Interview by Pratyasha

IIMT University

Mr. Yogesh Mohanji Gupta is designated as the Chancellor of IIMT University. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and has Masters of Business Administration with Marketing Specialisation. Having nearly 18 years of teaching experience, he has also served as a visiting faculty to various universities and has delivered lectures on Marketing Management, Organisational Behaviour, Time management, Business Law and many more topics. In his entire life cycle, he has been honoured with various awards and recognitions – Pride of India Award (2018), Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2018), Meerut Vaishya Ratan Award (2014) to name a few. 

Experience in Education Industry

The education sector is one of the most satisfying and reputed industries to be in. The chance or opportunity of meeting new people and students every year enhances one’s persona and knowledge. We get to deal with a lot of intellectual people and share knowledge. No other profession in the world can provide you with respect; one receives from the students and their parents. I feel very much obliged and proud to be a part of this industry. 

Cumulative leadership philosophy

Responsibility plays a vital role in a leader’s life. My philosophy of leadership is based on collective responsibility; wherein everyone has some or other assigned duties as per their potential. To work effectively and efficiently, result oriented responsibility is adopted in the Institute. 

It is also essential to provide an environment where team members can work as a family. My leadership style is straightforward and unauthoritative; it is like the head of a family who works as a torchbearer and motivator to its members. 

Challenges faced as Chancellor

Being a Chancellor, I have faced several challenges to maintain industry standards. First, to maintain the academic standards, which includes a practical curriculum of different professional and conventional courses. Second, to maintain discipline among students and staff by facilitating a conducive and professional environment. 

With this, to change the mind set of students from job seeking entrepreneurship. A third and most crucial challenge is to combat and fight against the unfavourable government policies towards private universities. It leads to encroachment towards the autonomy of maintaining academic standards by private Universities as well as a threat towards smooth functioning, productivity and educational quality by the fair examination system. 

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Skill-oriented curriculum practices

The curriculum for various professional courses offered at IIMT University is designed by keeping in view the changing scenario of the industry. It is more practical based rather than descriptive. In order to maintain the quality of syllabi, we have tie-ups with Google for Android Development, Unicrosoft, Spoken (IIT-B, MHRH, Govt. of India) for Software Skill enhancement and other employability enhancement courses with industry. 

Apart from this, we also have a Centre of Excellence of Toyota; business incubators and EDP cells. We are in association with ISRO-IIRS for advanced satellite communication and applications of geospatial energies. 

Changes witnessed in the education industry

The Education Industry has changed drastically in the past 5 years. The conventional teaching and courses are being replaced by skill-based professional courses, research, and innovation. The students are now more interested in Digital learning, Software Skills Enhancement, Employability Skill Enhancement courses, Software Training, like IOT, Big Data, Android, Python, PHP. We are collaborating all these courses in our curriculum to make it more student-friendly. I strongly believe, that the education industry should strive towards international standards to provide the students with more exposure at national as well as global level.

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Ideal School Environment according to Mr. Gupta

In my view, an ideal school environment is harmonious and collaborative. It should promote the all-around development of the students. The holistic development, along with academics is an essential part of a student’s life. They must remain aware of the extracurricular activities, recent innovations, social responsibilities along with academics. 

Today, the scenario is changing worldwide with the advancement in technology and ideologies. In the education sector as well, the conventional system is turning into professional and employment oriented education. As a Chancellor, I am committed not only towards imparting quality education but also towards creating competent job providers rather than seekers. With the vision of research and innovation, IIMTU will match world-class academic standards.

Message to future generations

With the technological changes happening around, every student should remain focused on developing their skills in every way possible. They must try their hands more in research projects, innovating new concepts, and start-ups. The students should try to become job providers by establishing their entrepreneurs rather than striving for jobs. This will bring drastic support to the Indian economy and will also help in improving the rate of employability.