Established in 2017, SRM University had the vision to emerge as a world-class university. The School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences (SLABS), established in 2018 offers BA, BBA, B.Com and B.Sc programs across 12 different disciplines. SLABS aims to develop a multi-dimensional thought process and problem-solving skills amongst students of SRM Amaravati which helps them to tackle the complex issues and challenges faced in the world. As the name suggests, the focus will be on professional education with a Liberal Arts bent. The training helps students to develop a multi-dimensional, creative, and innovative methodology towards tackling real-life problems.

Even as universities globally are focusing on offering more courses in Liberal Arts, the industry is favoring candidates with a background in Liberal Arts. SLABS has positioned itself to be a game changer in the field of Liberal Arts education, and these enabling factors will act as a tailwind:

‘IDEAL’ flexibility

A SLABS student has the option to take up departmental or general electives and carve a unique learning experience suitable to his/her interests under the Inter-Disciplinary Experiential Active Learning (IDEAL) model. He/she also has the choice of opting for Minors during the 3-year course duration to establish expertise in 2 different fields. These fields can be completely unrelated, which simultaneously help students to indulge in different interests and build diverse perspectives. For example, a student of Computer Science can go for a specialization in a topical field such as Artificial Intelligence while doing a minor in History.

True multi-disciplinary environment

Being part of SRM University helps SLABS to benefit from a truly multi-disciplinary learning environment. Apart from the diversity of the courses offered at SLABS, students also benefit from interacting with faculty, students, and visiting experts in the fields of Philosophy, Engineering, and Applied Sciences. These unmatched interactive opportunities offer students exposure to diverse fields, which is the whole ethos of Liberal Arts education.

Global tie-ups

Liberal Arts education is a relatively new concept for India but has a long and established history in Western countries. SRM University has formed strategic partnerships with top Universities from around the world like MIT (Massachusetts), Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago), UC Berkley (California), EFREI (France) with the aim to provide students with the knowledge and skill-set which is at par with the global standards. The tie-ups will facilitate student and faculty exchange programs, curriculum building, and knowledge exchange.


SLABS is located in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India’s most promising city. The opportunity to study here will come with a chance to see a cosmopolitan, planned city, develop and thrive in front of your eyes. This has to be one of the unique opportunities for any student in India today.

Legacy and experience

Although SRM University, Amaravati was established recently, it is part of a legacy dating back to 1969. In 2006, the institute was granted the status of a full-fledged university. By 2015, the University had expanded to three different cities, viz. Chennai, Haryana, and Sikkim. Its latest feather in the cap is SRM University, Amaravati, AP.