RICS School of Built Environment

Multiple construction projects such as Express Highways, Airports, Sky rises, Metros, Flyover bridges, commercial spaces, etc. are being built massively across India. As per India Today, the construction and infrastructure industry is going to hire nearly 80 million workers by 2020. The employment growth in this sector is estimated to increase by 33% in the next five years and it is predicted that the growth in the Real Estate market will rise up to USD 650 Billion by 2025. The Built Industry Sector is one of the best industries to opt for because of its high intensity growth rate and promises a huge demand for highly qualified, skilled and trained professionals.

The Dilemma is regarding Career Prospects

Nearly thousands of students graduate as Engineers every year in India. One of the most common dilemmas Engineering students face is regarding career prospects. Hence, they start searching for jobs where they realize that they do not have ample choices and are misfit for industry roles. This is a common case with students of Civil and Mechanical engineering background. There are few jobs available in the market and many students end up doing an entry level job irrelevant to their interest meanwhile, some students wait for an appropriate opportunity. Even if they do get placed with a job of their choice the career progression is at a slow pace due to lack of higher education and updated skills. Apart from that there is an intense competition for senior level designations. To move ahead towards higher positions like managerial roles, possessing only technical knowledge alone is not sufficient. Engineers who have both technical as well as management skills are high in demand among the hiring companies. This is the time when the need for higher education like Specialized MBA arises.

Pursuing MBA is the Best Option

Specialized MBAs can not only help to provide excellent job opportunities but also increase knowledge on various management aspects that can add a value to the technical skills of an Engineer. Pursuing an MBA for a Civil and Mechanical Engineering graduate is the best option as they already have a detailed exposure of technical skills compared to other stream engineering graduates. This gives them an edge over the others enabling bright career opportunities and attractive salary packages. However, graduates with specialized MBA’s are more efficient and in demand in comparison to general MBA degree holders.

Courses like MBA in Real estate & Urban Infrastructure cover various aspects of management, finance, marketing and infrastructure. It gives a detailed exposure on topics like Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Valuation and Finance, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management, Real Estate Development, Corporate Law, etc. making students industry ready and transforming their overall personalities. MBA graduates can work at higher roles such as Real Estate Developers, Consultancy Firms, Construction Firms, Infrastructure Developers, Architecture Firms etc. in reputed MNCs wherein they can unleash their true potential. One such institute offering a diverse course curriculum and training is RICS School of Built Environment. RICS SBE is globally recognized and also offers globally accredited degrees. It is well known for providing best quality education, world class expert faculties, campus placements, industry relevant programs, internship programs, course curriculum that covers all the components of the built environment. RICS SBE provides many specialized BBA and MBA programs and trains students thoroughly so that they transform into leaders once they step out in the real world.