Mrs Vinita Srimal is the current serving Director-Education of SINGEM. Since her joining in 2002, She has successfully fulfilled the role of a friend, mother, and guide to thousands of SINGEMis, in India and abroad. Heading the Admissions and PCO (Program Coordination Office) departments nationally, her instant problem-solving skills are legendary at SINGEM. 

Vocational Education provides growth by leaps and bounds

Vocational education is more suited for people who are looking to either start their venture as a startup or those who are not academically oriented, and they are interested to work in the life skills career roles. It offers a fantastic career opportunity because instead of linear growth in any field that conventional education provides, vocational education provides growth by leaps and bounds.

Start from niche and gradually develop your portfolio

It is important to work in niche fields. Anybody, who wants to have a successful career in business, they have to start from a niche field and gradually expand their portfolio. At the same time, if someone is working as a professional, innovation is what one can rely on to make him/her stand out among their peers. 

The other pivotal factor is the enterprise. It's not completely for those who want to have their own business but for those too who are working as a professional who can suggest new product lines, and take complete ownership of what they do.

A good leader should be adaptable to the change

At SINGEM, we always encourage people to do things differently. Either in terms of those who are looking to be professional or those doing their own business. It doesn't matter if you start small or big, as long as you have the inherent technical skills and the leadership skills that are necessary to have a successful career you will be able to do it. This is what we ponder upon.

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We try to achieve the holistic development of the students

When we began in 1997, we started with gem and jewelry education. We were the first institute in Peninsular India to do so. As time progressed, we expanded our portfolio based on the same model to other divisions of fashion, beauty, and the IT industry. The technicality changes but the model remains the same. 

Hands-on-training is a must, and thus, we provide lab training in all the courses that we teach. The focus has always been on making people career ready. We have students at SINGEM, who join us from abroad. We are not an affiliated institution, we are an independent organization, and it's a matter of pride that without being affiliated to anyone, we get enrollments from students across the globe.

Initial training along with the post-training, which includes mentoring, matters the most. We have a dedicated student program coordination office, which makes sure to take care of the students, right from how the classes are running, what percentage of the curriculum has been finished, whether or not the faculty is doing justice to their job. It is followed by career placements. We have a dedicated career support platform desk. This all, when put together, helps the students in their holistic development.

It is important for an institute to have a B2B portfolio

These days it is important for an institute to have a B2B portfolio. Unless you are not engaged in offering B2B service to any domain, you won't get familiar with what that industry offers ? Particularly, what that industry can offer at that given point of time. 

We also organize travel camps for the students, wherein they are taken to various regions and get hands-on experience of how the industry works. 

Ensuring Healthy Environment is must

We work on the comfort of the students. For us, the students are the top priority. Thus, we make sure that they are in a safe environment. We ensure it through our classrooms, campus, and even lectures. Secondly, we work in small classroom sizes. This ensures a small student-faculty ratio and healthy interaction with the teachers.

Mentors helps to shape up the thoughts and give clarity about the future

We ensure mentoring sessions by experts. Wherein, an industry expert sits down with our students one-on-one and guides them whether they are going to go for a profession or they are looking for a startup. This is where the hand holding takes place, and this is free for all our students for a lifetime, not just during their course period. 

We make students multi-skilled and build a dynamic personality

The students who pursue a diploma program are guaranteed to have a good placement. We try to make them multi-skilled and build a dynamic personality. For example, if they want to work as a beautician, they should not focus only on hairstyles or makeup, but rather they cover the entire industry requirement, so the job opportunity becomes manyfold. 

Once the revolution covers the country, we will then aim globally

The goal for 2020 is to go big. This year we are hoping to cover the entire country with a network of 200 centers. Once this revolution covers the entire country, then we will think of it on a global scale. As of now, we plan to go for rapid expansion in India. 

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Follow the 3P formula to be a successful person

Throughout my life, the 3P formula has helped me a lot. My only advice to the students is to follow this Guru Mantra. SINGEM Founder-CMD Sri Punit Srimal’s 3-P Formula of Passion, Positivity, and Perseverance, will lead them to success. This is what I have been trying to inculcate in my students.