Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Vinky Sharma is the Dean of Vidya Knowledge Park. Her educational qualifications include BCA, MBA, and Ph.D. in Human Resource Management. She has been working relentlessly for the last 12 years in the field of education. She has held the positions of HOD, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Lecturer and Faculty cum Research Associate at Jaypee Business School. She has attended a number of workshops on advanced research methods at IIT, AIMA, and various management institutes. Dr. Sharma is also associated with Training and Development for Managers in various organizations.

Her research on e-recruitment focuses on challenges faced by corporate in recruiting the right talent and thereby comes up with the model of Human Resource Supply Chain Management.  Business Communication and Soft Skill training are the other areas of her research and expertise. Dr. Sharma has evolved the pedagogy to teach the theory in the most practical manner and has established Employability Skill Enhancement module where the focus is purely on enhancing the behavioral, managerial, presentation and communication skills of the students to make them employable and industry ready.

Dr. Sharma’s experience in the education industry

For me, working in the education industry is like witnessing the future. Seeing the young generation coming in as raw and moving out as professionals are quite fulfilling. In all these years, I have experienced how the expectations of the students have changed and how the pedagogy has evolved to meet the ends. The best part of the industry is that you are always among the young minds and that makes you feel young as well. On a lighter note, I always say I have a never ending college life.

Dr. Sharma’s philosophy of leadership

As a Dean, I have always practiced participative leadership by inviting inputs from all the faculty members for any decision that is to be made. I believe that every person has pertinent information and with that, we can always reach a consensus. It also makes everyone more liable resulting in an active role in improving the work conditions. 

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Sharma as the Dean of Vidya Knowledge Park

Making everyone happy when you're doing the job right is actually a challenge. There are times when the challenges are institutional and there is a need to make some of the most difficult decisions, every decision will make someone upset.

Dr. Sharma on how her experience as HOD & Lecturer of various other institutes helped her in Vidya Knowledge Park

My experiences have always helped me telling a lot about what’s really important to me. I have always been a self-evaluator and that allows me to review my significant experiences. These experiences give me an insight into my values, beliefs, interests, strengths, and dreams. I strongly believe that it is always more helpful to appreciate your experiences. After all, my experiences have helped in becoming what I am today.

Curriculum of Vidya Knowledge Park

We at VIDYA KNOWLEDGE PARK believe that the true purpose of education is to form ‘Minds’, not just careers. Our education system is made up around the same ideology. From our sensible, brilliant & richly exposed faculties to our pedagogy, the system is well crafted to produce sharp intellectual minds. Our programs prepare students for the real world and offer the opportunity for practical, hands-on experience, internships and projects. Academics at VIDYA keep pace with workplace demands and ensure that students are ‘work ready’ and in touch with what’s expected in a professional environment.

Changes noticed in the Education Industry over the past few years and skill set required by a corporate in a student

A lot has happened in the education industry. From chalkboard teaching to online teaching and from regular teaching to distant education. The overall perception of students as well as parents have changed and is now more inclined towards getting degrees and distinctions than gaining mastery over the subjects. Even after having the most advanced teaching techniques, this unfortunate development has been observed over a period of time.

There is definitely a need to be more practical by providing emphasis on formative assessments like open book tests. Coming up with skill-oriented curriculum to meet up the corporate expectations like communication skills, leadership qualities, digital literacy introduction of value aided certification courses along with professional degrees as well as an industry--academic institution connection through MOU signing is the solution.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Vidya Knowledge Park

We at VIDYA make every effort to put our students on the right career path. We have an excellent record of repetitive placement visits by the country’s top-notch employers resulting in exponential growth in the placement numbers over the years. Consistently breaking our own records and setting new benchmarks of campus placements amongst various institutions in India is our modus operandi. Producing graduates who are well equipped to handle the working conditions and norms of the industry and commerce in the public and the private sectors, has been the primary aim of the college.

VIDYA prepares students for the real world and fulfilling careers. With industry representation, our course continues to keep pace with real-world practice making our students work-ready the moment they graduate. We are proud to establish a rapport of incredible placements. Our students are working in top companies like Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and many more through campus placement all because of our rigorous training and buildup guidance.

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Dr. Sharma on her relation with the students and availability for them

As a Dean or even before that as a Teacher, a positive relationship is one of the fundamental requisitions. This positivity among the teacher-student relationships brings the sense of belonging and promotes cooperation in any deed. I provide no restrictions and therefore there is no fear of failure among the students, as they can openly communicate and experiment their thoughts.  Students can always come to me for any advice and guidance. I in return, provide them with clear expectations. This has always helped me in gaining more trust and understanding by heart.

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Ideal school environment for Dr. Sharma

The ideal school environment is digitally integrated with “SMART’ Learning modules, Project Based Learning with Experiential Exercises so as to ensure World Class Pedagogy. To encourage this, we groom professional aspirants with a great set of VALUES & ETHICS in them. We create leaders. We have a rich academic fraternity with Industry exposure along with our filtered students who contribute to our rich Intellectual Capital. Life at VIDYA is never dull with Technical/ Annual Fests, Fashion Shows & Cultural Extravaganza that is spread around the year. Rigorous Academic Training for the Mind, Sports, and other activities are focused for a healthy Body and Values for a healthy Mind Set.

Top qualities that an aspiring Engineering/Management student must possess

For any course, be it Management or Engineering, the most important quality to become successful is an absolute commitment to the program and to the career goals. Students must have a clear idea of why they want to do this course and what they to do for their career. There must be a strong focus to maximize the program's offerings. Both management and engineering programs are dynamic, so it needs students who can exert across disciplines, with others, and continually adapt to new challenges.

Goals in your mind for Vidya for the next few years

We aim to bring World Class Education on the ground level of reality, be it the education imparted in our school, be it the pedagogy in our graduate courses, be it the exposure and polishing in our postgraduate courses or be it the refining in our Doctoral Programs.

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

Do not run in the rat race; do not run after the certificates or degrees. Knowledge and skills are the ultimate assets. That way you increase your chance of being hired and most importantly being sustained in the company. Rather than worrying about the employability ratio, focus on making yourself employable.