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Modern Group of Institute- [MGI], Indore

Modern Group of Institute- [MGI], Indore

Indore, Madhya Pradesh AICTE | Estd 2007 Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore Private

Inspiring students for a blossoming career by making them subject matter experts

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Modern Group of Institute

Dr. Punit Kumar Dwivedi is currently Group Director of Modern Group of Institutions, Indore. He talks about his inspiration to choose the education domain and highlights upon his leadership style. Highlighting upon the practical oriented pedagogy by the college, the college put in all efforts to provide necessary resources and exposure to the students. He explains the vision to teach each student and to make sure that students become a better person. In the later segment he talks about the challenges and why traditional methodology will not work in an ever evolving environment. On a concluding note he asks students to take suggestions from their teachers and professors and develop skills in all domains.

I was inspired to be in the education domain due to the background of my family 

The way I was brought up seeing my family belonging to the education sector always inspired me and since I came from this background, I have had a connection since my childhood and my elder Brother Dr. Amit K Dwivedi, Faculty, EDII motivated me to enter into academics.

 I wanted to be in the defense sector but as I grew up and realized my attitude, that I want to learn every possible thing, made me realize that going in the defense sector will somehow narrow my learning abilities. If I enter the education sector my knowledge will become vast and holistic, which I always aspire to have, also I feel that a teacher could be the best nation builder. Teaching is a very noble job and I feel that teachers are not ordinary; they can create or exploit the future of society. 

Leadership for me is solely paternalistic and the key for this is involvement

Leadership for me is solely paternalistic and the key for this is involvement. I like to be involved around my environment whether it's my students, my organizations, team or anyone else. If I am involved with them then I would be aware of pros and cons of each and every factor. It would enable them to lead and they will definitely follow up to my expectations.

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Each one of us holds the authority and accountability for the betterment of our college 

I never bound myself as a director of the institution, rather I was involved in every planning and execution. I am blessed with the wonderful team who do below the line activities and do every possible thing, which are benefitting the institution. We sit together and discuss every dimension of action plan and execute the optimal one after all of us agrees to it. We feel each one of us holds the authority and accountability for the betterment of our college and if anyone gets some innovative idea, we do appreciate them.

We put in all our efforts to provide necessary resources and exposure to the students 

India holds the third position in the largest higher education system, which I believe can be due to constant innovation and the willingness to deliver more. And here we try our level best to deliver every possible aspect to them, which will give them more exposure and real-life experience which will be like 360-degree appraisal for them. We are blessed with a campus near a famous hospital so that students can visit there and have practical experience. 

We are morally bound to support the education for the economically backward students 

I joined this institution with the sole purpose of giving the privilege and education to lower economic background students or the students belonging from rural areas. A student with a strong background can take world class education easily but the one with slightly lower economic background can be limited in their own areas and somehow their education also becomes limited. If treated well, they can do wonders. Thus, I encourage students of different races and backgrounds to exchange culture and have better belonging between them. We never put barriers in their mind among them, we treat all the students equally and always be involved among them so if they are going through any issue then we would be there to solve it.

I want to make sure that my students become a better person in their lives 

I believe to make my students a better person in their life by giving them all round knowledge so that in future, even if we are not there to guide them, they would be capable enough to conquer each and every life battle. For the college, I believe my inclines towards it and make it in a better position than we held yesterday, to develop our institutions and to bring innovation in our system and curriculum so that people do remember it as one of the desiring institutions to study in.

I want to make the vision of my students come true by preparing them in all domains 

I came with a vision to serve the college in every possible way, make certain changes to make it a memorable college for every stakeholder, and to help those children who came from a slightly lower background and face difficulties in grabbing higher education. I want to teach them to make them capable enough. I am trying to bring certain changes which are making domain specific employees by exchanging tasks and activities which will give cross dimensional knowledge to everyone.

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We are always involved as a team throughout the journey of our students 

We act as a team and each member of our team is proactive and feel accountable for every activity. We as a group do everything and the way we treat our students is rare, we are always involved with them throughout their journey and even when they leave our institution we still are connected. Whenever any student feels any kind of challenge we always are there to ensure it that they are not taking it alone. 

The traditional methodology will not work as the world is changing dynamically everyday

World is changing everyday, we cannot be ready for all the time and the traditional method will not work now. This is the main challenge as we are always evolving and a certain concept won’t help students to conquer in life. Thus, we should be always ready to learn, we are learning through storytelling, learning through activities, games, team playing exercises. If we are not communicating with each students properly like what they have to do, examinations which are going to come very soon but classes are not going on because there is no interaction and physical presence of students and teachers, these online application and video conferencing method did a great job and even the students who are not able to come, like students who are working and doing their MBA so they are also getting benefit and can learn through these apps and virtual modes and get benefit. So if you are not an innovator and not able to do innovative things and implement innovation in practical things like for us its teaching and academic environment then the good students will not get benefit from us. Also we should accept and appreciate the changes in the society and do precautionary measures.

A teacher is always ready to give suggestions and provide solutions

A teacher is always ready to give some suggestions and provide the solutions. We focus on particular subjects. We are developing students and try to make them subject matter experts. This brings innovation in the society as they are studying what they love. The Cross departmental knowledge so that we can guide others. In pharmacy and science sector we can see that they are good innovators but they are not able to sell as they are lacking marketing skills so I like to cross two departments so that he/she could have both the skill set in him/her

We are preparing students to give cross disciplinary knowledge for their holistic development

We are planning to merge the knowledge of students and give them cross subjects knowledge, we are having many courses and so we can prepare our students as per the companies. When a student gets recruited in a company then he/she goes through an induction period and learns basic knowledge. Later on the majority of them are not able to match their vibe with the organization as they don’t find their job exciting enough as they don’t have interest in that. Thus, we thought of giving that basic knowledge to them now so that they can decide upon which industry/sector they want to go for where they are having interest and prosper. 

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