Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Anuj Mangal, Vice Chairman of Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology

Mr. Anuj Mangal is Trustee and Vice-Chairman of Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology and has established various Institutions under its banner since 2002.

Mr. Anuj has completed his Graduation in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) from Delhi University in the year 1988. He is a member of Jaipur Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India Limited as well.

Mangalmay is conducting various AICTE/Govt. approved programs viz., B. Tech., MBA, B.Sc. (Bio-Technology) & M.Sc. (Biotechnology) and B.Ed., under his able guidance. Mangalmay is ranked 21st amongst the best schools in Delhi NCR by Business India.

Mr. Anuj Mangal’s experience in the education industry

My experience in the education industry has been wonderful.  Over a period of time, I have learned a lot about how to convert raw talent into thorough professionals.  This is what separates this industry from all other industries.  Our product, the student, is a live product.  We are able to see how well he/she is contributing to the industry in particular and society in general.  This is immensely satisfying, that is why education industry is the best industry to work in.

Mr. Anuj Mangal’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

For me, leadership means inspiring and directing others to achieve the institutional goals.  My leadership style is very free-flowing in the sense that I encourage people to be themselves and voice their concerns and suggestions freely in the interest of the institution.

Significant challenges faced as the Vice Chairman of Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology

Faculty is the backbone of education industry. There is a declining trend among professionals to join this industry due to various reasons.  To get high-quality faculty is the biggest challenge we face.

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Importance of time management according to Mr. Anuj Mangal

It is very important to strike a balance between professional and personal life and for this Time Management is very important.  I get up at 5.30 am and after going through Yoga session, I settle down in my study for charting out days plans etc.  Starting the day early leaves me with a lot of time in office for meetings and other work.

Curriculum in Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology

We have to follow the university curriculum strictly but to ensure best industry practices, we run some add-on courses.


Growth of students through placement opportunities available at MIMT

Through campus placement opportunities, we are able to place more than 93% of our students in blue-chip companies.  With every passing year, the package offered to our students is rising.  To push the envelope further, we are pursuing the two-pronged strategy.  On the one hand, we are providing our students with maximum industry exposure through summer internship and project work and on the other hand, we are trying to rope in big brands for campus drive.

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Relationship with the students, being the Vice Chairman of the Institution

During office hours, students can meet me by taking a prior appointment and also on my own, I interact with students in the small group to know their views on various issues related to them and the institution.

Ideal school environment according to Mr. Anuj Mangal

The ideal school environment for me is the one where the students are given freedom to explore new ideas and also there are free flow and exchange of ideas.  To ensure this culture we inculcate a sense of responsibility among students.

Goals do you have in your mind for your institution for the next few years

In the coming years, our aim is to become the most sought-after institution in the region.