Quantum University, Roorkee

Mr Shobhit Goyal is the Vice-Chairman of Quantum University, Roorkee. He is a progressive industrialist who has a dream of reforming the way higher education is delivered in India. Other than running various successful business ventures, he aims to embed youth with all the needed qualities that will help them in getting their dream jobs and building successful careers. He believes in turning high sparkles of possibility into roaring flames of achievements.

What makes the education field the best to work in?

The Education Sector allows working with youth - it's challenging and simultaneously rewarding. Getting surrounded by incredible young people who are creative, and action-oriented is a matter of sheer joy in itself. Listening to young ideas and co-creating with sharp young minds gives a sense of fulfillment and a chance to instill knowledge in a large group of population. 

The best part about working in the education domain is the sense of empowerment. You become responsible for transforming many lives. I feel rewarded, when I see, I have made a positive impact on thousands of lives by imparting them the right knowledge, required skill set and connecting them to opportunities. 

Establishing mutual trust with people on-board develops mutual understanding

It completely depends on the situation and the people around. But most of the time, I lean towards a democratic or participative style of leadership. I strongly believe in establishing mutual trust with people on-board, which develops an understanding of what I expect from them. I set parameters for the work and engage with the team members to make them feel engaged and valued. I welcome creative input and fresh ideas that come from expert minds. 

In a high-pressure situation, I follow an autocratic approach rather than the participative style of leadership for an immediate turnaround. This happens quite rarely as we always work according to the plan. I try to bring out the best from the team. I always try to lead by example, which ultimately motivates my team to work in the right direction and achieve targets as per the expectations. 

When students work on projects, they encounter challenges which helps them build leadership skills

At Quantum, we focus on providing holistic education and well-rounded development of students. We have established an Innovative Cell at the campus which provides fully furnished office spaces along with modern technological support to the budding entrepreneurs. Quantum also provides seed capital to nurture the entrepreneurial talents of the students for viable projects. When students get hands-on full-fledged projects, they learn how to deal with the various barriers of the practical world, and develop leadership skills.

University has strong connections with the industrial experts, who mentor and provide entrepreneurial training to students to come up with viable business ideas. Additionally, industrial training, internships, workshops, and seminars hone decision-making abilities and effective communication skills in students.

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What can an inbound student gain from studying here at Quantum University?

Our University is one of the few, which provides interdisciplinary education across India. The students get an option to do major in one discipline and opt for minors in a completely different discipline. For illustration, one can study music with technology, agriculture with cybersecurity or computer science with economics. Interactive education helps them in developing a diverse approach, which is the need of the hour and going to grow exponentially. By following a multidisciplinary approach, an inbound student will not be entering a career that lasts a lifetime but a lifetime of multiple careers. 

The curriculum of Quantum University makes students life-long contributors to society

The mission of the university is to make a positive contribution towards society, by providing the youth with a high-quality education that caters to their new-age aspirations. Moving away from the conventional and disciplinary basin, we promote interdisciplinary education. 

In addition to interdisciplinary pedagogy, Quantum has several unique features to its credit such as, a thoughtfully structured passion program that enables students to manifest their talent in music, sports, writing, and other passions; with a future-ready curriculum in close collaborations with the industry standards. Moving beyond the traditional theory-based learning modes, our curriculum is designed to bridge the skills gap. 

We have instituted Technical Certification Programs that provide robust integrated training besides regular curricula. At Quantum, the pedagogy ensures that the students develop problem-solving abilities and communication skills to become life-long learners and contribute meaningfully to society.

The university ensures a robust support system and an inclusive environment for students

Quantum University is a great platform for students of all cultural and economic backgrounds. The campus has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, where each building illustrates a unique picture of utility. The residential facilities have been carefully planned as per the international standards to provide a positive learning environment for the students. Now, the goodwill of the university has gone far beyond the Indian boundaries. Students not only from India but also from neighboring countries including Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh come to pursue their education. The diversity and multi-ethnicity at Quantum University encourage critical thinking and help students to learn effectively. 

We acknowledge exceptional students for their achievements in the fields of educational prowess and provide them with an array of scholarships based on their merits. We try to ensure that each student gets the crucial push during his/ her educational journey and excel at their passions and areas of interest. Thus, we make sure they don't face any hurdle while they pay for their education. The university ensures a robust support system and an inclusive environment for students of different cultural and economic backgrounds.

Quantum thinks beyond employment and concentrates on individual development

Quantum University is a very tech-savvy university in all its operations and collaborations. For making the students industry-ready, Quantum University puts a great emphasis on collaboration with reputed industry leaders, which helps in grooming students as per the industry requirements. We have undertaken several programs that are in collaboration with Quick Heal, Xebia, and APS GmbH Germany. Quantum University is one of the most progressive and innovative universities in North India.

We believe in learning beyond the classroom and promote experiential learning, through various clubs and committees like Pahal- the social club, TechPro- the software club, Q-Encore- the music to name a few. These clubs provide various opportunities for students to learn to work in a team, learn to negotiate, and time management. This, in-turn helps improve thinking skills and intellectual competence, which leads to overall development. 

Quantum prepares students to succeed in the modern world

Our top priority over the next ten years would be to prepare students to deal with challenges by inculcating necessary skills to succeed in the modern world. We want to cultivate individuals with an introspecting attitude towards themselves which is balanced and completely harmonious in their outlook of life, and their understanding concerning the outer world.

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How has the Vision of Quantum University evolved over time?

Our vision has always been to provide education to students as per the industrial and societal needs. We are embarked on a quest to achieve excellence in professional education at par with leading national educational institutes.Today, we have collaborations with several international organisations and successfully running programs, which provide industry-linked education to students. These programs ensure to connect students to lucrative career opportunities that prepare them for a rewarding career. In addition to academic knowledge, collaborative programs provide international exposure, various research opportunities, and cultural awareness to our students.

Youth must possess patience to avoid making hasty decisions 

In the current world scenario, youth don't possess the ability to stay patient and they get annoyed quickly. Therefore, my only suggestion to them is to bring in patience and avoid making hasty decisions. Patience is a virtue that youngsters must possess, as it helps in acquiring a positive attitude, makes one empathetic and healthier, transform relationships, and shape talent into achievements. To succeed in life, one must have the zeal to overcome all the obstacles, and the power to overcome hurdles comes with patience.