Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Sandeep Pachpande

Dr. Sandeep Pachpande is the Chairman at ASM Group of Institutes. With a vision to provide global standards of education combined with the strength of industry exposure, he has guided and mentored careers of thousands of students.

Dr. Sandeep has done his Senior Executive Leadership Program from the Harvard Business School, Boston, USA and is a Harvard Business School Alumni. He is currently pursuing the Kellogg Executive Scholars Program at Kellogg School of Management. He holds a Ph.D. from one of the top 10 universities of India, University of Pune and he is also an MBA topper from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, and B.E. Computers.

Dr. Sandeep is frequently invited by universities from around the world to deliver keynote address, chair sessions and to share his vision on education. He is a Ph.D. research guide and has presented papers in number of international and national conferences. He has traveled to 30 countries on various assignments, study tours and delegations and is truly global in his thought, words & deeds. He has authored many books on a wide range of subjects, "Case Studies in Management", "Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)”, “Data Mining and Data Warehousing”, “Human Resource Development” & “Marketing Management”.

Dr. Pachpande’s experience at ASM group of Institute and in education industry

I have been very lucky to be born in a family where both my parents (Late Dr. Raghunath R Pachpande & Dr. Asha R Pachpande) have been astute academicians with strong belief that ‘Education Is the Soul of Any Society’. This belief and its acute need has been ingrained in to my vision for life since my student age- which led to my pursuit of excellence in academics as I grew to equip myself with latest and the ‘Best in the World’ knowledge and exposure adequate to fulfill my burning desire and vision to provide best of education at all levels to all in the society through the institutes already established by my parents

Over the previous 2 decades, since I joined ASM group after my post-graduate education in Business Management, I have kept myself busy in creating strategic plans and business models for improving and revamping the pedagogical structure at ASM to have ‘State-of-Art’ Infrastructure, Curriculum with Teaching and Learning methodology comparable to the best in the world.

I have been able to consolidate, integrate and strategically leverage the unique strengths of each of the group institutes creating and branding ASM Group as one, which while following guidelines of the affiliated universities including state and central level regulatory bodies is always a highly preferred place for all looking for educational opportunities right from KG to Ph.D. levels.

Dr. Pachpande’s philosophy of leadership

Persuasion with patience has been one of my leadership attributes but at times I need to drive from the front for issues on priority which gives me to strengthen my qualities of consistency and clarity on group objectives.

I am a believer in people who work for ASM and have a deep sense of satisfaction in ideating on newer projects which my colleagues would definitely handle effectively. My main objective of acquiring a postgraduate degree from reputed LEEDS University at UK was to equip myself with thorough experience and in-depth knowledge of the entire gamut of scope and coverage in terms of meaning and understanding of higher education in business management. This is where my fundamentals and concepts in our abilities and requirements to grow ASM to World Class levels were established and fine-tuned.

My further exposure to Harvard Business School is mainly an attempt to experience the Best in Class pedagogy and to strategically get acquaint with the latest knowledge of global opportunities in higher education as essential strategic inputs to the growth strategies for ASM Group. The Harvard exposure in particular helped enormously in expanding my network and contacts with the best academicians and universities in the world.

Dr. Pachpande’s philosophy of leadership

Major challenges faced by Dr. Pachpande as the Chairman of ASM Group of Institutes

  1. To come out of Risk aversion approach followed at ASM Group for Investments in newer areas.
  2. Opportunities in modern day education (International School from Preschool to High school-EMPROS) and Courses in INNOVATION & IoT, etc.
  3. To locate capable faculty to deliver on latest topics in Data Analytics, Big Data IoT, etc. and to drive new courses and programs such as ASM’s EDGE and PGDM courses.
  4. To develop a core team to identify strategically important projects in higher education and prepare a strategic plan for execution of strategies.
  5. To develop an empowered team for a Strategy Execution.

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Dr. Pachpande on how the students at ASM Group of Institutes are updated with skills required in present industry

ASM offers a ‘Value Package’ to its students. Generically developed and practiced core values are essential and important ingredients for successful careers. These values are practiced as profile features as the students undergo holistic development program under their respective mentors during their entire period of stay and education as ASM students. ASM Group has the following contents in its Value Package offered as a necessary accompaniment to ASM students/Alumni:

ASM Value Package (AVP)
  1. Sincerity
  2. Honesty
  3. Loyalty
  4. Conviction
  5. Commitment
  6. Hard Work & Result oriented Performance

ASM’s experienced faculty offers personalized attention to each and every student to excel in their academic activities using teaching and learning techniques and experiential knowledge gain tools such as case studies, business games, guest lecture from industry experts and industry internships. ASM’s students’ academic excellence is seen through near 100% pass rate with 80% passing in First Class with Distinction. ASM’s Placement records confirm ASM’s Mission of ‘Guaranteed Employment’ for 100% students consistently over years.

Dr. Pachpande on his time management

ASM group has an excellent team which delivers excellence. I believe I am able to manage my time & explore many aspects in Education like attending International conferences, being on State & National level Panel or mentoring New Initiatives, writing Books and many more with the support of my Team at ASM.

Dr. Pachpande’s relation with current student and alumni of ASM

ASM has a very well planned structured and intensive orientation program for each and every fresh batch of students.The main objective of this orientation program is to acquaint all students joining ASM group with all aspects of ASM group including its cultural inheritance and values, its infrastructural facilities along with the academic calendar for the year. During this Orientation program, I meet each and every student to explain ASM Group’s philosophy and its congenial ambience for cross-locational and cultural diversity of its students. I personally lecture the students on few topics of business environment and give assignment on ‘Effective Manager’ developed and articulated by me personally.

I personally drive all student-centric curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year as scheduled. I encourage any student to meet me any time in my office to communicate for any personal or course-based issues.

As regards for ASM’s Alumni, even though they are spread across the entire globe, I make it a point to spend an evening with our Alumni whenever I travel outstation to different locations in India and abroad. Our Alumni participates with equal zeal in our Annual Case Study competitions and International Research Conferences. ASM’s Alumni is a major strength of the group and they are our ambassadors of goodwill and perpetuating ASM’s Values and USPs as a Education Centre.

Dr. Pachpande’s relation with current student and alumni of ASM

Dr. Sandeep on establishing a healthy culture and climate among this diverse family of ASM as students come to study from different parts of the country

Yes, you are right, we have students not only from across the country but also from across the globe; coming from different cultures & backgrounds. We, at ASM, believe in unity in diversity and blend each student into our culture.

Dr. Sandeep on establishing a healthy culture and climate among this diverse family of ASM as students come to study from different parts of the country

Qualities which helped in creating a brand name for ASM Group of Institutes

  1. The sheer nature and variety of situations faced and the consistent success ASM has delivered to all its stakeholders and its brand image through the length and breadth of the country, as a Group of Institutes well known for its values and cherished knowledge provider in all aspects of holistic development of its students is definitely a convincing USP of ASM Group of Institutes
  2. ASM group has more than 60,000 of its Alumni over the past 35 years majority of whom are at senior executive positions in organizations across the World. The constant interaction between the group and its alumni, and between alumni and current and prospective students is something which ASM group is proud of.
  3. ASM has established academic collaborations with well known universities abroad for student and faculty exchange programs, joint research projects, co-certification courses.
  4. ASM group provides a highly personalized ambience on its campuses from the time the student steps on to the campus till he/she gets established in their career.
  5. ASM has specially designed experiential learning tools and techniques and provides opportunities to participate in events again specially designed for opportunities to interact with Industry Executives and in competitions for teamwork and presentation skill.
  6. ASM has a unique holistic developmental and grooming program which is mandated for each of its students which gives a definite winning edge capability for its students guaranteeing preferred placements by well known organizations.
  7. It is seen that quite a few Industries queue up for providing paid internships to ASM students and in majority of the cases, the ASM interns secure regular placement offers from these organizations.
  8. ASM Group of Institutes are strategically located in the vicinity of major Industrial Estates which provides for easy access to interactive opportunities for its students for Internships and placements, besides experienced industry executives find it convenient to associate with the group as guest faculty

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Goals in mind for ASM Group of Institutes for the next few years

  1. I would like to steer the group to be recognized as an Institutes of Eminence and Center of Excellence in the next few years.
  2. A globally recognized group offering best in class education driving creativity and innovation-based course structure with Guaranteed Employability as its USP.
  3. Would like to expand and Internationalize the reach with collaborations with World class Universities and Institutes.

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

The entire focus of growth and sustainability of business today is being driven by Technology, Innovation and Creativity. The only way our youth can follow is to imbibe adequate knowledge and exposure to digital technology and develop creative mindset as they prepare to join the corporate world.

While seeking a lucrative career path, of course there is no alternative to hard work, dedication and personal discipline along with nursing creative mindset and excellence oriented personal performance standards.

I do not see any other alternative to the youth than choosing course of studies as offered by ASM Group which offers them a cutting-edge preference over others for career opportunities along with developing a holistic personality loaded with soft and business skills enabling preferred employability competence.