Educational institutes in India were long overdue for a revamping that would practically bring them at par with world class institutes. This has been accomplished in the last five years, where we can witness the rise of Private Universities which use modern and innovative technology and are providing Indian students with a world-class education.

What started as a humble group of just 14 Private Universities in 2002 had grown up to 160 universities all affiliated to UGC in a span of just five years. What contributed to such an amazing growth in such a small period of time? …Let’s have a look.

Private Universities were initiated to get a grip on the technically advanced syllabus, skills, structure and in-depth teaching methodology needed to replace the prosaic routine of ordinary college level teaching. What made the private university a great place to study was the vision of their senior scholars and industry leaders who observed that the graduates coming from most government recognized colleges were wholly unaware of the realities & challenges that spring up in the real world. It needed significant amounts of resources viz time, money etc. to train them and get them up to par with current industrial trends.

In these new universities, students usually were taught a unique syllabus by teachers coming from the renowned institutes of the country. Teachers were transformed into mentors for imparting efficient and relevant education.

Based in Nasik, Sandip University is a world-class university in every sphere. Spread in an area of 250 acres, the University has numerous colleges catering to fulfill the needs of students in various specializations. Not only does it impart quality education, but also aims at providing an overall development program to the student by organizing workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and much more. This university with its efficient placement cell has a track record of providing 100% job placement to their students in several local, small, medium and multinational level companies.