Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Jitendra Patidar, Assistant Professor and HoD, ECE, PIEMR

Mr. Jitendra is currently working in Prestige Institute of Engineering Management & Research, Indore as an Asst. Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering department since Aug. 2010.

Mr. Jitendra’s academic qualification include M.Tech. (Digital Communication); BE (Electronics & Communication) from Acropolis Institute of technology research, Indore (RGPV Bhopal technical university) and schooling from Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Shajapur (MP BOARD).

Mr. Jitendra’s experience in the education sector

I am highly privileged to work in the education sector. The teaching profession is one of the most noble professions. We create the engineers for tomorrow which will serve our nation and that is a matter of immense pleasure for me.

Mr. Jitendra’s teaching style

I usually prefer to create a healthy atmosphere in the classroom. I make sincere efforts that the students do not hesitate in asking doubts. At the same time, I also ensure that the decorum of the class is maintained. I try to learn new things from students periodically to keep their enthusiasm intact.

Prestige Institute of Engineering Management & Research, Indore

Message for the current youth

Projects are an important part not only of the curriculum but also in the students’ future life. I motivate the students to undertake various projects and publish their work in refereed journals. My message for the current youth is that the youth of today is the manpower of tomorrow and hence the students should try to make projects for the betterment of the society.

Changes in the education industry noticed by Mr. Jitendra over the years

In the education stream change is the only permanent. With the change in technology, the advancement in the curriculum has brought in a lot of changes in the education system. Though the change is positive, it takes some time to adapt to it.

Changes incurred by Mr. Jitendra in his department’s curriculum to make sure the students are well versed in the best industry practices

We take the students to regular industrial visits in top companies like VBSNL, Doordarshan, Aakash Vani, ISRO and the list is infinite. We also conduct a lot of expert talks from eminent industrialists to make the student's company ready.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at PIEMR, Indore

The placement opportunities in our college are one of the best in Indore. The students are placed in companies like Reliance Jio, Ericson, Nokia Networks, IBM, Capgemini, Accenture and many others. The average placement record of our department is above 60%.

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Challenges faced by Mr. Jitendra in PIEMR all these years

Though the management is very co operative, the change in curriculum on a regular basis possess a major challenge. The students too came up with a variety of problems which need to be tackled with utmost care. Sometimes parents show their rigidity towards certain college policies which give major challenges.

Mr. Jitendra on how has he assessed the effectiveness of teaching and learning in PIEMR, Indore

At PIEMR Indore, we strive to give the students best of the facilities and environment. Teaching is a continuous evaluation process and hence we discuss the challenges that our faculties face and its solutions.

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Strategies in mind for the students of his department for the next few years

Co cubes has provided us with a massive tool to evaluate students and make them placement ready. Along with it, we are making Moodle as a tool to keep up with the notes and quizzes on a regular basis.

Prestige Institute of Engineering Management & Research, Indore

Message for the youth who aspire to be young leaders

Our country being a developing country, the youth of today will play a prime role in making it a developed country. The youth of today should not fall for any malpractices or wrong habits and must inculcate the preachings of teachers and parents to be successful in their lives.