Interview by Yash Panchal



Dr. Pradeep Reddy CH. is currently working in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT Amaravati, India. He has 12 years of experience in both teaching and research. He received his B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from PBR VITS, JNTU in 2004, Andhra Pradesh, India and M. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from VITUniversity, Vellore, India in 2007. He received Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from VITUniversity, Vellore in 2014. His research interests include IoT, Sensor networks, Wireless systems and Open Source Technologies.

Dr. Reddy has published several papers in international refereed journals and conferences. He also served as reviewer and guest editor for several Scopus indexed journals. He has successfully guided three research scholars towards their PhD degree and 6 more scholars are working with him currently. He successfully completed one consultancy project with a software start-up and also few funded projects on IoT applications.

Ensuring outstanding teaching and learning practice across VIT AP

We believe that practical knowledge is rather important than theoretical knowledge. So, we take immense care in ensuring our students get enough practical exposure. In our curriculum, we tend to include practical concepts making sure every student meets the industry expectations.

Strategies to help learners who are underachieving in the classes

There are no underachievers, I tell my students that they are not putting enough efforts to compete with the top performers. I personally believe that a student can shine when put in a group, so that they can share their knowledge among themselves, help each other out, work on projects, seminars together & succeed.

Dr. Pradeep Reddy on his most valued attribute

Priority is something I value the most. If we can identify our priorities, taking out time gets easier.

Students of VIT Amaravati

I could say that we have a brilliant bunch of students, starting from their first year itself they have started getting serious about what they would want to do, they have gone for internships to USA, Dubai & many other countries. They have started working on projects already.

Important current debates in Dr. Reddy’s field

The most important current debates in this field are Data Science, Network Security, Big Data, IOT, and Cloud Computing.

Plans to ensure that students should be able to excel in their subjects

Our curriculum ensures Project-based & practical-based approach, we give them a lot of scenarios while we teach, we have open book exams, ensuring the students apply what they learn.

The important text published in the last five years in CSE and its reason

In computer science, I would say “Python Programming”, is the most influential text book because of the applications we have using python. Python as a programming language is used in IoT applications, Data Science, Big Data and Business analytics and in almost all applications.

"Mission statement" for the Department of Computer Science & Engineering

With an emphasis on Innovation and applying technology to improve life, the institute offers various programmes for students at various levels.

Establishing a cordial relation with the students

Teaching a course is the first step of establishing a relation, from there they can come and visit us whenever they feel like discussing on something. Every faculty at our university announces two open hours per week, where the students can go and meet them in their respective cabins. They can approach us for anything. We make them work on different projects & assignments, they are free to discuss with us on a regular basis

Placement opportunities at VIT University

VIT works consistently to achieve 100% placements. VIT offers Soft skills as a course from first semester till placement semester ensuring that the students are ready by the time they face interviews as well as the real world applications.

Leadership philosophy of Dr. Pradeep Reddy

Leader is someone who shows path to others in any given situation.

Suggestions for the current youth

There are a lot of opportunities available, utilise these four years & learn as much as you can so that you can grab the opportunities.