GIET Bhubaneswar

Er. Rama N. Sabat is the current serving Vice-Chairman of Gandhi Institute of Excellent Technocrats. He holds his Master of Science in Engineering, Civil Engineering from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona and Bachelor of Technology, Civil Engineering from Orissa University of Agri & Tech., Bhubaneswar, India. He holds extensive industry experience both overseas and in India. This added value to his profile to be at the position where he is currently.

Education is the core pillar of the progress of mankind

I have been a part of the education industry for the past 23 years. I have also taught students during my undergraduate studies. Education is the core pillar of the progress of mankind. I enjoy every bit of being associated with the education industry because it has new challenges, which intrigue me to solve them and add value to society. 

Giving people ample opportunities to grow with the organization

My philosophy of leadership is based on giving people ample opportunities to prove themselves and grow with the organization. I stick to my commitments, and for me integrity and character matters the most. I place great value in setting goals and achieving them with honesty and credibility. What I expect people to understand to show respect to the work and words they commit to, and to be an effective team player.

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Lack of belongingness creates major challenges

The biggest problem you face with the people working for you is the lack of belongingness. Everyone must understand that their growth is dependent on the growth of the organization. And it is only possible when people work sincerely by producing synchronized teamwork for the overall growth of the organization.

A positive attitude and eagerness to learn are the top qualities a student must have

In the current competitive world, the top most quality a student must possess is a Positive Attitude and eagerness to learn. Our institution provides a necessary exposure, which makes them acquire knowledge to be industry-ready. A positive attitude and eagerness will propel them to succeed in achieving all their aspirations and dreams. 

Ideal school environment embraces the idea of working together and building a safe learning space

An ideal school environment embraces the idea that all students can learn and work together to build a safe learning space. An ideal school environment attracts teachers who are knowledgeable, who care about preaching students, and adapt their instructions to meet the requirements of the students.

Storytelling must be incorporated to generate interest in the students 

The best way to build healthy relationships with students is to teach them with enthusiasm and passion. Teachers have the role to build a positive attitude among the students. The teachings/lessons must incorporate humor and thereby, making learning fun. By getting to know students to the core, we get to know their interest areas.

This is possible if the teachers incorporate storytelling into lessons.

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Students’ success of getting placed becomes institutions’ success 

The students who come to our institute bring their dreams and hopes of getting a good placement. They come with a hope that the job they will get placed in will steer their life in a good course forward. We at our institution strive hard for their success, which ultimately becomes the success of the institution. This gives them and us a feeling of joy and accomplishment. 

Major aim is to become a household name in terms of quality education

Although we have multiple goals to accomplish, the major aim would be to become a household name. In the next few years we are aiming for quality engineering education in Odisha and throughout the country for holistic development and education.