Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Ms. Vineeta Sharma, Director of Marketing (PG Courses) in ITM Group of Institution

Ms. Vineeta is currently the Director of Marketing (PG Courses) of the prestigious ITM Group of Institutions that is revolutionizing education from last 25 years. She is a B.A. in advertising and sales management from Patna Women’s College, Patna, and alumni of ITM Business School. She has a range of experience in sectors, such as FMCG, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Education, and Operations. Found her passion in the education sector and in shaping and transforming careers of millions of students, Ms. Vineeta is an expert in education marketing strategies in India, with over 15 years of experience. She is a specialist in education management, operations, marketing strategy, advertising and brand identity, digital marketing. She likes reading and gardening in her free time.

Ms. Vineeta’s experience in the education sector

The education sector is one of the fastest growing sectors with FDIs looking at investing in what has been known as the next superpower, India. Since the completion of my PGDM, I have been mostly in education. The first phase being the training and test prep and the second phase is formal education. In both the phases, one thing that is common is job satisfaction. When you witness a student trained or recruited by you doing well in the industry and corporate you achieve a very fulfilling satisfaction. It’s a feeling of seeing your own children scaling heights. Another factor is, that there is a lot to be done in this sector and when you do new things and achieve milestones, it is fulfilling life goals.

Ms. Vineeta’s life experiences that help her cater to the current role effectively

I have total 16 years of experience in this sector and there have been many incidents that still bring a smile on my face. At IMS, I was mentoring close to 1,000 students every year. One of the students could not make it in top 10 percentile even though he was prepared. With only one month for CAT we made a complete table for his preparation and gave him a few tips to crack the tests. The student got 4 calls from IIMs. He was ecstatic and there was no better satisfaction than contributing to his achievement.

Another incident that I remember is that a 2015 pass out student was finding it difficult to cope up with corporate life. He would come regularly for mentoring and I used to share my experiences and understanding of the corporate sector. Finally, he settled down and came to thank me for helping him out. Such incidents tell me that I am doing something constructive and in the right direction.

Significant challenges faced by Ms. Vineeta as the Director – Marketing (PG Courses) of the prestigious ITM Group of Institution

The transition from test prep industry to formal education was not easy. This transition was one of the biggest challenges for me and that too when formal education as seeing a consolidation i.e. the year 2014-2015. With help from some seniors and learning experience, now I am at the top of my game. Understanding student’s mentality, psychology, and career choices was another big challenge. Mentoring them to take correct life choices is another challenge that we face in our day to day work life. Giving them honest mentoring is the key to success.

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The difference in the quality of education and the curriculum of ITM, as noted by Ms. Vineeta, before and now

Way back in 2001 – 2003, the education was more of theory and classroom style of teaching. We had age-old 2-month summer internship where we were supposed to do a project. We had trimester system which meant every 3 months we would have to take exams. We studied 46 subjects superficially, certain things that we still don’t use.

At ITM, the scenario has completely changed now. The curriculum is tailored to suit the need of industry. Students don’t have to study what is not relevant to them. They are taught the relevant subjects in the induction and then they take a deep dive into their specialization. There are more case-based studies, extra and co-curricular activities. Unlike our times, where we had to choose our specialization after one year, now the students choose their specialization in the first 3 months itself. This gives them an opportunity to learn their specialization better. Now there are plenty of software that aid the students in better learning.

The 2 months summer project is 5 month’s IIP where students have a real-time experience of working in the corporates that gives them hands-on experience of working in industry and relevant experience to cope up with pressures and challenges of the corporate world. ITM has also introduced career management sessions under the brand name TALEWIND to aid students with life skills and career management which goes beyond their first job.

The growth of students through placement opportunities available at ITM

Placement opportunities are enough and plenty. Students have a variety of choice from FMCG to Service to IT industry. At one hand the latest know-how gives a technical edge to the students and at the other end, organizations give them stability for their careers.

We at ITM are looking at creating entrepreneurs out of our students where we have a special group of students chosen every year to present their business plan. The best business plan would be funded for entrepreneurial ventures. ITM would further provide them with incubators so that they not only get technical guidance but also the financial burden is decreased.

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ITM Group of Institution

Top qualities according to Ms. Vineeta that one must possess to excel in any field of marketing and sales

Patience, perseverance, and focus are three attributes that would help a student to excel in any field. Technical know-how and new ideas would be an added advantage.

Ideal school environment according to Ms. Vineeta, and how she encourages that kind of culture in ITM Group of Institutions

I would like to quote Guruji Rabindranath Tagore here- “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free.” A student should be a bundle of discipline coupled with intelligence and new ideas. The school providing this culture would be the most ideal.

ITM Group of Institution

Changes in various industries such as FMCG, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Education, and Operations noticed by Ms. Vineeta over the years

With experience in all the sectors mentioned above, one thing that comes out clearly is that responsibility in the education sector is the highest as the career of a student is in your hands. All the sectors are seeing growth but education sector is transforming and the next 5 years make or break for this sector.

Goals in mind for ITM for the next few years

We have achieved our last 5 years’ goals in just three and half years. We have beaten some of the best names in the industry to achieve the position of 14th best B-School in India. We are looking at becoming one of the most trusted brands in the education sector.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Trust your instincts, make your life choices and stand by it. Make a goal and work towards achieving it. Don’t get disheartened by failures because you never fail. You learn and find new ways to achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t measure your success in terms of money that you earn. Measure it in terms of smiles that you bring and blessings that you get. Be happy, stay blessed.