averiMumbai, August 24, 2018: It was my first day in Mumbai or the ‘city of dreams’, as they say. I had to come to Mumbai for the personal interview round of NMIMS, Mumbai. I managed to hire an auto from the airport and when I enquired about my destination, I smartly prompted “Narsee Monjee College”. However, I was quite surprised, rather disheartened by the driver’s reaction. Even after much attempt, he could not understand the name of my college even after a good ten minutes. He was satisfied when I mentioned ‘Mithibai College’. While sitting at the back of the auto, I was wondering how small the campus would be, for even the autowalas did not know about it. My chain of thoughts was disrupted as my eyes spotted a gigantic yet magnificent glass building and to my surprise, my auto stopped in front of the gate and there it was written in bolds – ‘NMIMS’.

If I had to pick a single word to describe the NMIMS campus, it would be luxurious. And maybe, grand! Or extravagant! I can go on and on about the campus.

First, let’s talk about the location-it’s just 15 minutes from the Airport. And as if that’s not enough, you can reach the famous Juhu Beach in a 10-minute walk! If you have heard about film star Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow, you’ll be glad to know that it is just 15 minutes from the campus.

From the exterior, the college looks nothing short of a grand shopping mall or a corporate office. Well, how many colleges can boast of capsule lifts in the campus? Here, at NMIMS, we don’t just have one but plenty. And you definitely need to see how beautifully lit they look during evening hours. The atrium area looks lush green and beautiful. And you have study tables and chairs scattered all across the atrium. They would make you want to grab a cup of coffee and your laptop and work on that accounting assignment, sitting under those huge palm leaves.

Did I mention the classrooms we sit in during our lectures? The seats are arranged in a semi-circular fashion so as to allow a 360-degree view of the classroom from the faculty podium-which means you no longer have the concept of backbenchers. The classrooms are well-lit and are well-equipped with microphones and projectors. Once you see the classrooms, you would want your lectures to extend beyond those 80 minutes of time.

Here, at NMIMS, we have an excellent library for the use of students and faculty. It has a separate reading room, internet room and also a Bloomberg laboratory. From academics to extracurricular, we have it all inside this magnanimous building. On the 5th floor, students can find the sports room, which is well equipped with varieties of indoor sports like table- tennis, chess, carom, snooker, etc.

The campus also boasts of a grand auditorium-the Mukesh Patel Auditorium which is one of a kind. You’ll have a tough time figuring out the exit plan from the auditorium, but then, you would not mind getting lost in there- It’s that beautiful.

The NMIMS campus offers a magnificent view as well. Apparently, it’s located right across the busy roads of Vile Parle, overlooking other colleges, but if you reach the ninth floor, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Arabian sea, lying there in all its majesty.

Mumbai is a heaven for foodies and the NMIMS campus upholds this essence perfectly. The college is surrounded by eating hubs serving mouth-watering dosas, pav bhajis and vada paos. There’s the famous Mithibai canteen right across the road. You might run out of time and money, but you would never run out of eating options in and around the campus. Needless to mention, the students are rarely seen looking outside for options, as the college cafeteria offers a plethora of options at a pocket-friendly rate.