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Amity International Business School - [AIBS], Noida

Amity International Business School - [AIBS], Noida

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Mrs. Seema Sahai suggests the youth that “Perseverance is the key to success” and urges them to take advantage of their age and energy

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Interview by Yash Panchal

Mrs. Seema Sahai

Mrs. Seema Sahai is currently working as the HOD at AIBS, Noida. Her experience of 22 years varies from Corporate to Academics. She has worked on various prestigious projects like Computerization of the International Banking System of Oriental Bank of Commerce and State Bank of Patiala.

Mrs. Sahai has been with Amity for the past 10 years and her research interest is in the field of IT and HR. Her current area of research is on e-Governance, which is also the topic of her Ph.D. thesis. At Amity, she is currently HOD IT & Operations at Amity International Business School and is also Program Leader of the MBA-IB and MBA-3C program.

Mrs. Sahai’s experience in the education industry

The education industry has allowed me to have constant interaction with the new generation and thereby giving me an insight into their thoughts. This further keeps me updated on how the country is changing as the youth represent the country.

The education industry is the best industry because it is about the future of the youth and they are the future of the nation. So, I feel in my own way that I am contributing to the future of my nation . I have been in this field for the last 22 years when India has changed a lot in terms of technology, privatization and opening up to the world. I have seen the change and have always felt the need to groom the youth to make a contribution to the change. The students of AIBS and Amity per se have been making these positive contributions at every opportunity given to them.

Mrs. Sahai’s experience in the education industry

Mrs. Sahai’s philosophy of leadership

Leadership, in my opinion, is always based on building consensus. I believe a leader needs to have a vision that everybody can buy into and provide guidance and support to realize the vision in a manner that is . A leader again should be able to listen so that consensus is achieved. A leader should always encourage teamwork, as the outcome of teamwork is always something better than something driven from the top. Also, diversity of viewpoints can be assessed.

Significant challenges faced by Mrs. Sahai as theHOD-IT & Operations of AIBS, Noida

In my role, there are always challenges as there is a of opinion amongst colleagues and students on various issues. I see this more as an opportunity than as a challenge to form a consensus and find a way forward.

Mrs. Sahai on how her experience as the Professor in NIILM helped her in AIBS

My experience prior to Amity gave me the first exposure to teaching students striving for a professional experience. I built my foundation there but have augmented my skills at Amity, where everyone is encouraged to contribute something new and challenging at every instant. This atmosphere allows one to grow multiple times at Amity than anywhere else.

Curriculum of AIBS

The curriculum has been designed and is reviewed by the as well as academic experts. The constant industry interaction, which takes place all the year round, helps us meet the evolving needs of the employers in India as well as other countries.

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Changes noticed in the Education Industry over the past few years and skill set required by a corporate in a student

The focus now is more on creativity and problem solving and less on bookish knowledge. Applied skills are much more valued than theoretical knowledge in the current business environment and workplace. At AIBS such skills are encouraged and students are groomed to polish such skills inherent in them.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at AIBS

For the past many years, we have been having 100% placement at AIBS. Amity has always been striving for the best opportunities for its students, as their success is our success as educators. With the revision in curriculum regularly after assessing the needs of the industry, every year, we prepare our students as per the evolving needs. So, we push the envelope on a continuous basis because we cannot afford to be static.

Mrs. Sahai on establishing a relation with the students and her availability for them

At Amity, we encourage a culture of mentor-mentee interactions. With this, we allow our students to chose their mentors. As a part of AIBS, I allow my students to interact with me whenever they need to. I also arrange special interactions at least twice a month with all students where I can give them an audience to their problems as well as suggestions. They also interact with me on mail and WhatsApp whenever they cannot find me in the or when they don’t find the time to interact.

Mrs. Sahai on establishing a relation with the students and her availability for them

Ideal school environment for Mrs. Sahai

I am fortunate to be in an environment where I can use my creativity and freedom in imparting essential skills to students and prepare them for the competitive business environment of today. I am also fortunate to have students who are constantly engaged and encouraged to build their skills for the future.

Top qualities that an aspiring Management in IT & Operations student must possess

The most important quality for a student of Management is that of communication. Along with it, leadership skills and obviously technical skills and adaptability to changing the and most of all emotional intelligence is needed. We groom our students in all these qualities, as not all who take admission possess all these skills.

Goals in mind for AIBS, Noida

The main goal would be to ensure it remains the most premiere institution of India and the world and help meet aspirations of all who are part of it as India moves into a new economic era.

Suggestions to give the current youth and the aspiring students

One of the quotes Steve Jobs that I think has the power to inspire young people is “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.” He meant that every person should follow their intuition and by that, their dreams, no matter how absurd it may appear to others. Perseverance is the key to success. The young have the advantage of age and energy and should utilize it to the maximum.

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