Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University, Jabalpur has released the results for its UG and PG courses online on the official website Candidates can download the MPMSU Result 2021 available in PDF format. 

It is necessary for the students to pass in both external and internal assessments. Students unable to qualify the exams have to clear the back papers in the next MPMSU examination. The back papers must be cleared within the limited number of attempts provided by the University.

MPMSU Admission 2021

MPMSU Result 2021: Direct Links

Exam Name Course Release Date Direct Link
Results of DMLT Main Mar20,
BSc 1Y M-S W-H Feb20,
BSc 2Y M-S W-H Feb20,
PBBSc 1Y M-S W-H Jan20,
BSc 1Y W-H Feb19 & MPT 2Y Main Revised Jan18
DMLT/B.Sc/PBBSc March 15, 2021 Click Here
Results of PGDRP 1st Sem Main Nov20,
BHMS Final Year Pending Reval Sep20,
BSc 3rd Year Pending Reval Feb19 & BUMS 1st Year Summer Pending Reval Aug19
PGDRP/BHMS/B.Sc March 08, 2021 Click Here
Results of BOT 1Y M-S Main Jan20,
BSc 2Y M-S W-H Feb20,
PBBSc 1Y M-S W-H Jan20,
MBBS Final Part-I Revised Mar20,
MBBS 2nd Prof Winter Pending Reval Mar19,
MBBS 2nd Prof Summer W-H Sep19,
BSc 4Y Reval Feb20 & BSc 4Y W-H Feb20
BOT/B.Sc/PBBSc/MBBS March 06, 2021 Click Here
Results of MBBS 2 Prof RevalOct20,
PBBSC 2M-S W-HJan20,
BSc1M-S W-HFeb20,
BHMS3Pending RevalJan20,
BSc2M-S W-HFeb20,
DXRT W-HNov18,
DMLT W-HNov18,
BUMS2Summer W-HSep19,
BHMS1Summer Pending RevalAug19 & BSc4W-HFeb20
Results of BMLT 1Y M-S Main Jan20,
BAMS 2Y Main Oct20,
BHMS 1Y Pending Reval Jan20,
BSc 2Y M-S W-H Feb20,
BHMS 2Y Reval Sep20,
BSc 1Y M-S W-H Feb20,
BXRT 1Y M-S Reval Jan20,
BUMS 2Y Reval Sep20,
BUMS 3Y Reval Jan20 & CCCH Main Jun-Nov20
BMLT/BAMS/BHMS/B.Sc/BXRT/BUMS February 24, 2021 Click Here
BPT 1st Y M-S W-H Jan20
BSc 2nd Y M-S W-H Feb20
PBBSc 1st Y M-S W-H Jan20
BSc 1st Y M-S W-H Feb20
BPT/B.Sc/PBBSc February 19, 2021 Click Here

BSc 1st Y M-S W-H Feb20 
BOT 4th Y Main Mar20
BUMS 1st Y Reval Jan20
PBBSc 1st Y M-S W-H Jan20

B.Sc/BOT/BUMS/PBBSc February 19, 2021 Click Here 

BSc 4th Y W-H Feb20
PBBSc 2nd Y M-S W-H Jan20 
BHMS 1st Y W-H Jan20 
BUMS Final Y Reval Sep20
MD Homeopathic Part-II Revised Nov20
BSc 3rd Y M-S Revised Feb20 
BSc 1st Y M-S W-H Feb20

B.Sc/PBBSc/BHMS/BUMS/MD Homeopathic February 16, 2021 Click Here

MD Homeopathic Part-I Main Nov20
MD Homeopathic Part-II Main Nov20 
MDS Main Nov20
BPT 4Y Revaluation Mar20 
BHMS 2Y W-H Sep20 
BSc 4Y W-H Feb20 
BSc 2Y M-S W-H Feb20  
BSc 1Y W-H Feb19

MD Homeopathic/MDS/BPT/B.Sc February 12, 2021 Click Here
BAMS 1st Y Reval Jan20
PBBSc 1st Y M-S Main Jan20
BSc 2nd Y M-S W-H Feb20, Paramedical Diploma Revised Nov18
BHMS Final Y Reval Sep20, BSc 1st Y W-H Feb19
BSc 2nd Y Pending Reval Feb19
BSc 1st Y M-S W-H Feb20
BAMS/PBBSc/B.Sc/BHMS February 10, 2021 Click Here
BHMS Final Year W-H Result Sep20
BSc 3rd Year M-S W-H Result Feb20 
BDS 3rd Year Main Result Dec20
BHMS/BDS/B.Sc February 10, 2021 Click Here
MBBS Final Part-I Revised Mar20
BSc 1st Y M-S Revised & W-H Feb20
BSc 2nd Y W-H Feb19
BSc 2nd Y Pending Reval Feb19
BSc 2nd Y M-S Revised Feb20
BSc 1st (Supply) W-H Dec17 to Jan18
MBBS/B.Sc February 08, 2021 Click Here
BHMS 3rd Year Reval Result Jan 20
BSc 3rd Year Main-Supply Revised Result Feb 20
BHMS/B.Sc February 05, 2021 Click Here
BSc 1st Y M-S W-H Feb 20
BHMS Final Y Revised Sep 20
MBBS Final Part-I W-H Mar 20
B.Sc/BHMS/MBBS February 03, 2021 Click Here
BSc 1st Y M-S W-H Feb20
BHMS 1st Y Reval Jan20
BSc 1st Y W-H Feb19
BSc 4th Y W-H Feb20
BUMS Final W-H Sep20
BSc 3rd Y M-S W-H Feb20
BPT 1st Y M-S W-H Jan20 & BSc 1st Y Revised Feb18
B.Sc/BHMS/BUMS/BPT February 01, 2021 Click Here
BSc 3rd Year M-S Pending Reval Feb 20,
BDS 2nd Year (Special) Pending Reval Apr 19 & BUMS Final Year W-H Sep 20
B.Sc/BDS January 28, 2021 Click Here
PG Deg MD-MS Nov20,
PG Dip Nov20,
BSc 4W-H Feb20,
BSc 3M-S W-H Feb20,
BSc 3M-SPending Reval Feb20 RV,
BSc 1M-S W-H Feb20,
MSc 2M-S W-H Jan20,
PBBSc 2M-S W-H Jan20,
BSc1W-H Feb19,
BAMS 1SW-H Aug19,
BSc 2M-S W-H Feb20,
MPTRevised Dec19&BHMS 3Revised Jan20
PG/PG Diploma/ B.Sc/M.Sc/PBBSc/BAMS/MPT January 25, 2021 Click Here
BHMS 2nd Year Sep 20,
PGDRP Main Nov 20 & BSc 1st Year (Main-Supply) With-Held Feb 20
BHMS/PGDRP January 20, 2021 Click Here
MBBS 2nd Prof Oct 20,
PBBSc 2nd Year Main-Supply With-Held Jan 20,
MPT Revised Dec 19,
BDS 3rd Year (Summer) Revised Oct 19 & BDS 3rd Year (Summer) Revised Reval Oct19
MBBS/PBBSc/MPT/BDS January 19, 2021 Click Here
BUMS 2Y Sep20,
BDS 1Y Summer UFM Aug19,
BDS 3Y Summer UFM Oct19,
BAMS 2Y UFM Dec18,
BXRT 1Y W-H Nov18,
NPCC 1Y Oct20,
BSc 3Y M-S Reval Feb20,
MSc 2Y M-S W-H Jan20,
PBBSc 2Y M-S W-H Jan20 & BSc 3Y M-S W-H Feb20
BUMS/BDS/BAMS/BXRT/NPCC/B.Sc/M.Sc/PBBSc January 14, 2021 Click Here
MD Naturopathy Yoga-Acupuncture & Energy Medicine 1Y Dec19,
PBBSc 2Y M-S W-H Jan20,
BSc 3Y M-S Revised Feb20,
BSc 3Y M-S W-H Feb20,
BSc 1Y W-H Feb19,
BPT 4Y Revised Mar20,
MPT Dec19,
BUMS Final Y Sep20 & MSc 2Y M-S W-H Jan20
MD Naturopathy Yoga-Acupuncture & Energy Medicine/PBBSc/B.Sc/BPT/MPT/BUMS January 14, 2021 Click Here
BSc 1Y M-S Feb20,
PBBSc 2Y M-S W-H Jan20,
BSc 1Y W-H Feb19,
BUMS 1Y W-H Jan20,
BSc 3Y M-S W-H Feb20,
BAMS 1Y (Special) Revised Feb19,
BAMS 1Y (Special) Revised Reval Feb19,
BDS 4Y Supply Reval Mar20,
BSc 2Y M-S W-H Feb20 & BSc 4Y W-H Feb20
B.Sc/PBBSc/BAMS/BDS January 14, 2021 Click Here
BSc 4 Y W-H Feb 20,
BMLT 1 Y Revised Nov 18,
MSc 1 Y Pending Reval Mar 19,
BSc 2 Y Main-Supply W-H Feb 20,
BSc 3 Y Main-Supply W-H Feb 20,
BSc 1 Y W-H Feb 19 & BHMS 2 Y Summer Pending Reval Aug 19
B.Sc/BMLT/M.Sc January 14, 2021 Click Here
MBBS Final Part 1 Reval Mar20,
BAMS 3 Reval Jan20,
BSc 3 M-S W-H Feb20,
BSc 4 W-H Feb20,
BSc 2 M-S W-H Feb20,
BUMS 1 W-H Jan20,
BHMS 3 R Jan20,
BSc 2 W-H Feb19,
BSc 2 Pending-Reval Feb19,
BMLT 1 W-H Nov18,
BHMS 1 S Pending-Reval Aug19 &
BSc 4 R Feb20
MBBS/BAMS/B.Sc/BUMS/BHMS/BMLT January 14, 2021 Click Here

MPMSU Result 2021: How to Check Online?

Students who appeared for the University examination can follow the steps below to check MPMSU Result 2021.

Step 1: Visit the official MPMSU website,

Step 2: Click on the result bar on the homepage and you will be redirected to the results portal

Step 3: Select your course and click on ‘Download’ to check the PDF


Step 4: Click on the URL available in the sheet

Step 5: Enter the enrollment number, exam series and exam type

Download the result in pdf format and take a print.MPMSU Result

MPMSU Result 2021: Details Mentioned

When checking the MPMSU Result, the students should check the following details:

  • Students Name
  • Fathers’ Name
  • IA Marks
  • EA Marks
  • Grand Total
  • Result
  • Grace Marks

MPMSU Result Revaluation 2021

In case the students are not satisfied with their MPMSU result, they can apply for revaluation. Following section gives the detail regarding how to apply for revaluation.

Step 1: Open the Student Login Portal

Step 2: Enter your user id and password and login.

Step 3: Click on ‘Apply for photocopy/revaluation’

Step 4: Click on View and select the subjects which you want to be revaluated

Step 5: Pay the revaluation fees and check the details

Step 6: Click on ‘Submit’ 

The revaluation forms will be approved by the ‘principal login’. Download the copy of the revaluation form and click on print.