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Ranked 76 for MBA by NIRF 2020
Ranked 80 for MBA by Indiatoday 2019
Ranked 6 for MBA by The Week 2019
Ranked 45 for MBA by The Week 2019
Ranked 23 for Overall by TOI 2020
Ranked 23 for Overall by TOI 2019
N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research - [NLDIMSR], Mumbai

N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research - [NLDIMSR], Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra AICTE | Estd 1995 MU, Mumbai Private NAAC Grade A | Score 3.0 Ranked 76 for MBA by NIRF 2020+5 more

7 reasons to choose Global MBA Degree

Satyam Purwar Satyam Purwar
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Globalization – A term often argued upon by economists is something that has seeped into the lives of the masses across the globe. Using international products for daily consumption is no longer a luxury. As per a McKinsey & Company report titled as ‘Next Big Spenders – The Indian Middle Class’, the Indian middle class will be spending close to 14 Trillion Rupees on consumption of international products by 2025.

The interdependence of various markets beyond geographies is today’s reality. One of the most apt terms to describe the dynamic trade scenarios is the existence of a VUCA world; an amalgamated set of scenarios which are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous in Nature. This leads to a dire need of professionals and managers who are equipped to tackle these challenges which pop up on a regular basis.

A modern day manager needs to be equipped with the requisite knowledge and skill sets required to prosper in this global economy. Their approach should focus on being stable to face volatility and focused to gear up for uncertainty. A Global M.B.A is one such avenue which opens up the gates to understand the nuances of international businesses. Learning alongside a pool of students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, working on scenarios and case-studies of brands overcoming challenges in different continents and developing a holistic understanding of the International Marketplace are some of the prime benefits which can be derived from a Global M.B.A.

N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research (NLDIMSR), a prominent B-School ranked amongst the Top 5 in Mumbai, gives graduates an opportunity to pursue an M.B.A from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside (UWP) U.S.A. NLDIMSR is a NAAC ‘A’ Graded Institute, a premier B-School recognized by A.S.I.C (U.K) and boasts of a robust alumni network of 6000 working in 190 corporates internationally at mid and senior level positions.

In addition to the existing state of the art infrastructure consisting of Mumbai’s only Bloomberg Lab with 12 terminals and digitally equipped classrooms focuses not only on fundamentals of management but also provides exposure to emerging technologies like SAS, SPSS, Alphabeta, R-Studio and MarkStrat. These salient features have made NLDIMSR the preferred choice for the University of Wisconsin, Parkside to join hands with an institute in Asia Pacific. On the other hand, since 1968, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside has been enriching minds and changing lives of those who attend. That rich legacy continues even today. Small classes and one-on-one faculty attention have been their hallmark, and continue to be part of an experience that brightens futures. Their student-centric approach means students are never taught by assistants, don’t get lost in a crowd, and do get to work side-by-side with faculty dedicated to their success.

UWP and NLDIMSR have embarked on a mission to provide a revolutionary launch-pad to students from the Indian Sub-continent to acquire high quality global education in India and U.S.A at a financially feasible model. The Global M.B.A. program is a one plus one-year course, where the student spends the first 11 Months at NLDIMSR and completes the second year at University of Wisconsin - Parkside U.S.A. The student is awarded with a M.B.A degree post completion of the course from UWP.

Let us now see the prime reasons to pursue a M.B.A Degree from UWP:

1. Earn a M.B.A Degree from a U.S State University

The M.B.A Degree from UWP ensures that a student develops a holistic understanding of not just the ‘Best’ practices but also the ‘Next’ practices which are taking on the global economy by a storm. They get a firsthand experience of looking at scenarios from a Global Perspective. A U.S State University’s M.B.A holds a prestigious acknowledgement across the world and is something that any management aspirant should look up to.

2. Study at an AACSB accredited College

AACSB is the benchmark of quality for management education worldwide. Acquiring education from a U.S State University which is majorly funded by the U.S Federal Government, backed by an AACSB accreditation ensures a solid validation on an incumbent’s profile. Being from an alma-mater which is AACSB accredited has its own set of benefits which can include a higher recognition across the globe and an opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. from the U.S to name a few. The University of Wisconsin Parkside is one of the only 400 AACSB accredited management Institute amongst the 5000 institutes across the world.3

3. GMAT/GRE/TOEFL are exempted

Being eligible for a M.B.A from the United States itself is a challenging aspiration, let us see how does the Global M.B.A program with NLDIMSR and UWP support Indians in living the American dream. Getting a score above 710 in GMAT or a TOEFL score of 80-90 haunts a huge majority of aspirants and that’s one of the major benefits of the Global M.B.A program from N. L. Dalmia, as these scores are no longer a mandatory requirement. Since the entire program is thoroughly vetted and approved by the advisory board of UWP, the students completing the first 11 Months from NLDIMSR are exempted from the mandatory requirements for aptitude (GMAT/GRE) and language proficiency (TOEFL) tests.

4. Several Years of Work Experience is waived off

A common phenomenon seen across B-Schools in U.S and Europe is the mandatory requirement of at least 3 to 7 Years of Work Experience on an average. This definitely adds value to an incumbent but also hampers several aspirations of fresh graduates who wish to acquire an International Post – Graduate education right after college. To fulfill this particular gap, UWP and NLDIMSR have ensured that fresh graduates with a proven track record do not miss this exclusive opportunity to learn at one of the best universities in U.S.A.

5. Highly Economical

The average cost to pursue a M.B.A from U.S.A is usually between $60,000 to $80,000. The enormous tuition fees can also be a stumbling block for students who aspire to pursue these programs. On the Contrary, the total investment for the Global M.B.A program of UWP-NLD amounts to less than $45,000. The amount is inclusive of the Tuition Fee, Accommodatio Charges, Meal Plans and Medical Insurance. This gives students an opportunity to recover their investments in less than a year as the average starting salary for a post-graduate from UWP is between $40,000 to $45,000.

6. International Scholarships and Earning Opportunities

An average G.P.A of above 3.0 on a 4.0-point scale ensures that a student gets an international Scholarship from UWP. NLDIMSR’s students from the current batch have achieved international scholarships in the range of $3,000 to $4,000 on an average. The students also have an opportunity to get a paid internship for 20 Hours on-campus per week.

7. Avenue for an O.P.T with an F1 Visa

Students can acquire an O.P.T (Optional Practical Training), which gives them an avenue to work for 365 days in U.S after the course instead of returning back to India for renewal of Visas. An M.B.A is a once in a lifetime decision and investing hard earned incomes at the right place is definitely one of the most critical factors in defining a person’s success. The MBA admission calendar for the year 2019-20 is approaching its deadline. There are several students who aspire to get top quality education but end up compromising with anything they get due to the tough competitive scenarios in India. The NLDIMSR-UWP Global M.B.A program is a golden opportunity to acquire high quality education from globally recognized faculty on a financially feasible model.

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