Interview by Pratyasha

SAGE University

Er. Sanjeev Agrawal is currently designated as the Chairman and Chancellor of SAGE University, Indore. Heaving an M.Tech in Civil Engineering, he has become the leading entrepreneur of central India. With his entrepreneurial vision, he owns the biggest construction company of central India which is M/S Agrawal Construction Co.

Er. Agrawal dedication towards SAGE Group has awarded the organisation with the Most Promising Group of Madhya Pradesh 2019. Not only this, the University has been recognised as the top private university in central India, 2019, by the vice president of India Mr. Venkaiah Naidu.

Experience in the education industry

For me, nurturing the future of India by shaping up the youth to extend positive contribution towards society makes it the best industry to work with. I feel honoured that I get to meet the best of the academicians, technocrat and social reformers while working in this industry. I also feel proud of leading the team of best teachers and education administrators of this country.

Philosophy of Leadership

I lead by a unique style of management i.e. management by spirituality. I firmly believe in the power of pure inner soul and always try to rekindle the individual’s strength. This approach has never failed me, and has helped to create a positive and a healthy relation with the faculty, students and others.

Challenges faced as the Chairman of SAGE University

Being a green field university, the only challenge I faced was to create a capable team in a very short time. But, with God’s grace, we were able to create that within no time and thereafter we are up and running without any problems as such.

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Curriculum practices at SAGE University

We are very cautious while designing the curriculum of SAGE University. Making it industry oriented and practical is our prime focus. We have many tie-ups and MOUs signed in with various industry leaders and other educational institutes to gain maximum leverage.

Changes witnessed in the industry

One of the biggest changes that I have noticed is that the education industry is rapidly transforming from theory-based methodology to practice and knowledge-based approach. Corporates now wants their employees to be ready to face the real world on the very first day. Earlier, it was largely the responsibility of the company to train the employees and then send them off to the field. But, now as the dynamics have changed, so are the requirements of the recruiter.

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Ideal School Environment as per Er. Sanjeev

For me, the ideal school environment shall be filled with spiritual affection and divine energy. This will not only promote respect from the stakeholder’s side towards the society but will also help in creating a sense of care from both the ends.

SAGE University