Interview by Yash Panchal


Dr. Yogita Wagh is an Assistant Professor, Department of Management at IFIM College Bangalore. She is is a Doctorate in Finance from JRN Vidyapeeth University Udaipur Rajasthan. She has done her MBA from D.A.V.V Indore Madhya Pradesh. She has 7 years of experience in academics and corporate sector. Worked with Reliance life as sales manager, ICICI Lombard as Branch service Manager worked with Vaishnav Institute of technology and Science, Advent Institute of management studies, JB Institute of Engineering and Technology as Assistant Professor, worked as Associate Professor in MLR Institute of Technology Hyderabad and got associated with IFIM College as Assistant Professor. She has been part of curriculum development, NAAC accreditation committee member, organized various workshops, conferences, and industrial visit. She also does content writing and a certified digital marketer.

Dr. Wagh has worked as HOD for management department during her association with MLR Institute of Technology. She has conducted two faculty development programs with more than 50 participants. She has got six articles published in International Journals, four in national journals and presented four papers in the and national seminar. She is a mentor for entrepreneurship development from past few years. She was Head for Centre of Excellence for entrepreneurship and In-charge for Entrepreneurship development cell from past few years. She was awarded best trainee during Induction program in Reliance Life Insurance Company.

Dr. Wagh’s learning and developing experience in the education industry

According to Swami Vivekananda “teaching is the way of learning”. Knowledge increases when we share it, have learned a lot after sharing my knowledge. It gives enthusiasm when you are dealing with youngsters. They are a of wide energy. When I entered into the industry, I never thought that teaching will become my passion. Being teachers, we come across various types of students - someone helped me to improve my skills, some needed a push which a good mentor can do, and other needed a friend to share their problems. This is an industry where there is an opportunity available that carry a for teaching. This is most apparent profession we can pursue in our life. There is a wide scope of learning and development in this profession. This profession gives flexibility of timings which other corporate jobs don’t offer.

A positive leadership style

Leadership is an attitude which makes others to follow you. A positive attitude towards work, compassion towards students and fellow colleagues make you a more promising person to follow in.

“Action speaks louder than words”

Make the world remember you for your work. Make a change by your actions is the philosophy that I have carried throughout my teaching career. The balance of emotions and behavior makes you a trustworthy person to get believed in. I believe in empowering and making people identify their potential to understand both success and failure. Situational leadership can be the best leadership style where the education Industry is also becoming agile and demanding more adaptability.

Challenges to deal with

Technology has increased challenges of teaching for teachers for Gen-Y. The students browse Google BABA more and believe more in it. They expect more from a faculty because they are more close to the technology. According to a survey, effective teaching in a classroom can only be 40 minutes for a one-hour class. Students need to be engaged more in activities and practical learning approach for increasing student’s engagement ratios in the class.

Transformation over the years and the skills required by a corporate

The education system in India is under transformation. Government is also doing alterations by regulatory reforms. The key stakeholders are playing a key role in transformation. The teacher has to become a change agent by adapting to changing teaching methodologies. The institute management has to work on changing teaching methodologies for increasing effectiveness of teaching and learning process. The institutions are mainly focusing on outcome-based teaching by teaching goals and plans. There is a search for innovative teaching practices to create differentiation in teaching. Educational institutions are playing key roles in developing an ecosystem for entrepreneurial development.

The skill sets today required by corporates in a student :

  • Adaptability for changing the environment.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Positive attitude towards life.
  • Current affairs by means of effective research and reading.
  • Proactiveness.
  • Learning ability by more listening.
  • Emotional balance.

An ideal school environment for learning constantly

Keep learning is the best culture and bringing the best out of it is an school environment. Encouraging others helping identifying weakness, competency mapping and enhancing skill can be the culture for an organization. Faculty should be a mentor and should work on giving its best to its students because they are the ultimate customers of the organizations.

Top qualities that an aspiring student must possess

  • Being competent by enhancing academic and non-academic skills.
  • Quick learning attitude.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Optimism.
  • Bring change to society.
  • Passion towards your dream.

Key goals for IFIM

Bringing the best out of each student and making a in the process are the key goals for the years in the IFIM Institution.

Suggestions for the youth

Expect more but listen more. The SOS (Secret of Success) is - try more to fail and fail more to become successful. Set goals for your life. If we don’t plan, we plan to fail. Bring the best out of you because the iceberg appears small from outside. Be the change you want to see in others. Last but not the least, be a job creator than a taker and live your life KING SIZE.