Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Kuldip S Charak

Dr. Kuldip S Charak is currently working as Director, Faculty of Management at Navsahydari Group of Institutes, Pune. His educational qualifications include B.Com., PG Diploma Pers. Management, Diploma in Labour Laws, Diploma in Information & System Management, MBA and Ph.D. in HR Management.

Dr. Charak has previously worked as Director, SNG Inst. of Management & Research, Pune; General Manager of Manufacturing Unit in Pune for 2 years and Civilian Gazetted Officer in Ministry of Defence in various positions at various places across the country for around 27 years including Core Training Faculty in one of the elite training establishments under Defence Accounts Deptt.

Apart from this, Dr. Charak has also been a soft skills trainer. His numerous research papers have been published in reputed national/international journals. he is a lifetime member of All India Management Association, New Delhi.

Dr. Charak’s experience in the education industry

My journey in this industry has been quite interesting so far and that’s what makes me work harder every day and enjoy its results. Every industry has its own challenges and the education industry is not alien to it.

Dr. Charak’s leadership style

I am more of a participative leader but nevertheless mentoring of young and not-so-experienced faculty has my job very clear-cut to make them operate at their optimum level and also not allow them to feel exhausted rudderless.

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Significant challenges faced by Dr. Charak as the Director in Navsahyadri Group of Institutes

Yes, I encountered with certain very serious administrative issues over five years ago but now that’s history. We sailed unscathed and ensured nothing of that seriousness recurs thereafter. Admission of good students, is, of course, another issue but we keep tackling.

Dr. Charak on how his experience as the Director in SNG Institute of Management & Research helped him in Navsahyadri Group of Institutes

That was great of course which gave me the detailed insight of handling a variety of issues in one go. I had to leave that institute because of health issues, nothing else.

Dr. Charak on his time management

As plenty of things are on your plate at one go, time management is essential of top importance. Prioritization of activities and events allowed me to go smoothly. One thing at a time and that has to be handled well, always gave me a great learning and experience.

Curriculum of Navsahyadri Group of Institutes

It’s very interesting to describe here, though all of us follow Pune University curriculum for MBA program yet delivery of such program makes us unique and different amongst many peer institutes. We very seriously and religiously adhere to case-based learning methodology for many years. Thus, the students we churn out are better off comparably for having acquired applied/ skill-based knowledge during their MBA program.

More importantly, from the 2018-19 we have brought in 5-6 different Certification (few common for all and few based on the specialization chosen by the candidates) courses based on industry inputs which will make our new batch much better placed and outstanding after the completion of regular MBA program.

Curriculum of Navsahyadri Group of Institutes

Various changes noticed in the Education Industry by Dr. Charak over the past few years and the skill set required by a corporate in a student

This industry is also undergoing the changes alongside the others. Our curricula are not supposed to be based only on the conceptual framework but we have to bring in more of skill-set enhancement tools with fundamentals. Industry being undergoing highly competitive times, it needs well-skilled manpower in respective domains and with strategic vision and good leadership qualities. We at Navsahyadri are fully geared up for it and thus have brought in additional Certification programs along with regular MBA degree from Pune University.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available for students at Navsahyadri Group of Institutes

Thus far, my experience with students’ placement has been quite good based on what had been providing them. But since there is an urgent change and need of skilled manpower, we have introduced additional employability enhancing certifications and tie-up with few foreign universities for dual diploma/ degrees. This will open new horizons of opportunities for our students.

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Dr. Charak on his relation and availability for the students

I have my experience enshrined in Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. This is quite handy for me to deal with young brains who are inquisitive and forthcoming. I am generally available to them for special sessions/ collective and one-to-one counselling and life-skill enhancement programs. Interacting with these young minds is my inherent passion and I always create/ find time for it.

Ideal school environment according to Dr. Charak

Creating experiential learning climate in my campus is a topmost priority and I keep doing that. The students should ask questions on any and every topic of their thoughts and I encourage it to the most. No barriers put on this front.

Ideal school environment according to Dr. Charak

Top qualities that an aspiring Management/Engineering Courses student must possess

They should identify their own possibilities first. Each one of them should do their individual SWOT and undergo psychometric tests to identify their respective inherent qualities. Everyone cannot become everybody, thus let them not be copycats but be originals.

Top qualities that an aspiring Management/Engineering Courses student must possess

Goals in mind for your institute for the next few years

For next couple of years, we have planned to increase our outreach towards external collaborations - both indigenous and foreign, thus creating better possibilities for all stakeholders. And thereafter, we will be converting our beautiful campus in a Private university, thus multiplying the existing possibilities.

Suggestions for the current youth

My suggestion to dear students is to take considered decisions in their lives. Just don’t follow the sheep-herd philosophy. Everyone is unique and so identify that uniqueness in you and nurture that. Currently, the industry is looking for better equipped and skilled manpower than just generalist, so please acquire those much-needed skills from genuine institutes and create your own life path.