Interview by Yash Panchal


Dr. Ratna Chhaya Singh is currently the Principal of Mansarovar Nursing College, Bhopal. Her academic qualifications include B.Sc in Nursing, MA Sociology and M.Sc in Nursing. She has previously worked as a Principal at College of Nursing Sciences and Researches. She holds a total experience of 27 years. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards.

Benefits of nursing as a career

Nursing is multidimensional and offers many career conduits of success, including clinical, advanced practice, research, education, and leadership.

Leadership philosophy of Dr. Singh

We believe in using local outreach to have a global impact, preparing 21st-century nurses to address the health care needs of diverse communities through excellence in research, education, and quality care.

Significant challenges faced as the Principal of Mansarovar Nursing College

Every principal is facing challenges each day towards improving student’s achievement at the campus. One of the vital factors that stood out is related to the student’s achievement. But at times when the result is not up to the mark, it becomes a great challenge for me. Being a principal, I want to promote learning and see a better student outcome. To achieve these outcomes, strict academic planning is done to meet the precise requirement of students. Apart from this parental support is of utmost importance where they too take joint responsibility for the grade of their children.

The curriculum of Mansarovar Nursing College

Mansarovar Nursing College provides innovation and leadership in preparing 21st-century nurses to demonstrate excellence in research, education, and compassionate care while promoting health and wellness in our community and around the world.

Changes made over the past few years

Over the last few years, we have undergone a process of appreciative inquiry to develop our strategic plan. This plan will advance the college’s global prominence in research, education, and practice.

The growth of students through placement opportunities available at Mansarovar Nursing College

Mansarovar Nursing College strives for outstanding education outcomes worldwide, with a vision to develop leaders in Nursing and Health care whose actions, and voices will Strengthen and advance the health of individuals & communicates throughout the world

Establishing a relation with the students

I always have a warm relationship with my students. I make myself visible by visiting them during their classes, lunch hours, and library hours. Though I am a stern disciplinarian, at times I present myself as a friend too. I always try to attend all sports events, drama presentations, and other academic activities too.

Views on Ideal school environment

The ideal school environment would be reputable with varied academic programs that focus on educating the whole person, for that the students are given opportunities to expand their knowledge, to become a part of the community, learn about oneself and to lead a successful professional and personal life.

Goals in mind for the institute

For the coming years, the goal would be:

  • To prepare the nursing candidates to adapt to rapid change in health care delivery and practice.
  • To build a foundation for nursing students to pursue excellence in practice both at national and international level.

 Suggestions for the current youth

The cultivation of character and civility through honesty, caring, integrity compassion, empathy, fairness respect, and ethical behavior. Maintaining diversity by respecting the dignity of every person.