Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Prof. (Dr.)  Sanyam Agarwal, Director & Advisor of ACE College of Engineering and Management

Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam Agarwal has worked as a marketing executive for three years, as a professor for three years and nine months, and is currently working as the Director and Advisor at ACE College of Engineering and Management.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam’s educational qualification include Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam’s experience in the education industry

It has been a tremendous experience. After my graduation, I joined the IT industry and worked there for seven years in the field of marketing from marketing executive to Country Head. There I even got chance to communicate with a variety of people on different aspects of products, services and a lot more. My start in the education industry was in a really very different environment where I got a chance to enhance my teaching skills, learning skills and technical skills. Updating the knowledge base has been a very wonderful experience, just to cater for the project-based learning because the scenario is changing from day to day basis. So yes, one has to keep pace with the ongoing system and a change of policies in the education system is highly required. We have to make a skilled capable workforce and more efforts are required to do so.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

A leader always leads from the front and motivates its team to do better every day. As a Director of ACE, I think that there are a lot many challenges regarding students and their concerns. It is not only making them highly skilled but also presentable and sensible human beings with a strong value system, giving them practical hands-on experience. Also, training the students means conducting their training in various industrial setup and calling experts from the industry and to bridge up the gap between the academia and the industry both. So, we are working to know what are their present demands and how do you make your students more employable and to get them placed in some reputed companies. We hope for some good results in the time to come.

Significant challenges faced by Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam as the Director of ACE College of Engineering and Management

Challenges are our best mentors. They teach us something good. In ACE, the biggest challenge is with the mental block of the students and of course, our team members in terms of HODs provides full support so we can create better engineers for the society and the corporate sector too.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam on importance of time management in his life

When your target is in front of you, time management is the only tool that helps to ensure success or convert your effort into success. I divide my time into different aspects. It starts with students communication to policy development and execution.

Curriculum at ACE College of Engineering and Management

We are trying to put more efforts on practical knowledge of students.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at ACE College of Engineering and Management

We are providing good facilities and of course, it is our major concern too. We are working hard for it. In the same direction, we have established first Mahindra Forcs Center in our Institute, where mechanical engineers will get training in Mahindra Truck and Bus Division and further will be occupied on the roll by the company.

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Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam’s relationship with the students at ACE College of Engineering and Management

Our first and foremost priority is to listen to the students’ needs. My office is always open for the students. Whatever are their genuine requirements, we try to fulfil those requirements. If they are weak in a particular subject, we just arrange extra classes for them for those particular subjects. Our faculty members and our HODs never say no to such type of demands from the students. Whether it is on any front, be it sports or extra cultural activities. We want to groom our students and make them balanced. We want to sharpen their skills and make them all-rounders.

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Ideal school environment according to Prof. (Dr.) Sanyam and how he encourages that kind of culture at ACE College of Engineering and Management

The ideal environment in the ACE and its constituent colleges shall be one which is congenial and conducive to the transaction of knowledge and skills. Here, all authority should be decentralized so that everyone has a sense of involvement and identification with the organization. No one should feel neglected. However, the delegation should also be accompanied by accountability so that the use of authority does not become arbitrary or it is put to misuse.

The environment should be such that promotes a spirit of cooperation and goodwill among the staff. The stress should be on cooperation rather than on competition. No one should feel that he/she has been unjustly treated. It is necessary for the leader not only to be impartial but also to appear to be impartial.

Groupism, backbiting, cribbing and such other divisive tendencies weaken the organization and tend to defeat its aims and objects. First of all, all the workers should feel that what is good for the organization is good for them also. Opportunities, therefore, should be provided where the workers, irrespective of status, off and on come together and indulge in some celebration and merrymaking to strengthen the bonds among them.    

ACE College of Engineering and Management

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Choose your career by your ability and choice, not by force. Work hard and hard and hard and you will be successful.