Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Syed Masood, Director of Heritage Institute of Management and Communication

Currently holding the position of Managing Director at Heritage Institute of Management & Communication, Mr. Syed Masood believes that there is no shortcut to success. Media is an industry where immense hardworking is required through perseverance. Beating the grateful opportunities, Mr. Masood has worked with several media projects day and night.

‘It’s not work, but challenges that push the boundaries to do something new’, he believes. He is a keen observer of in and out of the world, and keeps a vision that knowledge cannot be limited to the flip of pages. Envisage, experience and expel to the society is what being a media professional, he possesses.

He believes in the fact that- "it's only us, who restrict ourselves to achieve something". Hence, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

Mr. Syed Masood’s experience in the education industry

Being in the magnificent education industry for about 6 years now as a media Edu mentor and expert, I am extremely proud of imparting media education as the Managing Director of a leading media college, Heritage Institute of Management and Communication.

The challenged and high spirit to educate students with quality education makes it the best industry to work in. Every day, HIMCOM works with the specialized examination specification with effective and efficient practical knowledge

Heritage Institute of Management & Communication

Mr. Syed Masood’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

Being the Managing Director of Heritage Institute of Management and Communication here comes along an ample of responsibility to deliver the quality and ethical aspects of media studies. My philosophy generates with the thought to extract best media professionals from all media aspirants, pouring in out institute from Pan India, I believe in confidence, knowledge, trust and celebration of education in every medium and mode.

Significant challenges faced as the Director of Heritage Institute of Management and Communication

Challenges come along when one takes an initiative. Being in a position it is essential that one takes everything in life as a raw challenge. But with the effective process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling, the challenges can be faced with sheer dedication and enthusiasm. Life always brings in challenges and as an authentic management professional, I believe in taking them up with positivity and zeal.

Curriculum at Heritage Institute of Management and Communication

The specialized curriculum of media, journalism and mass communication studies, designed with a balanced ratio of practical and theoretical knowledge (60:40), the curriculum at HIMCOM ensures the best quality of education with a vital and significant pattern of teaching media aspirants that enroll in our system of education. Students at HIMCOM experience a world-class education with the enriching practical practices such as In-house HIMCOM News Studio for news teaching, anchoring and video scripting. Regular coverage of conferences where students perform reporting event coverage as responsible future journalists. This brings in an exposure in their outlook towards journalism and they receive highly practical training until their end of enrollment

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Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Heritage Institute of Management and Communication

At HIMCOM, we deliver quality education and we believe in nurturing media aspirants, who dream of becoming media professionals. There are best placement opportunities provided to students through a systematically planned and organized placement session. HIMCOM has always proved in terms of placement and delivered best results. We have premium electronic new channels such as ABP News, Aajtak, India TV, News Nation, India News, Zee News, Republic TV, IBN7, CNN-IBN, Times Now, hiring professionals from Heritage Institute of Management and Communication. Our students are also hired by leading print journalism organization such as The Statesman, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, The Hindu and many more. Students work with leading radio stations such as Radio City, Radio Mirchi, etc. We have given professionals to leading PR, event and advertising agencies.

Mr. Syed Masood’s relationship with the students

This is a task of additional responsibility as it requires your skills to manage and balance your strict side along with another sober, friendlier and helping side, both of which are essential to be maintained to balance well with the students. Despite a hectic schedule, I try my level best to establish and maintain an amicable relationship with my students. I try to un-build the bridge between the challenges of professionalism and demands of students and believe in guiding them towards their upcoming professional opportunities.

Ideal school environment according to Mr. Syed Masood

At HIMCOM, we strongly believe in creating a healthy environment as it keeps the spirit and enthusiasm of the students high. We encourage professionalism and authenticity so that the students are well aware of the pros and cons of the media industry and are prepared with the effective pattern of teaching on campus.

Top qualities according to Mr. Syed Masood, that an aspiring candidate must possess

I believe thorough determination and zeal can make anything possible for an individual. Talking primarily about media studies, I believe students need to plan out right from their senior secondary grades, and enroll themselves in the institute of their choice, with a belief to transform into media professionals and reach out to the zenith of their aim. We look for a candidate who is confident and hardworking at the same time because then it becomes our duty to nurture and transform into strong media professionals.

Goals in mind for HIMCOM for the next few years

As a renowned media educationist, our goal always has been and will be to provide and deliver the best in the industry, with an innovative and intellectual teaching pattern and providing best quality of practical knowledge/training.

Heritage Institute of Management & Communication

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

From my entire experience, the only suggestion I would like to give to future aspirants is to be confident enough in all their endeavors, stay focused and concentrated. Slow and steady wins the race and there is always a time when one feels their hard work has paid off. One must wait for it, as we say, and keep working hard, because the more you work hard, the more experience and knowledge you obtain, and this is essential in the media industry.