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Centre for Management Studies, Nalsar University of Law - [CMS], Hyderabad

Centre for Management Studies, Nalsar University of Law - [CMS], Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Telangana Estd 2013 Private

"Think, Believe, Act!" is the mantra for Dr. Pinaki Nandan Patnaik, Head of Centre for Management Studies, NALSAR University of Law. Read the full interview

Dr. Pinaki Nandan Patnaik, Head, Centre of Management Studies, Nalsar University of Law -
Dr. Pinaki Nandan Patnaik

Dr. Pinaki Nandan Patnaik is the Head of Centre for Management Studies, NALSAR University of Law. A career academician, he has spent a considerable amount of time in Europe,    

North America and Japan in the last decade and a half in academics, research, training & consultancy. As a leader, he has introduced several innovations in content design,

delivery, practical exposure through industry interactions & internships as well as creating a learner-centric ecosystem that provides an enabling platform for personal growth to the learners.




  1. Kindly tell us about your experience in the education industry and what makes it the best industry to work in?

Education is a surreal experience. Unfortunately, the word ‘industry’ has been associated it recently giving it a colored definition. Education is a service that transcends the usual profit and loss statements that guide the industry. At best, education is in some way similar to an incubator. It supports and incubates generations of change leaders.

The places that I have worked at, including NALSAR, are some of the most amazing learning environments that anyone can be a part of. I have grown as an individual at each of those places. Being one of the most dynamic environments, it is education that pushes the boundaries and challenges individuals like me to reinvent the self frequently. It is this opportunity to learn and be relevant that I like most about education.


  1. Any of the significant challenges you faced as the Head of Centre for Management Studies?

Centre for Management Studies (CMS), Nalsar University of Law launched its MBA program in 2013. Being a part of the best of India had its demands. It is expected that we match the program in terms of its inputs, and outputs from day 1. But, it is important to know that each program requires support and time to develop and deliver.

However, at CMS, we have a brilliant team of faculty, enthusiastic and a robust Industry Advisory Board to keep us on track with the latest developments in the industry which so very important in the business environment.


  1. How does your curriculum ensure best practices of the industry?

Our elective system allows us to introduce the latest in the industry. In order to remain relevant among other MBA programs, we have introduced innovations like Industry Relevant Credit Courses (IRCCs), three internships, collaborative teaching wherein a few designated sessions of selected courses are delivered by industry leaders and finally many industry leaders have come forward to mentor learners at CMS. We learn from our own experiences and the experiences of our learners to ensure that our curriculum includes the best practices of the industry.


  1. What goals do you have in your mind for Centre for Management Studies?

At CMS, we believe that education is a seamless experience. Our goals are to offer specializations that cut across law and management. We would want to be the best business school that offers such unique specializations like ‘innovation and technology management’, ‘corporate governance’ and ‘court management’.

With our expertise in law, the combinations of law with management will create a genre of legally aware managers who can help save the employer the of compensation, be ethical in dealing with day to day issues at the workplace and be a solution seeker rather than a problem.


  1. You pride yourself on the level of education and responsibility you teach here to students. How do you ensure the quality of education in your institution?

Quality is an inclusive term. We define the quality of education through the quality of our faculty, to begin with. Hired through a rigorous selection process that includes content clarity, effective delivery and an interest in research, the CMS faculty has a pedigree of best business school education globally. The course outlines of each course on offer at CMS goes through in-depth scrutiny by the full faculty, the Academic Advisory Board and also the Industry Advisory Board for quality assurance.


  1. How do you build a positive school culture or climate?

At CMS, we do not teach, we learn together. This sense of being a part of the learning environment has enabled us to nurture a culture of exploration. We, our faculty as well as our learners celebrate the spirit of inquiry through in-class discussions, off-class and healthy debates.


  1. How do you tend to establish a relation with the students?

The relationship that exists between us and our learners is purely professional. We are colleagues and we enjoy our achievements. Also, at CMS, we believe in an open door policy that allows learners to reach out to us at times when they feel our assistance is needed. Mutual respect is the bedrock of CMS.


  1. How do you look at the growth of students through placement opportunities available at Centre for Management Studies? How do you wish to push the envelope further?

We provide a platform for our learners to showcase their talent during several interactions with various industry leaders throughout their stay at CMS. Further, our innovative triple internship model along with the innovative i-Start program (interning with start-ups) helps the learners create lasting relationships with people from the industry. All these initiatives help learners finding the right profile match in the company of their choice upon completion of the MBA program.


  1. What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

I believe in a brand of leadership that is inclusive. At CMS, almost everything is co-created through collaboration. Debates, and deliberations on issues that we face lead to constructive outcomes. As a leader, I believe, it is essential to have a vision but it is not the end of it. The vision needs a roadmap and that is a consultative process. More often than not, my team is on the same page and hence we do things smarter and faster.


  1. Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

       Think. Believe. Act.

The potential that India’s gen next holds is massive. The challenge is to express that potential. But before expressing themselves, they should think hard about their dreams and believe in them.  Once they believe in their dreams, they should express themselves to the best of their ability. I wish them all the best in their endeavor for a better India.

Last Updated - 07 Jul 2017

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