Dr. (Prof.) Rakesh Premi is currently holding the position of Director of Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research, Kanpur. He is the former Campus Director of Leeds Metropolitan University, England’s off shore campus ‘Leeds Met India, and also a ‘visiting faculty’ to Indian Institute of Management, Shillong and a guest faculty to IIM Lucknow. 

Dr. Premi is the recipient of prestigious "Shikshak Samman" felicitated by former HRD minister Shri Murli Manohar Joshi in 2014, 'Excellence in Education' award felicitated by Hon'ble Governor of UP Shri Ram Naik in 2015 and the "100 most influential Directors of India' Education award by World Education Congress in 2016 and “Utthan” Excellence Award 2019 by CSA University and Govt. of UP.

He brings with him a wide range of academic and industry experience of 36 years, which includes app. 21 years of successfully teaching to post graduate students of management at the university level and managing academic institutions in the field of business management in various capacities. 

A renowned corporate trainer and consultant in field of ‘Time Management and ‘Branding’ for nearly twenty top companies of India and the list includes names like Birla Corporation Ltd., Parle Products, The Rajasthan Spinning and weaving Mills Ltd., Shree Cement Ltd., Lohia Corp. and many more. His research papers have been published in the reputed journals and have authored three edited book. 

Education provides the foundation for social and cognitive development of an individual

Education remains the backbone of a developing nation. It provides the foundation for an individual’s social and cognitive development. This, in turn, molds their contribution to the well-being of society. I believe that by engaging in this sector, I am able to contribute my part in nurturing young minds to realize their inner potential and use their skill set for the betterment of the society and the nation. 

Our entire system is based on the idea of learning and evolving with our students

Leadership is an important aspect in the domain of education. It is pivotal for the people working with you to have an amicable association with you. In my opinion, I would classify my leadership style to be democratic. Our entire system is based on the idea of learning and evolving with our students. I unwaveringly believe that everyone has a unique approach to perceive a system and we strive to include the participation of every member of our community. We promote a healthy discussion and encourage a steady communication of ideas.

We channelize our student’s mentality to face the challenges of the real world

We believe in preparing our students to face the challenges of the real world. Our track record is evidence of our history in doing so, whether it is our industrial tours or literature fests. Our curriculum and events are diverse to allow students to think out of the box and develop strategic and analytical thinking. This will enable them to evolve into fine decision-makers of tomorrow.

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Our curriculum is curated to ensure the holistic development of our students

Our University offers a wide range of courses and programs. Each of these are designed to ensure the holistic development of a student. We are constantly striving to shift the paradigm from the traditional regimented mode and therefore, embracing the constant changes that are introduced in different parts of the world. As you can see, our academics are driven by focus on higher levels of ‘bloom's Taxonomy’. The outcome has to be different.

Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world

In the words of the great Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”, we truly believe that learning should result in the transformation of a student to envision the betterment of society. We, at Gaur Hari Singhania University, ensure it through our dynamic and industry-oriented curriculum which is delivered by our ‘world-class faculty’. Additionally, we are also the first university to introduce subjects like ‘Robotic Process Automation’, focus on ‘analytics’ and subjects related to ‘liberal arts’.

Our university yields a learning environment for the students belonging to diverse backgrounds

We belong to the JK Organisation, which has a rich legacy of almost 140 years. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and our university provides a perfect academic environment for all students to thrive and learn irrespective of their race or economic background. As an educational institution, our focus is on developing each and every student. We also have foreign faculty members hailing from different parts of the world who aim to bring in their experience and expertise to the students. We welcome all students.

We aim to evolve and grow by embracing the changes with time

The world is ever-evolving and changing. We, as a university, aim to grow and evolve with time. We embrace the change. We make sure our students get enough exposure to adapt to these changing times. Our faculty also aims at reinventing new teaching techniques to keep up with the growing trends in education. In this era of AI and Machine learning, if we learn to perceive the changing environment and adapt to change, we will be able to produce ‘employable graduates’. As the competition is ever-growing, our aim remains to give the students a better edge to ace in their respective domains.

The vision and commitment of the university is to evolve into a place of ‘Next Practices’

We have come a long way. Our Chairman Shri Yadupati Singhania Ji has a vision and commitment towards the youth of India and envisions that the institute must evolve into a place of ‘Next Practices’ in management education. We have been able to align our objectives and ideals to the expectations of the students, parents, industry professionals, academicians. Throughout the process, our faculty and staff are committed to the vision of a breakthrough in management education.

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The near future will focus on inventions that are sustainable and long term

I would like to put forward a message to our upcoming younger generation to strive for excellence in whatever vertical you are in. Looking at the world right now, we have witnessed a 13-year-old becoming ‘CTO’ of the company, major companies like Google hiring young and brilliant minds, irrespective of their educational qualifications.

This point to a significant change in trend, that is, the focus in the future might shift from grades and percentages to the idea of knowledge application. The near future will focus on inventions that are sustainable and long term. Learn as much as you can, and try to use this knowledge in the real world. This will benefit you in order to utilize and bring a positive impact in the lives of others.