Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George, Principal of St. Claret College

Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George is the Principal of St. Claret College. His educational qualification includes Doctorate (DBA) from St. Ambrose University, USA in the year 2006; UGC NET in Business Administration; M.Phil from Kamaraj University, MBA from Christ college, Bangalore University; B.A from Bangalore University and PG

Prior to joining St. Claret College, Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George has served at Indian Province of Claretian Congregation, Bangalore, for 2 years. He has been the Principal of St. Claret College, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, Director of Claretian Provincial House, Bangalore; and has also served in MUKTI, an NGO for uplift of tribals (Andhra Pradesh) as the Assistant Director.

He has various articles published in different books and has also attended several seminars and conferences.

Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George’s experience in the education industry

What makes education field special is that it is the field where we contribute directly to the lives of students. When I am in education, I am able to touch the lives of students by imparting values and excellence. That makes the field of education more exciting for me.

Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

A leader is someone who inspires. My leadership policy is to inspire others and lead from the front. Only when I am convinced of something I go forward and try to implement that. Also, wide consultations make the team members to understand that they are part of the decision making.

Changes in the education industry witnessed by Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George over these years

The field of education is changing for good. There is more importance given to research work and the stringent rules with plagiarism encourages the original thinkers to publish more. I am happy that India is also moving along this line of no tolerance to plagiarism which is good for research. Today education is also becoming global. More online courses conducted by renowned universities across the globe and MOOC courses bring education to your doorsteps where ever you are. This is good for humanity.

Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George’s relationship with the students

My door is open for students to come and discuss matters pertaining to the student community. I am strict with principles and values of the institution and I see to it that college follows that. At the same time, there is understanding when it comes to mistakes as it is the learning phase of students. Where we need to be strict we need to be strict, and where we need to be friendly, we need to be. That is my policy.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at St. Claret College

St. Claret College has a good placement office which takes care of the training and placement of students. All those students who are eligible and who need to be placed are helped to get placement. We augment curriculum with add-on courses, and workshops conducted all through the year. We have regular Institution-Industry Interface to know what is required of the students to be placed in good companies.

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Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George on how St. Claret College stands apart from other institutions

St. Claret College has grown on account of good planning by able leadership. I was a student here from 1985-87 and 2003-05. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds mainly because it got good leaders with imagination, creativity, and passion for education.

Changes brought in the curriculum of St. Claret College, Bangalore

Since St. Claret College is an affiliated college of Bangalore University, we don't have sufficient freedom to change the curriculum. So, what we do is to supplement the curriculum with add-on programs, workshops, seminars, and additional courses. We constantly monitor the needs of the industry and accordingly decide on the courses to be offered to students.

Dr. (Fr.) Sabu George on how they prepare students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

The frequent Institution-Industry Interface that happens in all the departments really helps St. Claret College to prepare students to face the industry with confidence. We give importance in training the students to be value based citizens and instil in them confidence. As our students are trained to face the challenges of modern organizations, the transition is smooth. The number of students working in top challenging organizations vouch for this fact.

Goals in mind for St. Claret College for the next five years

Academically, I want St. Claret College to be autonomous within the next 5 years. We want to start new courses which are relevant for students and that are in demand in the industry. We also want to start more outreach and extension programs for the development of the society.

St. Claret College

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Today I find that many youngsters do not have clarity about their goals in life. Only when they are clear about what they want to become in life, there is purposefulness in life and they would be focussed. Also, today's youth need to adhere to ethical principles. I find that there is not enough emphasis given to this many times. Also, youngsters need to understand that there is no shortcut to success other than doing hard work.