Interview by Pratyasha


Dr. B.M. Londhe is associated with Amrutvahini Institute of Management as the Director. His education qualification includes MPM, MCM, MBA, and Ph.D. He is having 21 years of academic, nine years of administrative, and three years of Research experience. He is Ph.D. guide in Savitribai Phule Pune University, and presently seven Ph.D. students are registered under his guidance. 

He has published more than 20 International and National research papers in reputed journals. Dr. Londhe is also associated with the University of Lethbridge Calgary Canada as a Guest faculty. Being an experiential individual, he also delivered expert services as a Chairman, Resource person and Experts speakers at various seminars and conferences conducted at National and International Level. 

Experience in Education Sector

I have been rooted with this industry from past 21 years and it has shaped me as an individual. The key factors that keep me connected with the education sector are as follows:


Leadership philosophy and style of Dr. Londhe

My leadership is a combination of autocratic, democratic, and group-centered style. I have always believed in teamwork and worked side by side with my colleagues. As a leader, you are responsible for the growth of team members as well as the organization. You have to decide how much flexibility you will keep as per the demand of situation while maintaining the discipline and organizational climate positive. A leader is accountable for failure and success. One should always give credit to team members and become a role model for them. 

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Strategizing plans & programs for the institute

Being an administrator, it is my responsibility to manage and introduce new changes in college. When it comes to marketing, I believe that students and parents are our Brand Ambassadors. Success can only be achieved when you provide the right inputs to your students. Doing so will automatically increase the productivity level of the students. We are the guiding factor in the development of the country by providing good quality education. One should also utilize media sources properly to make people aware of new courses. 

Similarly, when looked at the administration viewpoint, everyone has a unique style. I believe in the saying that a man/woman does not work, but it is a system that works. One can great results if the system has been set accordingly by taking people in confidence. You need to give credit and after that take action if necessary. 

Views on education system in India and abroad 

One can find significant differences between the education system of India and foreign countries. The only thing that stands apart international institutes are their focus on Practical Knowledge. Keeping this in mind, our institute preaches, mentor, and groom the students to help them in becoming a good human being. It is also essential to give ethical/moral lessons to aspiring youths. 

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Curriculum Practices at Amrutvahini 

Our Institute is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, who is the designer behind our curriculum. We strive to groom our students according to industry requirements. It is done through various curricular and co-curricular activities. The institute also interacts with Industry experts to take their help in learning more about the market. Other activities include Industrial visits, Research Projects, and SIPs. 

Roles and Responsibilities towards students

As the Director, I am accountable for the development of the Institute as well as students. The responsibilities include increasing employability among students by encouraging them to contribute to the development of the nation's future. I want this institute should become one of the most trustworthy organizations among students and parents. 

Upcoming goals for the Institute

NAAC accredits the institute, and currently, we are planning for NBA accreditation. Also, we are looking forward to collaborating with some reputed universities around the globe. International exposure will be provided to our students. We are also looking forward to building the Institute into an autonomous Institute to set an example for others.

Uniqueness of the College

Apart from quality education and placement opportunities, there is a lot more to an educational institution. Our Institute believes in creating a lifelong bond with all the people associated. We provide guidance not only in placements but future career also. I want people to know that education is a non-profitable work. It plays a vital role in increasing employability and eradicating poverty of rural masses. 


Challenges faced being a Director

One of the foremost challenges that exist in the education system is the gap between academic and industry skills. Indian education system focuses more on theoretical knowledge rather than the practical one. When a student enters into the industry, they encounter the challenge to encompass all the knowledge that prevails in the world. We, at Amrutvahini, tries to overcome this challenge from the initial stage by introducing open-ended exam pattern. Being an educationist, I believe that we must maintain our distance from any political interference. 

Suggestions to the Millennials

My only suggestion to the aspiring students is to utilise their time properly. They should not rely only on digital resources but also work towards developing new interests. With the advent of technology, they should use their energy and aggression for their development in their area of interest. They should be fully aware of the ongoing and upcoming industry trends and mold themselves as per the requirement of the real-world.