Interview by Yash Panchal

Prof. Vivek Kumar, Vice Chancellor of Quantum University

He is Masters in the field of Computer Engineering from BITS, Pilani and Doctorate in Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) from Faculty of Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Deemed University, Agra in 2002. Before joining Quantum University as VC, he was Director-Principal of Delhi College of Technology and Management Delhi-NCR for about nine years. Under his noble leadership, Delhi College of Technology and Management became one of the best institutes of Faridabad Region-Delhi NCR.

He started his career as a software engineer at Hexaware Limited. He has served SIT Mathura as Dean Academic. Dr. Kumar has worked in Lovely Institute of Technology, Jalandhar as Head of CSE and IT Department where he developed his department regional center of Punjab Technical University for M.Tech. Programme. He has served Galgotias College Engineering and Technology as "Professor" and Head of Information Technology and MCA Departments for eight years. During his tenure at Galgotias, he initiated industrial tie-ups with IBM, Infosys, and TCS and played a major inning in placing Galgotias to the national platform. He has guided several universities and colleges as NBA and UGC Accreditation expert.

As a professor, he has taught Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Digital Image Processing and Theoretical Computer Science to M.Tech. & B.Tech. level for more than two & half decades. He is currently doing research in the diversified field of Soft-computing techniques like Bioinformatics, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Management, Human Cognitive Behaviour, Transport Engineering, Total Quality Management, Internet management and Computer Graphics.

Prof. Kumar is a Senior member of IEEE, ACM, CSI International Association of Engineers, USA and is a member of the board of studies of many reputed institutes and industry. He has developed many intelligent and expert systems as a part of his research contribution. Prof. Kumar has guided more than 48 M.Tech. level projects. He has supervised eight Ph.D. in the field of aspect-oriented designs, Bioinformatics, wireless systems, web semantics, and services. Presently 6 Ph.Ds are being supervised under his guidance in MDU and YMCA university on cloud computing and cancer research.

Prof. Kumar’s experience in the education industry

Education is the backbone of society and a nation. To produce highly motivated, knowledgeable, socially responsible workforce is a very challenging task. I have really enjoyed my past services as I worked to transform my students into the highly talented workforce who are serving the nation mostly and successfully.

Self-discipline, eagerness to learn and honesty are the integral needs of the industry. Teachers need to develop these traits if they want their students to follow them. In other industries, one can control the yield of the outcome by sound management practices and good handling of machines but in the teaching industry, we don’t have machines, we have teachers, a pack of emotions, energy, and wisdom who are handling young, vibrant and ever inquisitive minds. To train them is a challenge and I personally enjoy this business.

Prof. Kumar’s experience in the education industry

Prof. Kumar’s philosophy of leadership

There is no rocket science involved. As I mentioned, Teaching is not taming machines. Teaching is a process which evolves organically. Being Vice-Chancellor of the university, I wish to work with being self -disciplined, honest and dedicated. 

UGC, AICTE, PCI, NBA, NAAC, ABET and other accreditation institutes have laid down many rules, regulations, and practices which are the basis of my philosophy. These institutions have developed procedures by putting in thousands of hours of highly skilled seniors. My philosophy is to implement these practices in the system.  Yes, numbers do matter but I personally believe quality fetches numbers. I will be following the same.

Significant challenges faced by Prof. Kumar as the Vice-Chancellor

Admissions are a foremost challenge in front of me. As the university is self-financed, I have seen that management has done its work by developing world-class infrastructure and best faculties as default given to University. To run the university, I find my first goal ahead to increase funds by increasing the strength of students and research funding from various agencies. These funds are important for university eco-system.

Prof. Kumar on how his experience as the Principal & Head of various other institutes like DCTM, Galgotia Institutions experience helped him in Quantum University

No doubt, I worked and burnt the midnight oil to elevate Galgotias and DCTM on a national platform. I developed several practices and their procedures for teaching-learning, training, Industrial interactions, placements, branding, research, IPR, faculty development and student’s overall development.  Although many of the procedures are already running in the college/school level university demands more volumes of efforts in these field as our responsibility and role increases after award of university status. 

Curriculum of Quantum University

The new education system needs to be synced with industry and technology. Since last two decade, there are many changes in existing technology as well as new technologies are coming to the market at a very fast speed. The industry demands the employees should be multitasking and quite versed with latest equipment and technology, which help them to work fast. IQ, Emotion quotient (EQ) and other leadership traits are expected and demanded by all industry HRs for successful career followed by happy life further and then, followed by the healthy nation. 

Quantum university curriculum is designed is a manner that it caters old technologies as a foundation, embedded with new technologies. To elevate student’s multitasking capabilities and to equip them with more than one trait, the curriculum of university offers multidisciplinary choice-based system.

Happiness is the health of the nation. The curriculum of Quantum University provides training and learning to her graduates by all personality development, working in teams, working in stress, time constraints, etc. University provides a bucket of passion programs like art, music, painting, photography, singing and many other hobbies. These unique programs will certainly help students to enjoy those dull moments of life when there is a need to rejuvenate for next task.

Changes noticed by Prof. Kumar in the Education Industry over the past few years and skill set required by a corporate in a student

As a professor, I feel the education should be lifelong learning, not the training. As an engineer or middle-level manager, the aspirant student should learn the Science and technology, not training. When they learn, they adopt the new and unknown environment quickly and their chances of getting success in this environment is very high.

Industry demands ‘ready to launch’ manpower. Any new technology may be learned in a month or two if the student knows the fundamentals. Many leading and renowned brands of industry are looking for students with sound fundamentals. It is important to grow skill with IQ and EQ as important parameters besides knowledge. Special training of new technologies may be given as internships and special training sessions.

Changes noticed by Prof. Kumar in the Education Industry

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Quantum University

We got strategic ties-up with leading giants in the field of new technologies i.e. Advance Computing, AI, Deep learning, Vehicle technology, Pharmacy, ROBOTICS, Industrial Automation, Automated Manufacturing, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Manufacturing Systems and Database management, Culinary and Agriculture. The students are trained through their ‘embedded curriculum’ followed by stipend-based internship and placements.

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Prof. Kumar on his relation with the students being the Vice-Chancellor and his availability for them

I am a doer. My whole team is well knitted. We have got a lot of research and industrial projects in which students are involved. Faculty members are connected to the student through ‘mentorship’ program. University ERP system is not only connected to students but also with the parents and industry. Our passion programs are not only part of the curriculum, they are part of our culture which is transforming university as a single entity.

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Ideal school environment for Prof. Kumar

Rules should be friendly and comfortable on one side and strict on other side. There is space for new ideas, innovation, and practices in all domain of life at the university. Active participation of faculty members, students, and their parents are prevailed in the culture.

Top qualities that an aspiring Engineering student must possess

Engineering education not only makes engineer but develops them to face new challenges in their jobs and life both. Time and stress management, team spirit, capabilities to take and assess calculative risk, sharp reactions, learning ability and doing things with a positive mindset are important traits.

Goals in mind for Quantum University

NAAC A+ and NIRF ranking within 100

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

Work hard and live life. As your parents and teacher say, in the present, plan for the future.