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Smt. Parupalli Vijaya Lakshmi is designated as the Vice Chairperson of Vijaya Engineering College. She has authored a book by the name of ‘Methods of Teaching Physical Science’ and has participated in various National Seminars. Known for her instrumenting skills to motivate the students, she has presented a paper on Gifted Students enrichment programs and the Slow learners the remedial programs.

In an exclusive interview with Pranav Goyal, the academician shares her thoughts on the education industry, brief us about her college and more. Edited Excerpts:

Education sector is the backbone of all the industries

In my opinion, education is an investment in the future of a country. Development of any country depends upon the proper education system. According to me, education sector is the foundation of all the other industrial sectors, as we can create great engineers, doctors, lawyers, managers, teachers etc. Also, innovation is only possible through proper and quality education and society can only move forward with innovation. 

Curriculum at Vijaya College ensuring best practices of the industry

In here we have a CRT program, which covers – 

  • Aptitude skills: Training on mathematical skills, reasoning, puzzles, practice oriented training.
  • Soft skills: Resume preparation, presentation skills, communication skills, group discussion Skills, job interview skills.

More than 50% of the students says that the CRT programs have helped them extensively in getting placed in various prestigious companies. Nowadays, group discussion is being extensively used along with personal interviews for the final selection of candidates. It plays a main role in selecting the best among the best. Our college provides communication labs which specially focuses on improving the verbal abilities of the students.

Other Social ActivitiesAs a part of our university curriculum (NSS) and also as a part of corporate social responsibility, we undertake various service programs like plantation in nearby villages, blood donation, campaigning against the social evils like child marriage, child labour, drugs etc.. With the help of these programs, we work towards the empowerment of our country’s youth engaging them into constructive activities and keep them away from any negative forces.

Qualities that we consider before admitting the students

For us, sincerity comes first i.e. a sincere student who is willing to learn and help everyone around them learn are considered first. Apart from that, JEE Mains qualifiers or at least 50% marks scored candidates in TS EAMCET examination are considered. 

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Methods opted to establish a healthy relation with the students

According to me, teaching with enthusiasm and passion, making lessons fun to learn, considering the student interests help in establishing good relationship with them. Also, we must make sure that our attitude towards them is friendly so they can discuss or share any suggestions, ideas or problems with us without any hesitations.

Placement Opportunities at Vijaya Engineering College

More than 50% of our students are getting placed every year with good packages in various companies. And the others choose to pursue higher studies. This year, we have also tied-up with various multinational companies for more and better placements.

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Leadership philosophy and style of Smt. Lakshmi

My philosophy of leadership is dynamic in nature. I am adaptive and do not have rigid ways of doing things. I believe that different scenarios need different actions hence there is no set of guidelines for leadership. Education fundamentally implies reshaping perspectives as experience and knowledge increases. Flexibility and valuing prudent changes are key factors in it. Things have not always been the way they are, nor will they continue to be. I try and adopt democratic leadership style in the organization.

Traditional studies vs modern way studies

What I feel is that traditional teachers are more accustomed to controlling the learning environment. They hold the power and authority in a class and they see the need for a topic/subject to be taught in a classroom. Ironically, modern students learn not only in the classroom, but also beyond its four walls (Like e-learning). 

In fact, recent trends show that most of the students do their learning from various digital platforms like - YouTube and several other online teaching platforms too. So, I feel in the present-day scenario, the teaching methods should be more fun and creative. 

Suggestions to the future generations

My only suggestion to the current youth is to not waste their time on social media. Even if you use it, then use it judiciously. These platforms influence the youth in a flick of seconds, but, the students must not change themselves or modify themselves from it. Stay as you are, and absorb only the good things from it.