dr. Jain was awarded Full Travel grant from AICTE, New Delhi for attending International Conference at Manchester, UK, for the presentation of Poster and Oral Scientific paper at British Pharmaceutical Conference 2006 and from MPCST, Bhopal, for attending International Conference at Amsterdam, The Netherland (Holland) for the presentation of Poster and Oral Scientific paper at 13th Tetrahedron Symposium 2012.

Dr. Jain got his One Project worth 1.0 lac Rs. sanctioned by IEDC Cell, Govt. of India and One project worth Rs. 4.48 lac sanctioned by MPCST, Bhopal on “Development of Analytical Method for Quantitative Estimation of some Drugs using Hydrotropic Solubilizing Agents.” He got one SDP sanctioned by AICTE, New Delhi on “Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Computer Aided Drug Design” worth Rs. 6.16 Lac. He Got NBA Approval for SIRTP while in the capacity of Director.

Dr. Surendra Jain’s experience in the education industry

I had been working with this industry since 1997 and as per my view, this is the industry which prepares a person for his career. This is the important industry which brings life to all other industries. Without educational industry, no other industry can survive on this globe.

Dr. Jain’s philosophy of leadership

A Leader should do his work with the colleagues and subordinates. He should take steps forward so that others could follow. He should not dictate. A leader should first demonstrate the things and then ask others to follow. This is the best quality of leadership and I follow this thing.

Dr. Jain’s philosophy of leadership

Challenges faced as the Director-Pharmacy of SIRT, Bhopal by Dr. Jain

We have to work hard to maintain the quality. We can not say that this is a challenge. We have to work hard every day. Every day is a challenge in itself.

Dr. Jain on how did the experience of being the Principal of Ravi Shankar College of Pharmacy, Bhopal, helped him in SIRT

Actually, I learned a lot from the experiences of Ravi Shankar College of Pharmacy because I developed that institute from bottom to top level. Then that experience gave me a lot of knowledge regarding how to work being a principal, how to  maintain a faculty, how to maintain the students, how to get best out of the good.

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Dr. Jain on how does the curriculum of SIRT ensure best practice of industry

Actually, we do not do much in the curriculum as it is given by the university. What we can do is to ensure that other things should match the quality and demands of the industry.

Various changes noticed by Dr. Jain in the Education Industry over the past few years

There have been a lot of changes since I started working in this industry. Initially, students had interest in reading, studying and getting knowledge. Nowadays students are not at all interested in such activities. They just want to get everything very fast. My suggestion to the students is that they should study first and then develop themselves according to the demands of the industry.

Dr. Jain’s views on the growth of students through placement opportunities available at SIRT

There are a lot of job opportunities in the pharmaceutical field for students. We just need to make the students employable. The main motto of our college is to make students employable. So that industry people can take the students directly into the industries and develop their skills according to their need. So in my view, SIRT university is fully equipped to produce employable students, that can be employed through placements in SIRT in the pharma industry.

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Dr. Jain on building a relationship with the students being the Director-Pharmacy of SIRT, Bhopal

I take regular one hour class in all semesters. My chamber is always open for students. I have one on one conversation with all the students. I have one on one conversation with all the parents. I know personally each student by their name and by their backgrounds.

Dr. Jain’s idea of an ideal school environment

In an ideal environment, there should be better communication between teachers and students. What teachers are teaching, students should understand. And what students are understanding and not understanding, the teachers should understand. If communication between these two will be established the institute will become an ideal environment for studies.

Dr. Jain’s idea of an ideal school environment

The top qualities that an aspiring Pharmacy student must possess according to Dr. Jain

Students should have a greater inclination towards health services. They should have knowledge of biological sciences. They should have interest in chemistry and development of drugs. If the students have these interests then he could enter the field of Pharmacy education and can develop himself in other fields of pharmacy.

Goals in Dr. Jain’s mind for his institute for the next few years

We should have in our institute research centre. We are thinking to have an NABL approved laboratory in SIRT pharmacy. And we are still NBA accredited institute. We are making it for next few years also. And we are hoping that this institute remains among top positions in india

Dr. Jain’s suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Current youth should understand the value of life.  They should understand what they want to in their future. They should work hard they should learn, they should study.