Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Joyeeta Chatterjee is currently working as the Professor and HoD, Marketing at NLDIMSR. Her educational qualifications include BA (Economics), MBA in Marketing & HR and Ph.D. in Marketing. She holds a prolific amount of experience and has worked in several B-School for the last 22 years.

Prior to NLDIMSR, Dr. Chatterjee has worked as Professor of Marketing at IILM Institute of Higher Education; Associate Professor, Senior Assistant Professor, Advisor, Program Chair, Coordinator at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management; Assistant Professor at Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies and Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies; Lecturer at North Eastern Regional Institute of Management and Management Trainee at Aptech Computer Limited.

Dr. Chatterjee presently teaches MBA/ PGDM students, conducts MDPs and corporate training programs. She has presented her research papers at International Conferences at several prestigious institutes. Her area of teaching interest lies in Marketing. Her personal interest lies in Music, Preaching of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda, and Culinary Art. She received the Best Teacher Award at Tecnia Group of Institution. Dr. Chatterjee has worked on a number of projects as well.

Dr. Chatterjee’s experience in the education industry

To begin with, it was indeed a learning experience for me over the last 22 years. Being with the young thinkers for more than two decades, I could notice vast changes in the generations of the students. Changes in the mind-set of the young aspirants, their expectations from us, i.e. teachers as well as from the institute, their ability to take course/work pressure (in the form of assignments, meeting deadlines), quality of the students’ projects and even the changes in the job market. Keeping in mind the changing scenario of the job market, the onus lies on us (institute and the teachers) to design and offer a dynamic course module and equip the new gen B-School students with contemporary management thoughts and practices.

Moreover, ‘teaching’ as a whole in B-School has also undergone a sea-change since the last two decades. Though I firmly believe that ‘chalk-and-talk’ method of teaching is still the best, but to hold the interest span of the young generation, a teacher needs to continuously innovate his / her teaching methodology. A teacher, while explaining the concepts of a topic may use a video talk / used cases or even fresh case studies and invite the students to participate in the class which definitely ensures students’ learning. These days, we also have the concepts of ‘Flipped Classroom” or “Blended Classroom” that helps to break the monotony of the students. With the widespread of MOOCs and technology intervention in the arena of teaching, learning can take place even outside the classroom.

A teacher these days do share numerous important handouts, case studies or other reading materials well in advance with the students on a Learning Management Software (LMS) and enroll the students on the LMS platform. Discussion on a certain topic shared by the teacher can take place on LMS by both, the teacher and the students or the same can be held in the classroom. In a nutshell, I can say there is an overall change among the teachers as well as of the learners.

Dr. Chatterjee on how to ensure embedding of outstanding teaching and learning practice across her department

Being the HoD, it is my complete responsibility to coordinate with departmental colleagues and ensure academic rigor. The course modules are being revised and mapped according to the latest standards accepted globally such as AQF and/or Blooms’ Taxonomy so as to ensure learning takes place among the students. The intention is to deliver highly dynamic and contemporary modules and make the students industry-ready. Among the students, few aspire for further studies abroad or even come up with a start-up. Hence, when we say our students are industry-ready, we also make it a point that our students are academically well equipped to face the global competition and at the same time ready to face the challenges of an entrepreneur.

In addition, marketing students are actively involved in placement related activities of the institute, organizing various academic events in the campus and also promoting the same in different platforms. We also encourage the students to work on case studies, project works and participate in various activities conducted by other B-Schools in and around Mumbai. This kind of encouragement builds self-confidence among the students and enables them to develop personality and their communication skills. Therefore, it is a practice of converting the learnings of marketing class to real life brand building. In addition, the faculty colleagues are encouraged to write research papers, develop case studies and present their works in the faculty seminar series.

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Dr. Chatterjee’s teaching philosophy

Prior to joining NLDIMSR, I worked as Dean Academics of PGDM at IILM institute of Higher Education, New Delhi. As I teach marketing, I do believe in imbibing the contemporary thoughts of marketing, branding, advertising or even retail practices in the classroom and integrate them with industry scenario. The philosophy behind this is to enable students to relate classroom teaching into a practical situation. I understand that by delivering a lecture in a class does not complete my task. Teaching needs to be converted into learning. In addition, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to highlight value and ethics to my students so that they grow up not only as good professionals but also a responsible citizen.

Dr. Chatterjee’s teaching philosophy

Ideal college environment for a student to flourish

I worked as an Associate Professor in the area of Marketing at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi and also the Program Chair of PGDM. Having spent quite a long tenure in the domain of academics, I understand students need to be given a platform to express themselves. An institute is measured by its quality of faculty members, good infrastructure, state-of-the-art library, placement records, classroom debates, business-related games/activities, annual festivals and many more. A new gen B-School student flourishes and grows in an institution which is student driven.

Dr. Chatterjee on NLDIMSR’s curriculum and the changes made in it make sure the students are well versed with the best industry practices

At NLDIMSR, the entire PGDM curriculum has been revamped and the contemporary modules have been brought in that suits the job market and prepares the students to be industry ready. The departments’ curriculum has been revised and is mapped with the global standards of students’ learning outcome. Also at NLDIMSR, we are a student-driven institute. They are given the reins to organize marketing events, case study competition, the competition of students’ paper presentation or even organizing marketing conclave at the international level. We are also bringing in the concept of Design Thinking in the purview of marketing modules.

An international marketing conclave will be held in the NLDIMSR campus in the month of August 2018, the theme of which is “Design Thinking: A Key to Happy Customers.” In addition, we also have close industry interaction that enables not only good placement but also develop virtuous and meaningful relations with the business houses to strengthen faculty research base.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at NLDIMSR, Mumbai

Placement opportunities at NLDIMSR are very good. Students are encouraged to take up challenging jobs. Workshops are conducted in the campus by industry experts from the first semester itself which helps the students to take up challenging corporate career. Students are also encouraged to join live projects in different research and consultancy organizations from time to time.

Summer internship programs are intensive wherein every student, after completion of their first year shall be joining an organization to pursue their internship for 2-3 months. The students are assisted by the Placement Cell of the Institute in getting their summer jobs. Performance of each student is closely monitored by the in-house faculty as well as the concerned industry mentor.

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Dr. Chatterjee on her relation with the students being the HOD and how she makes herself available to them

Being a HoD, I make it a point to engage myself in delivering at least one module in each semester. By doing this, I am in contact with students. Also, I closely monitor the students of marketing-their activities in different institutions for academic events, provide help as and when needed, assist them in analyzing case studies, especially when they intend to participate in the B-School competition. Moreover, I have kept myself an open door policy wherein students can come and meet me directly at my office.

Dr. Chatterjee on her relation with the students being the HOD and how she makes herself available to them

Dr. Chatterjee on how she has assessed the effectiveness of teaching and learning in NLDIMSR, Mumbai

NLDIMSR has a structured set of teaching practices. In addition, the institute also offers certificate courses in digital marketing, business analytics, python scripts and several other areas to equip the students with dynamic and contemporary courses. I have shared my experiences with my faculty colleagues to revamp the modules which not only matches with the industry requirements but also develop the students’ critical thinking ability, encourage creativity applying their thoughts, prepare them in making guess-estimates and at the same time become a responsible citizen.

Strategies in your mind for the department of Marketing for the next 3 years

Strategies to take up the Marketing Department – firstly to work towards the promotion of NLDIMSR brand. We at NLDIMSR do follow the best practices in marketing area. Plans are there to organize an International Marketing Conclave in the month of August 2018 and also a Research Conference in early 2019. These events shall create a platform for the industry and the academia to interact and network. Also, the students will get an opportunity to interact with the industry captains and the different academicians across the globe.

Message for the youth who aspire to be young leaders

The youth today need to develop patience and the art of listening. It is important for teachers like us to convey the students that to become a successful leader, it is very important to listen and be patient. Success does not come overnight. They need to work hard. Success will come its way. They need to do their own SWOT analysis and work on their weaknesses.