July 25, 2018, Mumbai: NMIMS is one of the fastest growing and leading private Universities in the country. It has undergone a tremendous transformation since its commencement. It constitutes 14 specialised schools and five off-Campus operations, with an intake of over 12000 students and over 513 full time faculty members.

NMIMS School of Design, with its program B.Des in Humanising Technology, is designed to cater to the futuristic requirements of a Designer in 2020 and beyond. Its unique curriculum enhances the design abilities of the student by learning technology, business communication, programming, business management and applied sciences. The students learn to explore, evolve, create, collaborate and adapt to new situations. This holistic education nurtures design sensibilities and weaves it into behavior.


Mr. Samudra Sen, Founder & CEO, Learning Mate Solutions opined; “Looking at the progress of design today, where you are designing systems, the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things clearly shows the paradigm of design is shifting quickly. This is where B.Des (Humanising Technology) program excites me because it will cater to all the needs of a designer, because it is essential for a designer to look at these systems of connected environments to orchestrate what’s coming next”

The School has grown tremendously in the past one year, with new pedagogies, beyond classroom learning, interactions with industry experts, increase in Faculty team and an exhibited student outcome.


The creativity and perseverance of the students in the past one year was showcased in the D’ Futura Student Tales exhibition which was held from July 2, 2018 to July 15, 2018 at the Mumbai campus. It displayed the work done by the First Year (Foundation) Students from the Maiden batch. ProfManisha PhadkeDirector of NMIMS School of Design expressed that the  “D’ Futura Student Tales, relays the dedication, perseverance and the evolving talent of our students. They have risen to the challenge of an intense and immersive multidisciplinary curriculum laid out for the First Year. Whilst this is only the beginning, we will see them cover ground, achieve milestones towards their individual discovery and growth during their time here.”

The work displayed in the exhibition ranged from foundational sketchbooks to hand painted book covers, digitally stylised editorial illustrations to well-crafted branding and identity, detailed descriptive storyboards to innovative iconography for an app and 3D typographic models to captivating photojournalism narratives. The exhibition also showcased their design research journeys, product ideations, articulate white papers, coded blogs and creatively computed animations, presentations depicting their business acumen and 3D models highlighting historical journeys of various interesting objects.


The exhibition gave the students another opportunity to work in teams, design and collate a narrative for the entire year. A student, Shreya Saraf, precisely stated, “In the first year, we learnt various skills. Setting up the D’ Futura exhibition truly put these to test. Be it creating layouts, choosing fonts, picking the colours or planning the whole set up, the constant guidance and help from our faculty made this exhibition possible. It was a first time experience for us to work together as a class. It helped us understand each other’s strengths and balance out our weaknesses, thus encouraging the importance of teamwork and building an unforgettable experience.”

Another student, Prajna Raghuveer, shared her excitement by saying, “Our exhibition DFUTURA exhibits the assignments into which, over the past academic year we have poured our hard work into. The fact that we students got to decide the placements, as well as, the way to display our assignments, was an experience in itselfIt gives me a sense of joy and pride to finally showcase my assignments along with my classmates and have an exhibition which we as a class have set up for the outside world to see. It is something I will look forward to each year. It is a great way for our friends and family along with other professionals to take a peek into our world and look at the way we students think and design.”

Overall, D’ Futura gave the essence of the first foundation year at NMIMS School of Design, while throwing light on the futuristic nature of the B.Des. (Humanising Technology) Program. For the students, this was their first experience of the annual design exhibition, which made them feel excited and even more confident about organising another exhibition for next year. ProfSaachi Mehta mentioned, “The exhibition acknowledges the persistence and perspiration of the students in front of a larger audience, thus, marking their first milestone, while also, creating a realisation that they have miles to go.”

The Collegedunia team covered the exhibition and understood better, the nature of design and creative education imparted at the school. The team enjoyed witnessing the interesting student outcomes and the expansiveness of the exhibit. They concluded the event to be truly productive, with a heavy footfall and exposure for the students.

On this note, a student, Hitiksha Kanani, reflected by saying, “The exhibition was a golden opportunity given to us where we could show people the kind of work that we do here. The experience of making people understand how everything is designed not just for the aesthetics but it has a concept behind it was delightful. This exhibition also helped to enlighten people about how different our college is as compared to the others.” ProfPoornima Nair also remarked, “The exhibition is not just a work of art to conclude the term but an ongoing activity to trigger thought processes amongst design students to be world class sensitive, industrious designers.”