Gagandeep Singh Kohli is Vice Chairman at Guru Nanak Institutions
Gagandeep Singh Kohli
Vice Chairman, Guru Nanak Institutions

“Command and direct a subject in order to convert him to a leader, where he       doesn’t require further directions and excels at his own.”
-Gagandeep Singh Kohli

Gagandeep Singh Kohli is currently the Vice Chairman of Guru Nanak Institutions. Collegedunia takes immense pride in sharing his thoughtful insights with the youth.

Kindly tell us about your experience in the education industry and what makes it the best industry to work in?

It’s been great to work and be a part of the information evolving and knowledge imparting industry especially the education sector, wherein from the last 20 years we are at the service of the society and nurturing students in the fields of Engineering, Pharmacy, Management and Dentistry. It’s really satisfying when I meet our students who have excelled in their respective chosen fields. The smile on their face and their gratitude, acts as an acknowledgment for our hard work and at the same time motivates to work more in this industry in this direction.

Any significant challenge that you faced as the Vice Chairman of Guru Nanak Institutions?

Being at helm of all affairs, it’s been really challenging and many times nerve wrecking to keep all the things under control and be informed about the important matters. However, managing the human resources – training and retaining - is always the real challenge and we at GNI have succeeded in encountering this challenge by way of giving enough space for the creativity quotient of the employees, giving adequate remuneration, other facilities which will improve their productivity and satisfaction levels.

How does your curriculum ensure best practices of industry?

In order to impart the knowledge in line with the current scenario and curriculum, we have emphasized on the practical training of the students for which we have established 12 Innovation cum Research Centers in the fields of robotics, software development, big data, mobile computing etc. These centers make the students industry ready and which also help the students in getting good placements

What goals do you have in your mind for Guru Nanak Institutions?

Want to see GNI as Global knowledge hub, wherein students from not only India, but from different parts of the world will come and learn innovative things, in order to contribute to the larger interest of the society.

You pride yourself for the level of education and responsibility you teach here to students. How to you ensure the quality of education in your institution?

At all respective levels we have quality assurance system at place. For example, a two-way feedback system - wherein the faculty and students give their feedbacks and vice versa about each other. The outcomes of this exercise are diagnosed and loopholes are tried to fix from the both sides. Similarly, in order to provide the best of the infrastructure and allied services, the leadership positions are manned with the right and industrious people who ensure that system keeps running smoothly.

How do you build a positive school culture or climate?

Regular contact sessions are conducted with the students, faculties and parents to get to know their problems and other concerns which are always addressed on priority basis. This helps in developing the trust factor in all the stakeholders involved.

How do you tend to establish a relation with the students?

Nowadays, the technology has made it easy to be in contact with the students, wherein the students are in touch with me via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, as the case may be. Inspite of my busy schedule, I always try to respond to their queries, if they have any.

How do you look at the growth of students through placement opportunities available at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology? How do you wish to push the envelope further?

We give utmost importance to the placements of our students and for the same we have a dedicated team functioning in Training and Development Cell which takes care of sourcing the leading companies for in campus interview sessions and at the same time make arrangements for imparting the soft skills and other additional trainings which make the students industry ready. In future we are looking forward for tie ups with companies from foreign destinations wherein we can place our students directly in their offshore offices.

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

Command and direct a subject in order to convert him to a leader, where he doesn’t require further directions and excels at his own.

Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

Don’t shirk work and put up your best efforts in whatever you do. The result will come, for sure, sooner or later!