Dr Vivek Kumar Singh is the Dean at Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions, Kanpur. He has completed his Masters in physics with electronics as a specialization and a Ph.D. in the field of solid-state Physics. He also heads the admission and marketing department of these institutions. He has 19 years of experience in teaching physics to the students of the engineering and technology branch. He has published several international and national research papers in reputed journals. He believes in teamwork and always uses his motivational skills to boost his team’s morale.

MPGI Kanpur

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“A sector that creates the future generation of leaders and entrepreneurs”

The education sector allows us to be life-long learners. As teachers, we have the opportunity to serve society and the Nation in creating socially aware professionals. The Educational Institutes are the place where the future of the nation is structured, shaped and polished. Being trusted by students and their guardians gives us an immense sense of pride.

What is your philosophy of leadership and its unbiased implementation?

“A Leader must emphasize teamwork and build a strong management”

In my opinion, leadership is based on the 3D theory i.e. dedication, devotion and decision. These are the building blocks of any successful organization. Teamwork is the most important factor for a leader. A leader should always be ready to learn from the followers and team mates. I strongly emphasize the decentralized and democratic leadership style of implementing ideas.

How does the curriculum of MPGI Kanpur ensure the best practice of industry?

“Industrial visits, MNC collaborations and interactions with the top leaders of field”

All the departments of MPGI are dedicated to the future of the students and their growth. We regularly organize seminars and discussions with successful leaders of the industry. They interact with the students and deliver talks on present and future career aspects. Our institutions also have a bouquet of collaboration with different companies like Reliance jio, JBM group, Glenmark, Alkem ZTE, Huawei, etc. Our students have a chance to visit these companies and go for their industrial projects and training.

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How does your Institute help students from the weaker sections of society?

“Providing scholarships and financial aid to deserving meritorious students”

MPGI is always ready to welcome meritorious students of economically weaker sections. We provide 100% tuition fee exemption under the Beena Memorial Foundation. We also help the students to get central as well as State Government scholarship. A dedicated scholarship department is continuously working for our students from underprivileged sections of society.

What do you think your responsibilities to the Institutes and the students are?

“To facilitate simplified admission process and a conducive learning environment”

I am involved in managing admissions of eligible students in different programs and courses. Hence, my responsibility is to ensure smooth operations during the initial days of the student in our college. As a Dean, I must bridge the gap between the administration and the students. My major responsibility is to solve all the problems which are being faced by newly admitted students.

What do you see as the Institutes greatest strengths?

MPGI is one of the oldest and most trusted academic institutions in North India”

As an educational hub, we are always ready to adopt newer methods of study and add them to students' academic curriculum. The biggest strength of our educational Institute is the faculty and staff. We have an excellent pool of highly qualified faculty and staff members. Our management is very supportive of new ideas and innovations to strengthen the system. 

What are the biggest challenges for higher education in today’s age?

“Relevance of curriculum, mushrooming educational institutes and low GER” 

Guaranteeing quality in higher education is among the first challenges being looked at in India today. Also, the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of India in higher education is very low when compared to other nations. Other important factors which impact our higher education system are the gap in supply and demand, mushrooming of low-quality institutes and lack of project-based learning.

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the youth?

Concentration coupled with discipline and hard work are the key factors for success”

The youth must always be ready to face challenges and take risks. They determine the future of a nation. The assurance, devotion, and vitality with which youth work, make them the ablest resident of the nation. A country creates consistency when the young people get excellent training with abundant openings for work.